During this post-Thanksgiving week we have been exploring Thanksgiving and Transformation and how they do truly go hand-in-hand. Today’s video from a little over a year ago speaks to how we are agents of Transformation for other people. Be grateful for the power you have, as alchemists, to transform the lives of so many! And we are grateful for you!









The title of Rosemary’s post of her poem, Butterfly, holds deep meaning in itself. Thanksgiving and Transformation aren’t words that go easily together, but if we give the pair a bit of thought there is more there.

We are now moving well into the last month of 2014. All the turkey trimmings are gone or put away. Is your sense of “thanksgiving” also put away with the November decorations, thrown out with the bones of the bird? Or do you practice gratitude all year long?

Rosemary’s second butterfly in her poem says: “Nothing is static. Nothing stays the same. The only constant is change.” Can we be grateful for every change? Can we look at every change as part of a greater transformation as explained by the third and smallest butterfly? This is the challenge the poem presents. It is the every day, small changes, moment to moment, that generate the transformations of our lives. And gratitude every day, moment to moment for those small changes leads to “thanksgiving transformation.”

Can you hear the vibration that rings between these two words? There is an echo between them, they are “light shadows” – we are thankful and we transform; we transform and we are thankful – every day and in every way. Thanksgiving Transformation is a state of being – continuous gratitude for the continuous state of change we experience. Thanksgiving Transformation is Life!

There is another pairing of words the squirrel of the poem brings to us: Presence and Preparation. These set up another vibration, the echo between being present in the moment, experiencing it fully, and being prepared for the next moment, that moment of change. It’s almost asking that we exist in two states at once; the dynamic about being prepared for tomorrow’s change while being fully present today is the challenge.

butterflyAnd this dynamic, this vibration is present in every breath, every heartbeat. As we inhale we breathe in appreciation, gratitude, thanksgiving for everything, especially the change of our body chemistry with the intake of fresh air. As we exhale we prepare for the next breath, exhausting the stale, used up air and the byproducts of our metabolism.

From the smallest change in our body chemistry, moment to tiny moment, to the great transforming changes in our lives, day-to-day, year-to-year, we are blessed. At the microcosmic level every moment is a miracle. And at cosmic scales, the beauty of the remnants of a supernova, as just one example, pictured here, are mind-boggling! I am in constant thanksgiving for all of it and all the blessings. I may not always be prepared for the coming changes, transformations, but I can truly give thanks for them!

Thanksgiving Transformation. You can’t have one without the other!



ROSEMARY’S INSPIRATION: Start with Gratitude

My “Two-Minute” Video for this Week: Start with Gratitude


butterflyHappy Thanksgiving to our US friends and let’s just call it ‘Gratitude Day’ for all of us.

It is a joy to get together with family or to have a relaxing holiday alone. However you choose to celebrate gratitude let your heart overflow as you focus on the joy in your life. You can also have gratitude for the lessons and the people who bring those lessons to you.

Sometimes it is easy to focus on what is going wrong or what isn’t exactly the way we want it to be, but Thanksgiving is the holiday where we take a moment to be grateful, for everything.

I am grateful for the opportunity to chat with you via email and the internet. Thank you for reading the words that I send. I bless you for being a part of RosemarySpace.

After we have all eaten our fill of turkey and mashed potatoes, watched parades and football, and, I hope, written in our Gratitude Journals, let’s look at how we choose to live our lives for the rest of 2014 to prepare for the coming New Year.

We are still in the energy of a growing Moon, after last Saturday’s New Moon in Sagittarius, so this week is a good week to continue the planning for what we wish to bring into our lives next year. When the Full Moon occurs, on Saturday, December 6 at 7:27 am Eastern Standard Time, it will be time to release the old and prepare for the New Year.

What are you going to let go of at the next Full Moon? Decide now what you want to bring in and what you need to release to make room for the new.

The best way to prepare for the coming New Year is to reach inside and ask your guides for information. There are two events in December to help you do just this.

