MUSE-INGS: Change your thoughts. Change yourself. Change the World!

Has there ever been a word so over-used as ‘change’ in the 21st Century?  Everyone talks about change and everyone means something different by it.  Do you ever get frustrated and wish things could just stay the same for awhile?

I think there are a lot of people who have made that decision and they are even going so far as to try to drag society along with them in a regressive direction, going back to some fantasy past that they envision as idyllic.  They are fooling themselves.

Human beings are growing all the time.  The human brain is learning and creating new neural pathways with every new thought.  These pathways are reinforced with the repetition of those new thoughts.  We can diet and lose weight.  We can exercise and build muscles.  Our hair, skin, posture can all change.  We age, some gracefully and some kicking and screaming all the way.  Children grow into adults, adults grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  All things are in forward motion through the Fourth Dimension of Time.

And so we are each, individually and collectively, called to grow.

What have you done lately to grow beyond where you have been? What new thoughts have you exercised to create those neural pathways?  What creative activities have you engaged in lately?

Growth is an urge within each of us.  The baby progresses from rolling over to crawling to standing to walking.  How many times does that cute little diapered-bottom hit the floor before the first confident steps move the baby across the room?  The urge to walk is stronger than the urge to avoid falling down.

Do you have that determination to master something new in your life today?  Are you willing to focus on the goal long enough that you can get up every time you fall down and strike out again and again toward that goal?  Are you willing to change your steps so that you gain your balance and can propel yourself forward?

Making the commitment to keep moving forward in your own life will model for those around you what they, too, must do.  Growth demands constant attention, especially to our thoughts.

I recently worked with a client who is on a path of personal growth and the most important thing for her to learn was to move beyond the beliefs that had held her captive her whole life.  We can change what we believe, we can control our thoughts, we can handle our emotions rather than be held captive by them.  Identifying limiting beliefs and becoming aware of the impact they are having gives us the start we need to change those beliefs.  You can believe that you are unworthy or unlovable or undeserving, or you can decide to believe something different about yourself from this moment forward.  These are often underlying beliefs that I see in clients and there are ways to move these thoughts into supportive positions.

No one is unworthy or unlovable or undeserving if they are on a path of personal growth.  YOU are worthy.  YOU are lovable.  YOU are deserving of fulfilling your dreams.

Now, do you believe that or do you need to do some further work on clearing your limiting beliefs?  And once you have cleared the limitations are you willing to do the work to embrace the responsibilities that come with greater understanding?

This week allow yourself to consider making some changes in yourself, your beliefs, in your life.  Choose an area and really explore what it is you would like to change and why.  Ask yourself what the best strategy is for bringing about that change.  Can you do it yourself or do you need help?  Do you wish to keep this process private or do you wish to have an ‘accountability partner’ to whom you state your plan and to whom you report your progress?  Find a way to make changes while honoring yourself and your needs.  Don’t change because someone else wants you to – go inside and really examine yourself and your desires.

Change can be a good thing although many of us fear any kind of change.  YOU be the one who models for others that change can be a conscious choice to live a better, more fulfilling life.  You deserve it!


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