Start with ‘We Are All One’ – Richard’s Commentary

It is healing to reread Rosemary’s “exploration” from Friday (pre-midterm election) today as I write my commentary. It is Wednesday and the midterm election is behind us here in the US. Come January we will have a new Congress at the Federal level and a new shift in the political landscape across the country from State governorships to Statehouse composition.

Last evening, as election results started coming in, I grew more and more concerned with this shift. Yes, I am a liberal, a progressive, a socialist…I am not afraid of these labels because they paint me with a color I am pleased to wear. So, you can understand why I grew concerned. The voters, if not the country, want change. This I do understand. My concern is with the direction of the changes. I woke up this morning feeling wounded; in need of healing.

Then I reread: Start with ‘We Are All One’; and I thought: What if we “Start with we are all one”?

There’s nothing like an election to bring out the worst in people, to polarize people, to divide and confuse, exaggerate and obfuscate to get people not only voting, but often voting against their own best interests. And then I read:

What do you believe? Let’s start with the folks around you, your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, the community, your country. Are they all ‘others’ to you? How about people who live on the other side of the world? The other side of the political spectrum? The other skin colors? The other religions?

And I ask myself about those on “the other side of the political spectrum” and begin to wonder. They are people doing the best they can with the information and resources they have. I may wish for them to have more information, more resources, but that is an empty wish. No matter the result from Tuesday’s election and no matter the polarity dividing people into political camps we are all in this together. And even that sounds socialist but we are here, all Earthlings, breathing the same air and held by the same gravity. And so the healing begins.

The more we focus on ‘otherness’ the less we understand about who we really are as individuals. Yes, we have separate physical bodies, but we are all one. We are all one big organism called ‘humanity’ on Earth.

The dividing lines begin to fade. There is shift and change, ebb and flow, a breeze from a different direction. As with everything in life it is temporary, impermanent. And maybe with this shift some things will get done. We can hope for a new level of cooperation, some consensus building over the next couple of years. Can we even hope for some compromise?

I don’t have to like the election results. I don’t have to pretend the direction the country may be turning is good or correct. But I do have to accept the change and find hope in movement. And I need to remember to:

Start with We Are All One. Everything really is connected, so connected, in fact, that it is One. We can share. Just as we learned in kindergarten, it is okay to take turns, to share, to participate together so that everyone is taken care of.

It’s the conservatives’ turn. Let’s heal from the bruising election and hope there can be some positive movement of the One Human Organism!



My “Two-Minute” Video for this Week: We are One!

ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Start with ‘We Are All One’

You’ve heard that ‘seeing is believing,’ right? The truth is that ‘believing is seeing.’

What you believe becomes the lens through which you view everything.

What do you believe? Let’s start with the folks around you, your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, the community, your country. Are they all ‘others’ to you? How about people who live on the other side of the world? The other side of the political spectrum? The other skin colors? The other religions?

The more we focus on ‘otherness’ the less we understand about who we really are as individuals. Yes, we have separate physical bodies, but we are all one. We are all one big organism called ‘humanity’ on Earth.

Even the teachings about how we are all connected are trying to explain a concept that goes deeper than that. We Are All One. There really is no separation.

If you’ve heard anything about new science, quantum physics, you’ve probably heard that science understands that particles that seem to be discrete and individual somehow seem to know what other particles are doing without a connection network to transmit that information. (Or, at least, a connection that we can describe and understand at this time!) But if the particles (individuals) are all a part of one organism (consciousness) then maybe they don’t need a communication network. They just ‘know’ what is known elsewhere.

Now, for humans, this can get trickier because we like to think that we are unique individuals and we LOVE the word ‘mine’! From the time we first figure out what that word means, as toddlers, we use it to lay claim to what we perceive is ours, without regard to what anyone else wants. Just ask a toddler to care that you want to play with that toy that they’ve declared is ‘mine’ and see how far you get!

Grownups can evolve beyond this narrow vision of ‘mine’ into ‘ours,’ if they try. We learned to share in kindergarten, we practiced being a sibling or a couple or a family member or a community and we learned about the concept of ‘for the good of all.’ Not everyone, though, has embraced that concept.