December 11The Oracle Speaks to the Community: The Divine Feminine give us guidance for the coming year. We’ll learn about the energies coming in 2015 and how to work with those energies to live our richest lives. The December message is always a powerful and informative one. I invite you to join us, in person in Maryland or via phone or online. Details are on the website here: The Oracle Speaks (Note: last month’s message blew us all away! Can’t wait to hear this one!)

December 13Possibilities Playshop: Come play with us! There are still some slots available for this fun day. You will meet your guide for the coming months, create your personal Playbook, learn about working with the Moon Cycles for Manifestation, and have a lot of fun! Details are on the website here: Possibilities Playshop

REMEMBER: The special half-hour Reading by Rosemary offer ends on December 31. There are still some appointments available. I will no longer be offering these brief sessions for a quick check-in as I am focusing on mentoring folks through transformation in VIP Breakthrough Days or over several private sessions.

If you’ve been thinking that you just have a quick question for your guides, or that you’d like to hear what they want you specifically to know as you plan for the coming year, then schedule your reading soon! Send me an email at to get your appointment on the calendar. This is the best holiday gift you can give yourself! (Or someone else!) Get ready for 2015!

As the year 2014 winds down and we all celebrate the holiday season, let’s look forward to making 2015 the best year yet! Lots of changes coming!

Where’s Rosemary?

December 5-7 – Practice Building Breakthrough, Los Angeles. In addition to attending the seminar, we’ll get another dose of grandbaby Tristan while we’re there! Woo Hoo! (Plus we see our friend and hairdresser in Santa Monica – a long way to go for a haircut, I know!)

December 11The Oracle Speaks to the Community – last one before the start of 2015! Join us for the message where we tune into the energies and guidance for the coming year. Details: The Oracle Speaks

December 12I AM: A Celebration of Life with Dale Allen Hoffman and Bob Sima. This is an ACT (A Community of Transformation) event in Annapolis. Please join us! Info at

December 13Possibilities PlayshopPlan for 2015 and have a lot of fun creating your own Playbook! And if you join us for The Oracle Speaks on December 11, you’ll know from The Divine Feminine the energies you’ll be working with in the coming ‘moonths.’ (We already have some fun people registered so you’ll be in good company!) 10:00 am – 2:00 pm EST. Details: Possibilities Playshop

I will be grateful to connect with you soon!


Evolve Your Light – Richard’s Commentary

As I was writing my Morning Pages yesterday it came to me that I want to go deeper with Qigong. Why? I had raked leaves the day before and loaded 15 bags from the front yard – heavy work. As the evening descended my muscles and joints began to remind me that I am older than I think. But I did some breathing and reminded my body that I practice Qigong; all the twisting and pulling motions of raking leaves is not unlike certain Qigong moves I make in practice. In fact I was very mindful of these motions as I raked.

Last year when I raked leaves from that front yard I ended up with stiff muscles in my back for a week afterward. This year I woke up the morning after and felt great. So, I raked more leaves ahead of the East Coast storm we are enjoying today. There is no question in my mind that my body practices are keeping me younger in body than my age in years would indicate.

My plan is to Evolve My Light, or I could say “Evolve My Qi” and take further steps down this path of growth. Why? Here’s how Rosemary answers this question:

Now, at whatever your current age is, those souls are looking to you for your light to shine on the path that you are sharing. How do you shine your light? By living your soul’s purpose, by being the light that you already are.

“Those souls” are everyone in my community. They include you, dear reader. My “soul’s purpose” is to build community. And my approach is to build community around Qigong. Qi is Life Force; it is Light; it is Love. By continuing to go deeper with my Qigong practice I am answering the call that Rosemary reminds us we are here to do.

I am reading some excellent books on Qigong and Taiji. And I am putting the word out I am looking for deeper instruction. At this time I am between classes that I have been teaching because I am feeling this call to go deeper before developing my next series of classes. Naturally I always learn more by teaching as well; a new class will be offered early in the New Year.

What form does your light take? How are you “Evolving Your Light”? This is the most important question you can ask yourself! Why?

