MUSE-INGS: What’s on Your Gratitude List?

Sometimes it’s difficult to access gratitude when we are feeling overwhelmed with our life or with our circumstances.  There seem to be a lot of us who are undergoing major changes and transitions in our lives.  Are you?

A friend of mine recommended this exercise to me:  Write out 100 things for which you are grateful and read the list every morning and every night.  This helps to focus your energy in gratitude instead of worry.  If you know anything about the Law of Attraction you know that you attract that on which you focus your attention.  If you are constantly worried then you are energizing and magnetizing the very thing you are worrying about, which is probably NOT what you want to have happen!

But if you go into a space of gratitude for what you do have then you energize more of that in your life.  ‘This or something better’ is the energy of attraction when you express and really get in touch with gratitude.  This is why affirmations work, because, when created properly, an affirmation is stated in the positive, in the present, and as if it is already reality so it is stated with gratitude.  When you send out this message of attraction the Universe arranges things to provide what you are focused on, or something better.

There are critics who do not hold that the Law of Attraction works but I believe differently.  Even when I didn’t know about the Law I could see that my thoughts were creating my reality.  Or did the thoughts create the lens through which I saw my reality?  Does it really matter?

Finding gratitude in the little things in your life will propel you forward into finding more things for which to feel gratitude.  Make up your list of 100 things and have fun with it.  Maybe ‘fun’ is on your list!  My list has things as prosaic as ‘My iPhone’ and as esoteric as ‘Seeing a Great Blue Heron, 2 foxes, a golden eagle and a coyote, all this week’ on it.  No matter what, there is always something to be grateful for.

I remember my beloved Aunt Margaret on her last day of life.  My family had been on vacation when we learned that she was unwell and not expected to last very much longer.  We hurried to her bedside and she had waited to see us to say goodbye.  After we left her a nurse came in and offered to get her whatever she wanted.  My aunt asked for a ginger ale and told the nurse where to find some money for the nursing home soft drink machine.  The sweet nurse said, ‘Don’t worry.  This is my treat.’  And my aunt’s response was,  ‘Thank you.  In my condition tonight I’ll accept your treat.’  She died a few hours later.

We can choose to be in gratitude or we can choose to find something to get upset about.  We can be sweet to other people or we can be mean to them.  We can create affirmations from gratitude or desires from greed.  All of Life is about choice.   Oh, maybe not about consciously choosing everything that happens but certainly about choosing what our response will be.  When we start each day in gratitude, our choices will come from an expanded awareness of how our lives are unfolding.  This expansion guides us to better choices throughout that day.

I am grateful to you for being a subscriber to this ezine or a reader of this message.

Now, 99 more and I’ll have a new gratitude list completed!


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THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: “Are you grateful for the Plan?”

Dear Ones,

What are you feeling grateful for today?  How often do you allow yourself to stay in the energy of gratitude?

Many people say ‘thank you’ without even getting in touch with the energy of gratitude but there is much to be said about allowing yourself the time to feel deep, true gratitude for Life.  No matter what is going on in your life YOU are NOT your circumstances!  There is always something for which you can feel grateful.

The Sun is still in the sky.  There are flowers to enjoy.  You are inhaling and exhaling as you read this.  Your heart has known joy and pain and still keeps pumping blood throughout your body.  The list goes on and on.  And when you create a space in your energetic being for gratitude to live then you can shift your perspective on everything else.

Remembering that there are lessons contained in every event, circumstance and relationship in your life, you will grow more swiftly when you stay in gratitude for those lessons, even the ones that are uncomfortable or painful.  There are people with whom you come into contact who bring you lessons, again, even the uncomfortable ones, and you can feel grateful for them.  Imagine how many other people for whom YOU have been the bearer of a lesson!  Be grateful for that, too.

As you move along the pathways of your Life Plan you are navigating uncharted territory, for there has never been nor will there ever be another You.  The entire Universe is grateful to you for showing up at this time in human history to fulfill your unique role in the unfolding of the Universe’s Plan.  Be grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the evolution of humanity.