In the midst of an election in a democracy, like the US, we hear all sorts of rhetoric and, sadly, lies. Everyone running for office claims to have the solutions for every problem. We often hear fear-mongering to get you all riled up about holding onto what you claim is ‘mine’ vs sharing with others, the concept of ‘ours.’ To back up these claims there are often statistics or stories that are concocted without a basis in fact.

The little toddler inside each voter reacts with that old idea of ‘mine’ and can be blindly led down a path that causes them to vote against their own best interest because they are so focused on ‘others’ trying to take what is ‘mine’ that they forget to analyze, calculate, do the research and educate themselves.

Start with We Are All One. Everything really is connected, so connected, in fact, that it is One. We can share. Just as we learned in kindergarten, it is okay to take turns, to share, to participate together so that everyone is taken care of.

Not only do we have privileges as human beings on Earth at this time, we also have responsibilities to each other and to the Earth. In a democracy, citizenship includes being educated and caring about others who share this democracy with you. As Earthlings, we share the planet with many others and so we have a responsibility to care for and about the Earth.

Get out the glass cleaner and clean off the lens through which you are looking at the world. Start with We Are All One!

Union – Richard’s Thoughts on the Nature of the New Human

In these posts I have referred often to my message channeled by Rosemary on December 7, 2012. (To listen again, click here) I have written several posts about the “Floating Heads” she channeled and have even posted messages they have given to me. But there were two parts to that message; the second is from a Native American Guide who spoke about the oneness of body and spirit. It is a deep message; I have given it much thought. Here are some notes about that message:

I fully appreciate if not fully comprehend her message. It requires deep thought. Her message is essentially about union, not in a coming together of two-ness, dualism, but as in no-separation. There is no separation of spirit and body, of the Earthly Human part of us and the eternal Spirit part. Even to use the term “part” is to imply two-ness, pieces of a whole. But the message of the Guide is there are no parts here, only wholeness. This is true yoga; this wholeness is not about the joining of parts but the no-separation into parts.

And as I think about it, isn’t this the true message of the Heart Sutra? Isn’t this the truth of “emptiness” and all the denials? These are the denials of separation! The denials of the senses as we think of them, sense with them. “No eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind…” no separation into these sensory organs that tend to deceive us.

My Guide would have me know this and to go deeply into this Truth. She said the New Human is born from this Truth. The New Human is not a Spirit Being having a physical experience here on Planet Earth. The New Human is one being, a fully integrated singularity with a dimensionality that transcends the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. The New Human is beyond the dimensions of time, space, consciousness. The New Human is even beyond Spirit because it holds all these other dimensions “nested” within the greater singularity. The New Human is a hologram and represents (no, not “represents” – “is”!) the wholeness of the Universe! From bottom to top – the lowest atom/particle to the highest conception – God – it is all one thing! Dimensions, space, time, matter, emptiness, black holes, dark matter, consciousness, spirit: these are all one and these are all inside everything and everyone. This is the true everything and nothing – the Alpha and Omega. Our senses tell a different story; they present to us the illusion of duality. The New Human sees beyond the illusions, penetrates the perceptive senses to realize the New Truth.

Words fail. They are swallowed up in the greater, deeper understanding of Oneness! Everything collapses into this Oneness. The ocean overwhelms the drop of water, consuming it, embracing it into the singularity that is at the heart of it All.

And what does the New Human do with this comprehension? Heat water, make tea. But there is a necessary alteration to the routine. There is a new attitude toward Life, a new consciousness regarding the All, the One. There is a subtle sense that the separation is not sustainable and that the Oneness is all pervasive through the All. There is an inter-penetration of everything, everyone, every moment, all thought, all feelings, All.

With this realization everything takes on a new dimension, new clarity. There is a glow, an aura to it all that inter-penetrates my own aura. This is New Sight.

And somehow the tea is more delightful!

THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: “Are you willing to change?”