YOU are in charge of the development and evolution of your own consciousness. No one around you can do it for you. You were not born to find answers and then stagnate. You are here to learn the next thing, to study, to grow, to evolve.

Never stop. There is no end here, no bottom to the deeper!

I am grateful to Rosemary for this important reminder! Enjoy your “gratitude day” tomorrow as we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the US.



For my throwback video this week I am offering a 2-minute segment from a Channeling Event I held last year. I am planning two new events this month: The Oracle Speaks. The first event is scheduled for  Sunday, June 13 at 7:00 pm Eastern time; the second event is scheduled for Wednesday, June 23, also at 7:00 pm Eastern. These events are separate and unique. And they may be attended in person in Maryland and by video conference. All questions are answered after the initial message is channeled from The Divine Feminine and the other Extra-Dimensional sources I channel.

From November 2013: Assess the Necessity:








PS: For details and registration please visit my website: TheScientificMystic/oracle

ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Assess the Necessity

Each person has a different definition of what is necessary in their life. To some, a fancy car fits into that category. To others, it is private school. Some consider necessity to include only one pair of serviceable shoes and to others, a different pair for each outfit in the closet.

Ours is not to judge what another considers a necessity in their life. However, it is important to decide consciously what is a necessity in Your Life.

Have you been thinking that a partner is a necessity in your life? Maybe you are avoiding doing some personal growth work to reclaim disowned parts (often the powerful ones) of your own Self and you have been misled into believing that another person will bring you to wholeness.

Do you have an amount of money that is a necessity for you to feel safe and secure? Is money something that you chase because you feel you never have enough, or that you never are enough?

The word, necessary, itself can be reduced to air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat (and less than we in the Western world are used to!) and maybe shelter from storms. As I write this, many thousands of people have been tragically struck by nature’s ferocity and have reduced their definition of what they really need to these few things.

And, yet, we somehow feel that we need more, we need to BE more.

Look at your ‘necessities’ and decide if they are really necessary to your life and to your happiness. Look at your relationships and ask if you really need more from the other person. Look at your career or business or work. What is really necessary there?

Appreciate how much you have beyond the basic necessities of life. We live in a society where we have music wherever we go. We drive cars or travel on trains and buses and planes to move from place to place. If you are reading this you have a computer or a smartphone on which to read it. You will probably come into contact with at least one other human being in the next week, if you wish it, so you are not totally alone in the world.

In November in the US we celebrate Thanksgiving and everyone speaks of Gratitude as if it’s a once-a year concept. Of course, most of us remind ourselves to feel gratitude often but we sometimes forget that we have huge blessings every day about which we can feel gratitude. What are your blessings beyond the necessities?

And it’s important to think of yourself as more than enough! You have a mission, a purpose, in being on the Earth at this time. You have all the resources available to you to complete your mission, to fulfill your purpose. Are you aware of that? Have you done the personal work to identify your Soul Purpose so that you can arrange your life to focus your energies on living that Purpose? Have you cleared the blocks that hold you into thinking that you are not enough? that you don’t have enough?

Humanity is evolving and each of us must step into our power, our empowerment, our Purpose. YOU ARE ENOUGH, just as you are, today!

And you have enough. Assess the necessity of everything in your life. Does it serve your Purpose? You might be surprised at the answers you get when you ask this question!

PS: You too may experience channeled messages from Rosemary. In fact you can receive personal messages from Guides, Spirits, Angels and loved ones who have crossed over at the next event: a Conversation with The Other Side December 6 at 7:00 pm Eastern. Click for details

ROSEMARY’S INSPIRATION: Assess the Necessity

My “Two-Minute” video for the week: Assess the Necessity

Note: this clip was taken from our October gathering for Satsang.

PS: You too may experience channeled messages from Rosemary. In fact you can receive personal messages from Guides, Spirits, Angels and loved ones who have crossed over at the next event: a Conversation with The Other Side December 6 at 7:00 pm Eastern. Click for details

ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Will the REAL YOU please stand up?

