MUSE-INGS: Can you live Oneness? by Rosemary Bredeson

Are you connected with New Thought?  This seems to be defining a sort of movement among humans.  Are you willing to explore this?

We get so wedded to the beliefs and ideas in our own minds that we think they define reality. ‘You have to work hard to make money.’  ‘You have to be skinny to be beautiful.’  ‘Girls can’t do math.’

I could make a list a mile long and there would still be more beliefs at work. [As an aside, I’m glad I didn’t believe that last one because I did major in Math in college!]  But often these beliefs are at an unconscious level within us and we are unaware that they are at work in our lives.

But if unconscious beliefs are operating in our lives then what do we do to make a shift?  The first place to do this is to examine our beliefs.  Working with what we believe instead of trying to change the world around us is a powerful tool for personal growth.  If we understand the concept of Oneness we look through the eyes of connection to others instead of searching for differences to separate us.

I think we need to be open to the concepts that are being brought to our attention at any given time.  In political discussions, the question to ask is, ‘Am I looking at this issue within the concept of the Oneness of all or am I narrowing my perspective to my own position without regard to others or the whole?’  In our families, do we act in the world as if we are a unit or are we constantly competing with others?  In our work are we collaborative or competitive to the point of lying or taking unscrupulous actions?

In a personal relationship it is easy to act unconsciously in a way that does not take the other person’s feelings, views, beliefs into account.  What if, instead, we stepped into their shoes and looked through the lens of their reality and beliefs?  Might we see things differently?

Quantum Physics is showing us that there is a connection through space and time that calls into question a lot of our beliefs about a mechanistic Universe.  Modern mind-body medicine is showing us that our bodies are not machines but are so much greater than just some moving mechanical parts.  All of this is a part of New Thought.  We have greater understanding of The Greater.

More evidence arrives constantly to show us that there are other sentient beings in the Universe.  The Hubble Space Telescope, which it was my privilege to work on for 12 years, continues to reveal the secrets of the Universe so that we can better understand our place within this developing miracle.

The people who have lived with narrow, stifling beliefs about their superiority over others, about judging others and finding them failing, about the need to convert others to their beliefs because they have ‘the Truth’ are starting to lose their power.  Individuals are evolving into a New Human who understands that one can be a part of a whole, interconnected and related, while maintaining their individuality.

Ask yourself how you understand Oneness in the 21st Century. Does the concept bring up any fear in you?  Are you willing to see all who are inhabiting our beautiful Planet Earth as part of your own journey, for better or for education?

Just observe this week the people around you and see if you can learn something about New Thought.  Who is having the conversation about what is a growth topic versus what sounds like backward thinking?  Do not judge for that is not a factor of Oneness.  Merely observe.  And observe your reaction to what you see and hear.  Notice how others treat those around them.

Peace on Planet Earth will come when her inhabitants embrace each other as Earthlings.  Peace on a large scale requires that individuals experience peace within themselves.

May the experience of Oneness spread Peace upon the Planet.


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