Do you feel as if Life is passing you by or that the lessons are too painful to endure?  You are not alone but you are a person of courage, for only those spirits who have a great deal of courage have agreed to live on Planet Earth during these changing times.  Your spirit is indomitable.  You are brave and bold.  You created your own lesson plan before your spirit took on a human body.  And now you are about to graduate to a higher level of the expression of the greatness of humanity.  Go with the flow of this expression.  Do not allow yourself to sink into the troubles you perceive around you.  All is developing according to the Plan that the Universe has for Planet Earth in the 21st Century.  All is developing according to the Plan for your individual life, but you are not disconnected from all the other individuals so join in community with like-minded people to move through the coming changes.  Even Mother Earth is experiencing change in her climate.  And change in any form has the power to cause fear in those who lack courage.

But you, Dear One, do not lack courage.  You agreed to be on Planet Earth to assist her in moving through these changes.  You have a part to play in the unfolding of the Plan.

And the energy that will sustain you through the changes is the energy of Gratitude.  For when you feel and experience Gratitude you observe without sinking into despair, you tackle the tasks before you while you stay committed to your Life Purpose, and you share your life freely with others who are also on the path, welcoming their company as together you move forward.

Do not fear the coming changes.  Rather, be grateful that they are finally here.  The world will rejoice on the other side of these changes for you will be reunited with the other spirits who agreed to share this time with you.

And so it is.


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It’s already the end of May 2011!  This year seems to be flying by at warp speed!  Here in Colorado we’re having some nice days to tease us.  Our lilacs still haven’t bloomed yet but we’ve seen the irises come out.  Is your garden announcing the change of seasons?  Pike’s Peak is very white with snow [elevation 14,410 feet] and very beautiful.

We’re getting ready to get back on the road again after being home for two whole months – a record, I think.  We’ll be in LA June 3-9 and I’ll be seeing private clients in person in West Hollywood on Saturday evening June 4 and at the LAX Marriott on Monday, June 6.  If you’re interested in scheduling some time with your Muse please send me an email at

I’m offering half-hour as well as one hour sessions to help you get some answers and confidence in your next step.  And if you would like to schedule a Full Day with your Muse, or Half Day with Your Muse we can really dig deeply into removing blocks and limiting beliefs as well as determining the roadmap for your confidence in your next steps, clearing up confusion and bringing clarity to your path.  I will be offering Scientific Hand Analysis as a part of this Day with Your Muse so we’ll determine your Life Purpose from your unique handprints.  Email me at for more information about this opportunity.  I just completed a Day with Your Muse in Colorado Springs and it is truly a Mystic Transformation Day!

On Wednesday, June 1, there is a Solar eclipse with the New Moon at 3:03 pm Mountain Time.  This represents a lot of energy so plan to do a little ritual to help you on that day.  Think about what new energies you are wishing to bring into your life and write them down, then burn the paper to send your request out to the Universe.  Keep a candle burning for awhile to represent the Light that is eclipsed for a bit.  The three powerful eclipses on June 1, June 15 and July 1 represent a major shift in consciousness.  Hold onto your hat!

Check out my new radio show #2, The Scientific Mystic Show with Rosemary Bredeson.  There’s a facebook page of that name [please head over and ‘Like’ it!] and you can download the show at iTunes or on my blog,  Send in your questions to and I might answer yours on the next show.  Enjoy!

Have a wonderful week as we usher in June!


BOOK LIGHTS: from “Awakening to Zero Point: The Collective Initiation” by Gregg Braden

“The indigenous peoples of the world have told us for thousands of years that our world is the world of illusion; that all in this world is the product of our thought and as such is not real.  Additionally, ancient texts remind us that our world is actually the world of a dream, and at this precise time in Earth and human history, the dream is about to change.”

from Awakening to Zero Point:
The Collective Initiation

by Gregg Braden

If our world is ‘the product of our thought’ then we really can change our world by changing our thoughts.  Learning this concept led me to become an intuitive coach so that I can help others change their world.  And as Mother Earth goes through her changes, we must join together to dream the New Earth into existence, based on the principles of Love and Oneness.  The future is NOW!



