It’s already the end of May 2011!  This year seems to be flying by at warp speed!  Here in Colorado we’re having some nice days to tease us.  Our lilacs still haven’t bloomed yet but we’ve seen the irises come out.  Is your garden announcing the change of seasons?  Pike’s Peak is very white with snow [elevation 14,410 feet] and very beautiful.

We’re getting ready to get back on the road again after being home for two whole months – a record, I think.  We’ll be in LA June 3-9 and I’ll be seeing private clients in person in West Hollywood on Saturday evening June 4 and at the LAX Marriott on Monday, June 6.  If you’re interested in scheduling some time with your Muse please send me an email at

I’m offering half-hour as well as one hour sessions to help you get some answers and confidence in your next step.  And if you would like to schedule a Full Day with your Muse, or Half Day with Your Muse we can really dig deeply into removing blocks and limiting beliefs as well as determining the roadmap for your confidence in your next steps, clearing up confusion and bringing clarity to your path.  I will be offering Scientific Hand Analysis as a part of this Day with Your Muse so we’ll determine your Life Purpose from your unique handprints.  Email me at for more information about this opportunity.  I just completed a Day with Your Muse in Colorado Springs and it is truly a Mystic Transformation Day!

On Wednesday, June 1, there is a Solar eclipse with the New Moon at 3:03 pm Mountain Time.  This represents a lot of energy so plan to do a little ritual to help you on that day.  Think about what new energies you are wishing to bring into your life and write them down, then burn the paper to send your request out to the Universe.  Keep a candle burning for awhile to represent the Light that is eclipsed for a bit.  The three powerful eclipses on June 1, June 15 and July 1 represent a major shift in consciousness.  Hold onto your hat!

Check out my new radio show #2, The Scientific Mystic Show with Rosemary Bredeson.  There’s a facebook page of that name [please head over and ‘Like’ it!] and you can download the show at iTunes or on my blog,  Send in your questions to and I might answer yours on the next show.  Enjoy!

Have a wonderful week as we usher in June!



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