BOOK LIGHTS: “The Universe is a Green Dragon” by Brian Swimme


“If the collision of tectonic plates give rise to earthquakes, the emergence of the cosmic story gives rise to humanquakes.”

Brian Swimme

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(c) Rosemary Bredeson The Scientific Mystic(tm) 2011

Are you ready for a ‘humanquake’ in your life? Shift the tectonic plates of your old thinking and see what breakthroughs you can have. Doing the inner work really is THE work!


MUSE-INGS: Choose to Sail with the Wind!

There really does seem to be a big shift coming. Can’t you feel it in the air? Or maybe I should say in the ground?

Certainly the weather shifts bring us to the question of “What’s going on?” We just returned home from a trip across country [Los Angeles, Annapolis, Maryland and New York City] and while visiting friends and family we heard stories about tornadoes in Maryland and the damage they have done. Our daughter and her family have been awakened at night twice by the emergency radio warning them to go to the basement with the kids because there was a tornado nearby. Scary!

And I have lived most of my life in that area where I can remember a few hurricanes over the decades coming up the Chesapeake Bay but tornadoes were something that happened to the middle of the country, not Maryland! My husband grew up in Wisconsin where there were frequent tornadoes but they didn’t happen in the middle of the night, where they are now occurring and are more deadly for those who are not forewarned.

But there are subtler levels of change on the planet that have an even more profound effect on us and on our lives. The energy shifts that are occurring are inviting us to grow into our ‘biggest selves.’ How are you growing today? What actions are you taking that propel you forward in your personal growth? This is the most important work we can do on Planet Earth as this time – our inner work, our own personal growth work.

We might be allowing economic news to have us focus on financial issues like making more money, finding a new job, selling our house [which we are doing, by the way, if you want to move to Colorado Springs!]. We might even be listening to disturbing news and finding ourselves moving in a downward spiral as we allow that news to shift our thoughts to the negative instead of positive thoughts of growth.

How are YOU responding to shifting energies around you? What is your pattern? Have you done the inner work to develop strategies to help you shift? Or are you clinging to the familiar to attempt to control your environment and the people around you?

Sometimes we don’t like the answers to these questions but I am seeing such amazing growth in the clients I work with who are ready to do the deep examination and ask the hard questions that I urge you to be one of them. Ask the questions that might be hard to answer and then answer them honestly. ARE you trying to control the people around you, wishing things were different? Or are you noticing how things are different and helping the people around you to be who they incarnated on Planet Earth to become, even if it doesn’t mesh with what you want for them? Are you railing at the shifting environment, weather or work, family or financial, instead of seeking solutions from a new set based on new energies?

Remember that integrity does not just mean not stealing from someone else. It means staying true to your own highest purpose in being here in this lifetime. And loving others, including Mother Earth, means that you allow everyone else to grow into the person they are here to be.

Work WITH the shifting energies and you will be sailing with the wind! Work against them and you will feel buffeted by those same winds. Which do you choose? You DO have a choice!


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THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: “Are You a Child of the 21st Century?”

Dear Ones,

Things are changing on Planet Earth and everything in your life must be scrutinized to insure that you are in integrity with your Soul Purpose at all times. What is your standard way of interacting with the people around you? Have you taken the time to really examine your relationships and decided who you are in them?

As the energy of Earth speeds up there are three typical responses to this energetic shift. A large group of people are reacting by trying to go back to the way things used to be, where they felt more in control of their environment and their lives. Unfortunately, many of these also felt in control of the other people around them and so they are clinging to the illusion that they can now exert control over others and how they behave, believe, and relate to the controller. These are the people who are not willing to shift their own energy to adapt to the changing energies of their environment. Rather, they try to shift their environment to get it to adapt to what they think they want.

The second typical response is to move into a ‘Woe is me’ attitude of victimhood and rail against the changing times with despair, never considering that perhaps there is some action they can take to make the adaptations being called for by the shift of energy. These people sometimes wake up and realize that they are, indeed, in charge of their own lives and that they CAN take action to make their life what they wish it to be. But there are some who will choose to stay with the concept that they have no control and therefore their mantra continues to be ‘Woe is me.’

The third response is that of the conscious individual who looks around at their environment and decides that they will assess the energies and will adapt to continue their forward motion through the changes. These people will strive to change themselves until they can continue to be successful in their own journey of personal growth. These are the ones who will emerge as the leaders of the future, who will take care of themselves and their families and their businesses to make sure that they are transitioning whenever it is required to continue to grow as they feel led and as they desire.

Which response are you feeling in yourself to the changing energies around you? Be honest with yourself here, for denying that you are fearful and paralyzed does not bring you the resources you need to make the adaptations that will bring you forward in your growth journey. If you admit that you have been falling into the trap of longing for days of the past and have been trying to control both the people around you and your environment then you have the power now to change yourself to flow with the changes that are happening, whether you try to control them or not.

