THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: “It is Time.”

Dear Ones,

It’s time.  It is time to break out of the mold of old ways of thinking and to try on New Thought if you wish to change the world.

Some people are trying to take the world backwards toward a fantasy world they’ve created in their own minds.  Others spend so much time railing about what is wrong in their world that they miss all the beauty with which they are surrounded.

Change for the sake of change is not the direction we are discussing here.  But change that allows the old thoughts, often as heavy as concrete, to break apart and to float away is the kind of change that allows an individual, a society, and the planet’s human inhabitants to grow into their greatest selves.

It is time that this happen.

Do not look to the world leaders to bring about this change, for they are too invested in the old ways to allow New Thought to influence them.  Do not look to large corporations for innovation from the New Thought perspective because they, too, are overly invested in the status quo.  Do not believe that religions will lead the movement into New Thought because religions exist in limited spheres of thought, with no room for New Thought to creep into their belief structures.  These religious belief structures are often concretized and keep people from exploring ideas beyond the boundaries of their own religion.

Those people on Planet Earth in the 21st Century who are willing to explore new ideas will be the ones who lead the change.  This change must start within individuals.  As more individuals grow, expand, and allow their inner light to shine, then more groups, communities, societies will be able to change.

The momentum is already here.  When you relax and get into harmony with Mother Earth you can feel it.  When you connect with a like-minded individual you sense this energy.

So what is New Thought?

New Thought emerges from an understanding that each individual who is incarnated on Planet Earth at this time is here for a particular purpose.  Discovering one’s Life Purpose and making that manifest in the world starts the conversion to New Thought in the society around an individual.  There is an energy associated with this process that stimulates those around a person who is living their destiny.

New Thought does not mean thought that has been generated only in the last few years for many of the ideas are centuries, even millennia, old.  But the thread of New Thought that has existed on the planet for millennia has been an undercurrent, not the main belief structure of the masses.

When one studies New Thought one learns that the individual is a part of a whole, that oneness is the principle at work here and that duality does not describe the coming reality for Planet Earth.  New Thought is founded on the concept that All Are One.  Moving in the direction of connection rather than separation is the hallmark of one who adheres to the beliefs inherent in New Thought.

If the principle of Oneness defines the coming energies on the Planet then those who advocate separation, duality, otherness, will not be able to be a part of the future energies on the Planet.  Their beliefs will create their parallel reality that will not be connected to those who understand New Thought.

This is a deep topic that must be studied, expanded upon, detailed and defined by experiencing Oneness.  If one has had this experience, one cannot undo the effect of the understanding that All Are One.  As more and more people have this experience the Earth will shift in many ways.

Make sure that you are one of the ones who grasps the concept of Oneness!  If you do not know where to start, find a teacher who can assist you in the journey.

And so it is.


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