MUSE-INGS: Change your thoughts. Change yourself. Change the World!

Has there ever been a word so over-used as ‘change’ in the 21st Century?  Everyone talks about change and everyone means something different by it.  Do you ever get frustrated and wish things could just stay the same for awhile?

I think there are a lot of people who have made that decision and they are even going so far as to try to drag society along with them in a regressive direction, going back to some fantasy past that they envision as idyllic.  They are fooling themselves.

Human beings are growing all the time.  The human brain is learning and creating new neural pathways with every new thought.  These pathways are reinforced with the repetition of those new thoughts.  We can diet and lose weight.  We can exercise and build muscles.  Our hair, skin, posture can all change.  We age, some gracefully and some kicking and screaming all the way.  Children grow into adults, adults grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  All things are in forward motion through the Fourth Dimension of Time.

And so we are each, individually and collectively, called to grow.

What have you done lately to grow beyond where you have been? What new thoughts have you exercised to create those neural pathways?  What creative activities have you engaged in lately?

Growth is an urge within each of us.  The baby progresses from rolling over to crawling to standing to walking.  How many times does that cute little diapered-bottom hit the floor before the first confident steps move the baby across the room?  The urge to walk is stronger than the urge to avoid falling down.

Do you have that determination to master something new in your life today?  Are you willing to focus on the goal long enough that you can get up every time you fall down and strike out again and again toward that goal?  Are you willing to change your steps so that you gain your balance and can propel yourself forward?

Making the commitment to keep moving forward in your own life will model for those around you what they, too, must do.  Growth demands constant attention, especially to our thoughts.

I recently worked with a client who is on a path of personal growth and the most important thing for her to learn was to move beyond the beliefs that had held her captive her whole life.  We can change what we believe, we can control our thoughts, we can handle our emotions rather than be held captive by them.  Identifying limiting beliefs and becoming aware of the impact they are having gives us the start we need to change those beliefs.  You can believe that you are unworthy or unlovable or undeserving, or you can decide to believe something different about yourself from this moment forward.  These are often underlying beliefs that I see in clients and there are ways to move these thoughts into supportive positions.

No one is unworthy or unlovable or undeserving if they are on a path of personal growth.  YOU are worthy.  YOU are lovable.  YOU are deserving of fulfilling your dreams.

Now, do you believe that or do you need to do some further work on clearing your limiting beliefs?  And once you have cleared the limitations are you willing to do the work to embrace the responsibilities that come with greater understanding?

This week allow yourself to consider making some changes in yourself, your beliefs, in your life.  Choose an area and really explore what it is you would like to change and why.  Ask yourself what the best strategy is for bringing about that change.  Can you do it yourself or do you need help?  Do you wish to keep this process private or do you wish to have an ‘accountability partner’ to whom you state your plan and to whom you report your progress?  Find a way to make changes while honoring yourself and your needs.  Don’t change because someone else wants you to – go inside and really examine yourself and your desires.

Change can be a good thing although many of us fear any kind of change.  YOU be the one who models for others that change can be a conscious choice to live a better, more fulfilling life.  You deserve it!


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THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: “Are you willing to change?”

Dear Ones,

In the grand plan for Planet Earth the times are bringing the energy of huge changes for all her inhabitants.  Some feel this energy of change and interpret it according to their preconceived notions or religious beliefs.  Others become frightened at the prospect of possible change and move into a place of fear, following whichever leader says what they want to hear in that moment.

But Conscious Humans, who are working on their own personal growth and the expansion of awareness, feel these energies of change and use it to propel themselves forward in their evolution.

Which category do you fall into?  Are you trying to interpret the energy through the lens of old beliefs and expectations?  Is that really change?  Or are you concerned and fretful and worried so that fear is starting to rule your life?

Or are you anticipating the personal growth that you can make using these energies of change?  Are you on the path of the evolution of Consciousness?