The wisest person becomes a child of the 21st Century and decides to adapt and continue to move forward. This requires a commitment to the inner work that manifests as success in the outer world. Looking inward is where the answers lie. Finding fellow travelers brings the outer support. Moving away from those who try to control you or the circumstances will help to free you to continue your forward progress.

Set your sights on sailing into the future with the wind at your back, helping you to move forward, supporting that flow into what awaits you — which is your personal success.

Shift or you will be left behind.

And so it is.


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Home Sweet Home! We’re back in Colorado for awhile after having an amazing trip across the country. Saw family and friends on both coasts, had wonderful business meetings in LA and New York, worked with clients and did a Conversation with The Other Side and also got to play with the grandkids. [I highly recommend seeing ‘Mr. Popper’s Penguins’ if you want to chuckle and see an uplifting film. Sight gags abound!]

So now we’re moving forward with the sale of our house and the preparations for the move to LA. While at Ali Brown’s MPC Platinum Networking Event I was privileged to enjoy a ‘hot seat’ and to get some advice on growing the business to reach and help more people. My ‘aha’ was when Ali asked, ‘Why are you staying in Colorado Springs until the house is sold? Why don’t you move to LA now and get the business growing?’ Aha!!! That’s just what I needed to hear! So I am now looking for a house sitting/caretaking situation in the LA area so that I can head out there while Richard stays back in CO to get the house sold. Please ask your California friends if they know anyone who is going on vacation in August or September or who has a second home that they would like to have someone live in rather than leave it empty. I’m a great tenant! I appreciate your help in finding a place to stay for awhile.

In New York City with Baeth Davis’ Claim Your Spotlight Program I was privileged to watch my fellow Spotlighters deliver their signature talks and it is inspiring [do you believe I mistyped this at first as ‘inspiriting’? Hmmm…..] to see this group of amazing women step up to their Life Purpose and put their messages out to the world! I was able to deliver my talk, too, From Astrophsyics to Metaphysics: Trust Intuition to Live Your Richest Life and the talk was recorded. I’ll be sharing the videos with you after they are professionally edited. [Thank you, Blue Melnick!]

So you’ll be seeing some new offerings in the coming weeks even as I am moving from Colorado to California. Remember that you can receive a free coaching session with me by referring a new client this month! Email me for more details and refer a friend before June 30th to take advantage of this offer. Are YOU ready to do your inner work and get the assistance of guidance from your angels, guides, The Divine Feminine? NOW is the time!

Happy Summer Solstice as the Sun moves into Cancer for the next month! The third eclipse of the Summer happens on July 1 with the New Moon [2:54 AM MDT]. As the Moon’s shadow partially obscures the Sun notice how your emotions become clearer. Notice your dreams on Thursday night. And allow this week’s old Moon energy to take with it whatever old ‘stuff’ you are ready to release. At the time of the New Moon you’ll have lots of energy and focus to bring in a new consciousness for yourself and your life. Use this!

May your week be wonder-full!!!


Book Lights: “POP!: Create the Perfect Pitch, Title, and Tagline for Anything” by Sam Horn

“‘Under the ruse of giving an academic lecture, I was trying to put myself in a bottle that would one day wash up on the beach for my children.’ – Randy Pausch, Author of The Last Lecture (with Jeffery Zaslow)”

Sam Horn

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(c) Rosemary Bredeson The Scientific Mystic(tm) 2011

How are you writing the story of your Life? Think about your Life Purpose as the punchline!

Muse-ings: Time is speeding up — figure out your Life Purpose Now!

It always seems that a discussion of one’s Life Purpose brings some emotions into play that relate to the enormity of that purpose. It’s called ‘stepping out in a big way.’

Our spirit knows why we have come onto the planet at this time and our whole life is focused on accomplishing that Life Purpose. I’ve heard this called our ‘Big Why.’ What is YOUR ‘Big Why’? Have you given this much thought?

There are many systems for self knowledge that all try to point you in the direction of your purpose but it’s so easy to get derailed because we feel inadequate to accomplish something that big. We think, ‘Who am I to think I have a mission that important or that big?’ Or we think that ‘Someday I will do that work but now I must focus on [making money, taking care of my family, pursuing my education, etc.].’

This week’s Mystic Message seems to want us to develop a sense of urgency around this. ‘Time is speeding up.’ There might not be the leisure of extra time to delay the manifesting of our Life Purpose. What are we waiting for?

That is the important question: What are we waiting for?

NOW is the time to learn what your Life Purpose is so that you can be about the business of living that Purpose. What have you done so far to discover this?

I have worked with many clients who wish to have this question answered for them and their guides have offered clarification for them. For some the answer comes through scientific hand analysis because the messages contained in the patterns of our hands are unique to us and to our purpose in being on the planet. It has been fascinating to study this technique of determining one’s Life Purpose and then to see how often what is revealed in a hand reading is just a confirmation of what the person has been feeling/thinking/wanting to do. Our inner spirit KNOWS why we are here, if we take the time and make the effort to listen to the wisdom.