Dear Ones,

In the grand plan for Planet Earth the times are bringing the energy of huge changes for all her inhabitants.  Some feel this energy of change and interpret it according to their preconceived notions or religious beliefs.  Others become frightened at the prospect of possible change and move into a place of fear, following whichever leader says what they want to hear in that moment.

But Conscious Humans, who are working on their own personal growth and the expansion of awareness, feel these energies of change and use it to propel themselves forward in their evolution.

Which category do you fall into?  Are you trying to interpret the energy through the lens of old beliefs and expectations?  Is that really change?  Or are you concerned and fretful and worried so that fear is starting to rule your life?

Or are you anticipating the personal growth that you can make using these energies of change?  Are you on the path of the evolution of Consciousness?

It is time now for all human beings to decide which path they will follow.  Those who do not wish to grow, who choose a path defined by forces other than Love and Oneness, will become clearly identified in the coming days.  Those who see the people who are not like them as separate and, often, as lesser, will be shamed by the energy of Oneness when all the ‘others’ band together to anchor the Light of Change on Planet Earth.  The energy is here now.  The only question is how you will relate to that energy.

On a very personal level, every person must make a conscious decision about what changes they will bring about in their own life.  How are you considering changing your life?  Have you been thinking about moving to a new home or a new area?  Are you starting or closing a business?  What about your personal relationships – are any asking you to change?  What about your career and your work relationships – are they begging for change?

Look at the people around you and ask yourself if there is something you can change about yourself and your behaviors that will deepen and strengthen these relationships, especially with your children.  The need is great for a society of humans who are opening up to the possibilities of the coming days.  Looking through the eyes of Oneness will invite you to see the vast field of all possibilities before you.

Politically, the nations of the world are operating under guidance that is not bringing more Light into manifestation.  Economically, greed has become the religion of those who handle the financial purse strings of the world.  Those whose motivation is Love are moving into more positions of power, however, for it is Love that will support the shifts that are coming, not greed or money.

Practice increasing the Love that you shine in the world.  Practice listening to the news reports and, instead of getting angry or upset, see all those who are in the news as aspects of the story you are being told about how things are but which may or may not represent reality in any form.  Be discerning, be loving, especially toward yourself.

You have asked to be a part of this big change.  You are on Planet Earth at this time because you have agreed to be an agent of this change.  Do not be discouraged if you cannot see that things are changing in a positive direction.  All has not yet been revealed.  Change YOUR life. Change YOUR self.  And you will help Mother Earth move into the Light of the Changes that are coming for her.

And so it is.


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MUSE-INGS: Can you live Oneness? by Rosemary Bredeson

Are you connected with New Thought?  This seems to be defining a sort of movement among humans.  Are you willing to explore this?

We get so wedded to the beliefs and ideas in our own minds that we think they define reality. ‘You have to work hard to make money.’  ‘You have to be skinny to be beautiful.’  ‘Girls can’t do math.’

I could make a list a mile long and there would still be more beliefs at work. [As an aside, I’m glad I didn’t believe that last one because I did major in Math in college!]  But often these beliefs are at an unconscious level within us and we are unaware that they are at work in our lives.

But if unconscious beliefs are operating in our lives then what do we do to make a shift?  The first place to do this is to examine our beliefs.  Working with what we believe instead of trying to change the world around us is a powerful tool for personal growth.  If we understand the concept of Oneness we look through the eyes of connection to others instead of searching for differences to separate us.

I think we need to be open to the concepts that are being brought to our attention at any given time.  In political discussions, the question to ask is, ‘Am I looking at this issue within the concept of the Oneness of all or am I narrowing my perspective to my own position without regard to others or the whole?’  In our families, do we act in the world as if we are a unit or are we constantly competing with others?  In our work are we collaborative or competitive to the point of lying or taking unscrupulous actions?

In a personal relationship it is easy to act unconsciously in a way that does not take the other person’s feelings, views, beliefs into account.  What if, instead, we stepped into their shoes and looked through the lens of their reality and beliefs?  Might we see things differently?

Quantum Physics is showing us that there is a connection through space and time that calls into question a lot of our beliefs about a mechanistic Universe.  Modern mind-body medicine is showing us that our bodies are not machines but are so much greater than just some moving mechanical parts.  All of this is a part of New Thought.  We have greater understanding of The Greater.

