MUSE-INGS: What’s on Your Gratitude List?

Sometimes it’s difficult to access gratitude when we are feeling overwhelmed with our life or with our circumstances.  There seem to be a lot of us who are undergoing major changes and transitions in our lives.  Are you?

A friend of mine recommended this exercise to me:  Write out 100 things for which you are grateful and read the list every morning and every night.  This helps to focus your energy in gratitude instead of worry.  If you know anything about the Law of Attraction you know that you attract that on which you focus your attention.  If you are constantly worried then you are energizing and magnetizing the very thing you are worrying about, which is probably NOT what you want to have happen!

But if you go into a space of gratitude for what you do have then you energize more of that in your life.  ‘This or something better’ is the energy of attraction when you express and really get in touch with gratitude.  This is why affirmations work, because, when created properly, an affirmation is stated in the positive, in the present, and as if it is already reality so it is stated with gratitude.  When you send out this message of attraction the Universe arranges things to provide what you are focused on, or something better.

There are critics who do not hold that the Law of Attraction works but I believe differently.  Even when I didn’t know about the Law I could see that my thoughts were creating my reality.  Or did the thoughts create the lens through which I saw my reality?  Does it really matter?

Finding gratitude in the little things in your life will propel you forward into finding more things for which to feel gratitude.  Make up your list of 100 things and have fun with it.  Maybe ‘fun’ is on your list!  My list has things as prosaic as ‘My iPhone’ and as esoteric as ‘Seeing a Great Blue Heron, 2 foxes, a golden eagle and a coyote, all this week’ on it.  No matter what, there is always something to be grateful for.

I remember my beloved Aunt Margaret on her last day of life.  My family had been on vacation when we learned that she was unwell and not expected to last very much longer.  We hurried to her bedside and she had waited to see us to say goodbye.  After we left her a nurse came in and offered to get her whatever she wanted.  My aunt asked for a ginger ale and told the nurse where to find some money for the nursing home soft drink machine.  The sweet nurse said, ‘Don’t worry.  This is my treat.’  And my aunt’s response was,  ‘Thank you.  In my condition tonight I’ll accept your treat.’  She died a few hours later.

We can choose to be in gratitude or we can choose to find something to get upset about.  We can be sweet to other people or we can be mean to them.  We can create affirmations from gratitude or desires from greed.  All of Life is about choice.   Oh, maybe not about consciously choosing everything that happens but certainly about choosing what our response will be.  When we start each day in gratitude, our choices will come from an expanded awareness of how our lives are unfolding.  This expansion guides us to better choices throughout that day.

I am grateful to you for being a subscriber to this ezine or a reader of this message.

Now, 99 more and I’ll have a new gratitude list completed!


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