What have you done lately to check that you are on the path of personal growth in the direction you must go to fulfill your Life Purpose? Are you struggling with the question of why you are here?

There are many ways that you can determine the answer to this question and most don’t require that you sit on top of a mountain in the Himalayas and ponder this for years!

Meditate on the questions you have about your life. Journal about these questions and tap into your inner wisdom to receive answers. Talk about this deep subject with trusted advisors. Have a reading with someone you trust to help you see what you cannot see or confirm what you are feeling. Think about scheduling a scientific hand analysis session so that you can start to learn about the messages that are right at your fingertips!

Whatever path you choose, do explore this topic for yourself, especially if you feel that there is something missing in your life, something more for you to be/do. Remember that ‘time is speeding up’!


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Mystic Message: Do you know why you live longer than your ancestors?

Dear Ones,

Time is speeding up on Planet Earth and there is little time left for people to play around with their mission for this lifetime. What are you doing each day to fulfill your purpose in being alive at this time in the history of humanity? Are you even aware of your purpose in spending this time on the Planet?

In days of the past people were content to live out their lives in simplistic ways with most of their energy going to survival. The human life span was far shorter than it is in these current days. Do you know the reason for this? It is because each human being who is incarnated on Planet Earth in these times has an important mission to fulfill to support the evolution of human consciousness and more years are needed to fulfill these missions than were needed in times past.

Does this surprise you? Think of how complex the world of the 21st Century is and think about how difficult daily life can be for many people. So-called ‘modern conveniences’ can actually complicate a lifestyle that would be much simpler without those conveniences. Connectivity around the Planet is amazing and fast but can also be used to distract a person from the importance of fulfilling their life purpose. Technology can be used to further understanding and the advancement of consciousness or it can be used to harm or degrade others. The ability to connect through mobile phones and the internet have taken away the solitude that a lack of connectivity necessarily creates.

Think about your day, your week. How much time do you spend in solitude? Not being alone with your computer, cell phone, TV, radio, iPod, video games. How much time do you spend unplugged from technology, separate from other people, alone with your thoughts? Do you meditate? Do you do some other activity that is meditative for you? Do you commune with Nature? Do you take time to smell the flowers? Are you happy being alone with your thoughts or do you require some outside stimulation, like a TV or radio or email or facebook connection?

When you are living a Conscious Life you see the value in being separated from other people and outside input. How can you fulfill your own life purpose if you are too busy or distracted to find out what it is? There are many sources for you to learn about your life purpose, including targeted coaching and scientific hand analysis. But are you possibly avoiding learning this because then you will feel a responsibility to make something happen in your life?

This week take some time to ‘go inside’ – to journal or meditate or walk in Nature and listen to your own thoughts. Where are those thoughts leading you? Do you feel that you know why you are on Planet Earth at this time or do you feel that there is something more for you if you just knew what it was?

Time is speeding up and you must be about your mission on the Earth. Discover what that is. Find the person who can help you with this discovery and move yourself forward on your personal journey of growth. You have been given more years than your ancestors because you have much to accomplish. Be about this work today.

You will love the feeling of living your own life purpose!

And so it is.


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Hello from exciting New York City this week! We’ve been traveling for almost 2 weeks now – from Colorado to Los Angeles to Maryland and now to New York. This is an energetic place, almost TOO energetic for some people! We’re here for Baeth Davis’ Claim Your Spotlight Program and I’ll be presenting my signature talk to be recorded so look for some new YouTube videos to be posted. We’ll let you know where to find them soon.

Have you felt the eclipse this past week? Eclipse number 2 for this string of 3 has moved us along on our path to expanded consciousness. And Saturn has turned direct [meaning its apparent motion when viewed from Earth is now looking like forward motion instead of backward] so we should be able to move forward with our re-structuring projects and manifesting new ideas into physical reality. Breathe a sigh of relief and march on with those new projects!

Since this week’s Mystic Message is about Life Purpose you might want to consider scheduling a coaching session to have your Life Purpose revealed and to look at ways to make that manifest. Remember that you can still get a free session if you refer someone new to me who completes a paid session [they must email before June 30th to schedule their appointment].

If you are interested in getting the message of your Life School and Life Lesson from your unique handprints, contact me about scheduling a Scientific Hand Analysis session.

We’re headed back to Colorado on the 20th. It’s been so nice being at sea level, on both coasts – there’s actually OXYGEN in the air down here! Have a wonder-filled week!



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The Scientific Mystic Show #3 with Rosemary Bredeson

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Book Lights: “POP: Create the Perfect Pitch, Title, and Tagline for Anything”

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. – Albert Einstein”Sam HornClick to Look Inside (c) Rosemary Bredeson The Scientific Mystic(tm) 2011

 It’s always good to keep questioning ourselves and where we are plus where we are going. ‘Is this upstream or downstream?’ is a good question to ask. The corollary is, ‘Is this aligning with my energy or draining it?’

Are you good at asking yourself questions? Do you take time to listen to your answers? Practice!