It is time now for all human beings to decide which path they will follow.  Those who do not wish to grow, who choose a path defined by forces other than Love and Oneness, will become clearly identified in the coming days.  Those who see the people who are not like them as separate and, often, as lesser, will be shamed by the energy of Oneness when all the ‘others’ band together to anchor the Light of Change on Planet Earth.  The energy is here now.  The only question is how you will relate to that energy.

On a very personal level, every person must make a conscious decision about what changes they will bring about in their own life.  How are you considering changing your life?  Have you been thinking about moving to a new home or a new area?  Are you starting or closing a business?  What about your personal relationships – are any asking you to change?  What about your career and your work relationships – are they begging for change?

Look at the people around you and ask yourself if there is something you can change about yourself and your behaviors that will deepen and strengthen these relationships, especially with your children.  The need is great for a society of humans who are opening up to the possibilities of the coming days.  Looking through the eyes of Oneness will invite you to see the vast field of all possibilities before you.

Politically, the nations of the world are operating under guidance that is not bringing more Light into manifestation.  Economically, greed has become the religion of those who handle the financial purse strings of the world.  Those whose motivation is Love are moving into more positions of power, however, for it is Love that will support the shifts that are coming, not greed or money.

Practice increasing the Love that you shine in the world.  Practice listening to the news reports and, instead of getting angry or upset, see all those who are in the news as aspects of the story you are being told about how things are but which may or may not represent reality in any form.  Be discerning, be loving, especially toward yourself.

You have asked to be a part of this big change.  You are on Planet Earth at this time because you have agreed to be an agent of this change.  Do not be discouraged if you cannot see that things are changing in a positive direction.  All has not yet been revealed.  Change YOUR life. Change YOUR self.  And you will help Mother Earth move into the Light of the Changes that are coming for her.

And so it is.


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The Scientific Mystic Show #2 with Rosemary Bredeson

Welcome to The Scientific Mystic Show #2

This show is in three 8-minute segments which have been combined for this post:
Segment One is The Mystic Message from The Divine Feminine
as channeled by Rosemary.
Segment Two is Rosemary’s Mystic Musings about the message
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And, Segment Three is Ask the Muse, the Question and Answer Segment.

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The Scientific Mystic Show #2 with Rosemary Bredeson

Our thanks to Mark Rees for hosting this show!

And, our special thanks to Michael Reese who has generously offered his music for the show! The music is from  Stratocanyons, an album in his Guitarscapes series.


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Have you ever noticed the animals that show up when you are going through a big change in your life?   I saw a Great Blue Heron the other day, in Colorado Springs!  There was a tiny pond at a busy intersection and, as I was driving to the recording studio to record more of the meditation CDs [stay tuned for the launch!] there was a beautiful, tall heron standing in this little pond.  How incongruous, because there isn’t much water in Colorado Springs and I had never seen a heron like this here before.  But isn’t it interesting that the heron showed up as I was going to record meditations to share with you so that you can change yourself and your life?  I take it as a sign, a confirmation that slowing down to the stillness of a heron, as in mediation, will ultimately bring you what you desire, like a fish.

Pay attention to the animals that cross your path when you are in the midst of change, for you will start to see that a particular kind of animal has a message of confirmation that you are on the right path.  There are several books about the messages from animals and, as we all move into major changes, this might be a good time to start seeing/learning the messages of our animal friends.

In addition to the meditation series of CDs, I am now offering Conversations with The Other Side as a home party, so you can host the gathering, invite your friends and you attend for free!  Visit my website to learn more; Click Here. And, email me if you’d like more information about these fun evenings.

In June we’ll be traveling to LA, to Maryland and to New York.  I have added extra time in each place so that I can see private clients for in-person coaching sessions and also to do Conversations with The Other Side events.  Will you be there, too?  Would you like to spend some time getting guidance from The Muse to inspire you and to help you clear those limiting beliefs while you move forward into Your Richest Life?  Contact me and we can talk about working together when I visit your area:

The second radio show will be available on iTunes soon: The Scientific Mystic Show with Rosemary Bredeson, Episode 2, is a free downloadable podcast.  I answer questions from listeners in segment 3 so please send any questions, either about the content of the shows or other topics, to and your question might be in the show!

