BOOK LIGHTS: from “Awakening to Zero Point: The Collective Initiation” by Gregg Braden

“The indigenous peoples of the world have told us for thousands of years that our world is the world of illusion; that all in this world is the product of our thought and as such is not real.  Additionally, ancient texts remind us that our world is actually the world of a dream, and at this precise time in Earth and human history, the dream is about to change.”

from Awakening to Zero Point:
The Collective Initiation

by Gregg Braden

If our world is ‘the product of our thought’ then we really can change our world by changing our thoughts.  Learning this concept led me to become an intuitive coach so that I can help others change their world.  And as Mother Earth goes through her changes, we must join together to dream the New Earth into existence, based on the principles of Love and Oneness.  The future is NOW!