MUSE-INGS: “Can you feel the Energy of Oneness?” by Rosemary Bredeson

Are you hearing the Hum of the Universe?  Are you ready to raise your vibrational level?  And what does all this mean?

The first meaning of this message has to be a charge to us to move away from a life of fear.  Too many people are struggling in fear and living their lives without a sense of community because fear has caused them to distrust others.  Somehow, those who live in fear are concerned that they won’t have enough and that, if you do have what you need, you are taking something away from them.  I’m not sure where this myth started but I have some ideas.

What if people started to examine their fears to see if they are real?  If there really is a sabre-toothed tiger chasing you then you should probably run [or do something to protect yourself].  But if there is a societal problem then perhaps being in fear is not the most resourceful place to be.  What if, instead of hoarding or trying to keep you from having something so that my store isn’t diminished, we worked together to find solutions so that everyone is taken care of?  This is what community is all about.

Remember the Y2K concerns and how some people were stocking up on supplies in case transportation was disrupted, some communities were making arrangements for people to be taken care of, and some folks felt it necessary to stock up on bullets in case someone tried to get food or water from them?

Well, humanity needs to evolve beyond that.  The Energy of Oneness brings us into an awareness of the Other, all those other people who are connected to us, whether we know them or not.  Awareness of the needs of self and others can foster compassion in us, if we allow that to be so.  Or it can trigger that ‘gather up the bullets so I can protect what is mine’ energy.  Which do you choose today?

Think about this message and the Hum of the Universe that is being noticed.  We can choose the vibrational level at which we operate.  We can choose to open our hearts to be active within the energy of Love.  We can eat, shop, relate to Mother Earth responsibly and choose to lift our own vibration.  We can advocate and share and connect with others to help the community experience a raised vibration.

I recently worked at a Self Care Fair sponsored by the GLBT Chamber of Commerce in Colorado Springs.  Among many interesting conversations we talked about our ‘aha’ moments and living our passions.  When is the last time you had a deep and meaningful conversation with friends and/or acquaintances about subjects that went beyond the surface of shallow topics?  Creating deep connections with others in our communities will help us to live the Energy of Oneness.

One of the participants in these conversations is a coach who said that she had someone assume she was a witch because she used words like ‘transformation’ and ‘alignment’ to describe her coaching programs.  Imagine the fear under which one must operate to leap from the word ‘transformation’ to being afraid of a witch!  Obviously, this person was taught to fear and even words that should have been neutral disturbed her so much that she leapt to the conclusion that only a witch would use them and, to her, ‘witch’ was also something to fear.  How sad.

Listen to the Hum of the Universe and let go of fear.  You are a part of a community of Sensitives who are responding to this Hum by focusing on Oneness, not separation.  Take comfort that there are many others who hear the Hum and who are buoyed by the knowledge that humanity is evolving into greater consciousness.

Welcome to the community of the fully human!


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