More evidence arrives constantly to show us that there are other sentient beings in the Universe.  The Hubble Space Telescope, which it was my privilege to work on for 12 years, continues to reveal the secrets of the Universe so that we can better understand our place within this developing miracle.

The people who have lived with narrow, stifling beliefs about their superiority over others, about judging others and finding them failing, about the need to convert others to their beliefs because they have ‘the Truth’ are starting to lose their power.  Individuals are evolving into a New Human who understands that one can be a part of a whole, interconnected and related, while maintaining their individuality.

Ask yourself how you understand Oneness in the 21st Century. Does the concept bring up any fear in you?  Are you willing to see all who are inhabiting our beautiful Planet Earth as part of your own journey, for better or for education?

Just observe this week the people around you and see if you can learn something about New Thought.  Who is having the conversation about what is a growth topic versus what sounds like backward thinking?  Do not judge for that is not a factor of Oneness.  Merely observe.  And observe your reaction to what you see and hear.  Notice how others treat those around them.

Peace on Planet Earth will come when her inhabitants embrace each other as Earthlings.  Peace on a large scale requires that individuals experience peace within themselves.

May the experience of Oneness spread Peace upon the Planet.


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THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: “It is Time.”

Dear Ones,

It’s time.  It is time to break out of the mold of old ways of thinking and to try on New Thought if you wish to change the world.

Some people are trying to take the world backwards toward a fantasy world they’ve created in their own minds.  Others spend so much time railing about what is wrong in their world that they miss all the beauty with which they are surrounded.

Change for the sake of change is not the direction we are discussing here.  But change that allows the old thoughts, often as heavy as concrete, to break apart and to float away is the kind of change that allows an individual, a society, and the planet’s human inhabitants to grow into their greatest selves.

It is time that this happen.

Do not look to the world leaders to bring about this change, for they are too invested in the old ways to allow New Thought to influence them.  Do not look to large corporations for innovation from the New Thought perspective because they, too, are overly invested in the status quo.  Do not believe that religions will lead the movement into New Thought because religions exist in limited spheres of thought, with no room for New Thought to creep into their belief structures.  These religious belief structures are often concretized and keep people from exploring ideas beyond the boundaries of their own religion.

Those people on Planet Earth in the 21st Century who are willing to explore new ideas will be the ones who lead the change.  This change must start within individuals.  As more individuals grow, expand, and allow their inner light to shine, then more groups, communities, societies will be able to change.

The momentum is already here.  When you relax and get into harmony with Mother Earth you can feel it.  When you connect with a like-minded individual you sense this energy.

So what is New Thought?

New Thought emerges from an understanding that each individual who is incarnated on Planet Earth at this time is here for a particular purpose.  Discovering one’s Life Purpose and making that manifest in the world starts the conversion to New Thought in the society around an individual.  There is an energy associated with this process that stimulates those around a person who is living their destiny.

New Thought does not mean thought that has been generated only in the last few years for many of the ideas are centuries, even millennia, old.  But the thread of New Thought that has existed on the planet for millennia has been an undercurrent, not the main belief structure of the masses.

When one studies New Thought one learns that the individual is a part of a whole, that oneness is the principle at work here and that duality does not describe the coming reality for Planet Earth.  New Thought is founded on the concept that All Are One.  Moving in the direction of connection rather than separation is the hallmark of one who adheres to the beliefs inherent in New Thought.

If the principle of Oneness defines the coming energies on the Planet then those who advocate separation, duality, otherness, will not be able to be a part of the future energies on the Planet.  Their beliefs will create their parallel reality that will not be connected to those who understand New Thought.

This is a deep topic that must be studied, expanded upon, detailed and defined by experiencing Oneness.  If one has had this experience, one cannot undo the effect of the understanding that All Are One.  As more and more people have this experience the Earth will shift in many ways.

Make sure that you are one of the ones who grasps the concept of Oneness!  If you do not know where to start, find a teacher who can assist you in the journey.

And so it is.


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