Have you ever noticed the animals that show up when you are going through a big change in your life?   I saw a Great Blue Heron the other day, in Colorado Springs!  There was a tiny pond at a busy intersection and, as I was driving to the recording studio to record more of the meditation CDs [stay tuned for the launch!] there was a beautiful, tall heron standing in this little pond.  How incongruous, because there isn’t much water in Colorado Springs and I had never seen a heron like this here before.  But isn’t it interesting that the heron showed up as I was going to record meditations to share with you so that you can change yourself and your life?  I take it as a sign, a confirmation that slowing down to the stillness of a heron, as in mediation, will ultimately bring you what you desire, like a fish.

Pay attention to the animals that cross your path when you are in the midst of change, for you will start to see that a particular kind of animal has a message of confirmation that you are on the right path.  There are several books about the messages from animals and, as we all move into major changes, this might be a good time to start seeing/learning the messages of our animal friends.

In addition to the meditation series of CDs, I am now offering Conversations with The Other Side as a home party, so you can host the gathering, invite your friends and you attend for free!  Visit my website to learn more; Click Here. And, email me if you’d like more information about these fun evenings.

In June we’ll be traveling to LA, to Maryland and to New York.  I have added extra time in each place so that I can see private clients for in-person coaching sessions and also to do Conversations with The Other Side events.  Will you be there, too?  Would you like to spend some time getting guidance from The Muse to inspire you and to help you clear those limiting beliefs while you move forward into Your Richest Life?  Contact me and we can talk about working together when I visit your area:

The second radio show will be available on iTunes soon: The Scientific Mystic Show with Rosemary Bredeson, Episode 2, is a free downloadable podcast.  I answer questions from listeners in segment 3 so please send any questions, either about the content of the shows or other topics, to and your question might be in the show!

Have a wonderful week as we get ready for Summer here in the Northern Hemisphere and our friends Down Under enjoy a cool down from the hot Summer they’ve just finished!