Have a wonderful week as we get ready for Summer here in the Northern Hemisphere and our friends Down Under enjoy a cool down from the hot Summer they’ve just finished!


BOOK LIGHTS: from “Perfect Health, The Complete Mind/Body Guide” by Deepak Chopra, MD

“It is fascinating to see how perfect health dovetails into a broader intellectual movement that is rocking the foundations of science.  Ilya Prigogine, Nobel Prize winner in chemistry in 1977 and a pioneer in this movement, calls it ‘the reenchantment of nature’ – the realization that nature is not a machine but a wondrous environment whose hidden possibilities are barely guessed at today.  Nature is like a radio band with infinite stations: the reality you are now experiencing is only one station on the band completely convincing as long as you stay tuned to it, but masking the other choices that lie on either side.”

from Perfect Health, The Complete Mind/Body Guide
by Deepak Chopra, MD

Chopra wrote this book 20 years ago and we are still exploring the previously hidden possibilities.  How flexible are you at moving the radio dial so that you can expand your concept of reality?  Try it!



MUSE-INGS: Can you live Oneness? by Rosemary Bredeson

Are you connected with New Thought?  This seems to be defining a sort of movement among humans.  Are you willing to explore this?

We get so wedded to the beliefs and ideas in our own minds that we think they define reality. ‘You have to work hard to make money.’  ‘You have to be skinny to be beautiful.’  ‘Girls can’t do math.’

I could make a list a mile long and there would still be more beliefs at work. [As an aside, I’m glad I didn’t believe that last one because I did major in Math in college!]  But often these beliefs are at an unconscious level within us and we are unaware that they are at work in our lives.

But if unconscious beliefs are operating in our lives then what do we do to make a shift?  The first place to do this is to examine our beliefs.  Working with what we believe instead of trying to change the world around us is a powerful tool for personal growth.  If we understand the concept of Oneness we look through the eyes of connection to others instead of searching for differences to separate us.

I think we need to be open to the concepts that are being brought to our attention at any given time.  In political discussions, the question to ask is, ‘Am I looking at this issue within the concept of the Oneness of all or am I narrowing my perspective to my own position without regard to others or the whole?’  In our families, do we act in the world as if we are a unit or are we constantly competing with others?  In our work are we collaborative or competitive to the point of lying or taking unscrupulous actions?

In a personal relationship it is easy to act unconsciously in a way that does not take the other person’s feelings, views, beliefs into account.  What if, instead, we stepped into their shoes and looked through the lens of their reality and beliefs?  Might we see things differently?

Quantum Physics is showing us that there is a connection through space and time that calls into question a lot of our beliefs about a mechanistic Universe.  Modern mind-body medicine is showing us that our bodies are not machines but are so much greater than just some moving mechanical parts.  All of this is a part of New Thought.  We have greater understanding of The Greater.

More evidence arrives constantly to show us that there are other sentient beings in the Universe.  The Hubble Space Telescope, which it was my privilege to work on for 12 years, continues to reveal the secrets of the Universe so that we can better understand our place within this developing miracle.

The people who have lived with narrow, stifling beliefs about their superiority over others, about judging others and finding them failing, about the need to convert others to their beliefs because they have ‘the Truth’ are starting to lose their power.  Individuals are evolving into a New Human who understands that one can be a part of a whole, interconnected and related, while maintaining their individuality.

Ask yourself how you understand Oneness in the 21st Century. Does the concept bring up any fear in you?  Are you willing to see all who are inhabiting our beautiful Planet Earth as part of your own journey, for better or for education?

Just observe this week the people around you and see if you can learn something about New Thought.  Who is having the conversation about what is a growth topic versus what sounds like backward thinking?  Do not judge for that is not a factor of Oneness.  Merely observe.  And observe your reaction to what you see and hear.  Notice how others treat those around them.

Peace on Planet Earth will come when her inhabitants embrace each other as Earthlings.  Peace on a large scale requires that individuals experience peace within themselves.

May the experience of Oneness spread Peace upon the Planet.


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