This week’s article is a message from The Divine Feminine:

Dear Ones,

Your work now is to be fully YOU.  Who are you?  Independent of your roles, your relationships, your duties and obligations.  Who are you when no one is looking?  Who are you in your dreams and fantasies?

What do you wish you could say?  Say it.

What do you wish you could do?  Do it.

Who do you want to be?  Be that person.

There is nothing stopping you except you.

Who is limiting you?  Only your beliefs and thoughts about you hold you back.

What is your relationship with money?  If money seems to be a limiting factor in your life then you have cut off the flow of money to you and through you by defining a limiting belief about HOW money operates.

If, for example, you say, “I would like to travel but I don’t have the money,” then you are defining how you cannot travel and you are correct.  If, however, you say to the Universe, “I would like to travel to ________ and I am grateful and eager to see how you will provide that trip,” then you allow the Universe many options for making that happen.

If you believe that you cannot make the money you need then you are only looking at a particular method of receiving money and, again, you limit the ways in which the Universe can bring money to you.

Be grateful.  Be curious.  Be open.

Be yourself.

Who must you BE to receive the money you desire

Be the powerful manifestor that you already are.  Be in the flow of your Life Purpose.  Be constantly grateful for the reality that is your Life, for the lessons you are learning, for the people who are helping you to learn those lessons.  Be in touch with your Inner Child who is trying to feel safe, happy, protected and playful.  Be creative, for you may have forgotten how to play and create.  Be joyful, for Joy is a powerful magnet to attract more Joy into your Life.

Be who you are behind the limiting beliefs you have created about yourself.  Stop defining yourself by the money you do or do not have.  Stop confining yourself to what you used to believe and think.

Leap forward into possibilities that hold the most Joy for you.

You are there.  You are here.  You are the Light of the World.  You are the Delight of the Universe.

Expand your Consciousness to embrace the biggest version of YOU that you can imagine and then allow that to continue to expand.  The Universe sees YOU as large as you REALLY are.  Dissolve the limitations that you have put on yourself and BE THE BIGGER VISION OF YOU.

And so it it.

Rosemary’s Comments:

I don’t know about you but I need the reminder to stop playing small.  It seems much easier to focus on what seems do-able then to stretch into the bigger visions.  Take a leap of faith!  Reach for something that really scares you!  Trust the Universe to support your bigger visions.

And I have learned that it is important to ask for help.

We asked the Universe for a house to rent and our friend asked for someone to rent her house.  Voila!  We move in August.  It happens just that way when you trust.

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“Gratitude and Loving Yourself” a Commentary from Richard

Self-Love. Some days this is really difficult. Rosemary writes everything is perfect just as it is right now in this moment; everything is in agreement with The Plan; everything is unfolding just as it needs to, bringing the perfect Plan into reality. Yes, we have lessons and are learning lessons, everyday, with every unfolding moment. And as we learn these lessons we move into next moments that are also perfect because we have experienced (maybe even learned) these lessons.

And the first step toward self-love is gratitude for self and the lessons being learned. OK, then I have a lot to be grateful for! Examples abound every day. I just got back from the post office, went to get my reading glasses out of my pocket (where I “always” put them) only to come up short; no glasses. So I search every pocket, in the car and various places I may have left them. No luck. I get angry, especially with myself for misplacing my “stupid glasses”! (As if they were suppose to remember where I left them!)

Over-reaction? Of course! Yet another lesson in – what? Patience with myself, always putting things where they “belong”, mindfulness? I’m reminded of a Zen story about a monk who goes to his master believing he is ready for the test of enlightenment. The monk dashes through the rain and puddles with his trusty umbrella to his master’s hut, bows and humbly kneels before the master fully prepared. The master asks: “On which side of the door did you leave your umbrella?” Unable to answer the monk even more humbly withdraws to meditate on mindfulness for another 7 years!

Gratitude for the lessons is one of the lessons! I am alive and healthy and unharmed. I can return to the post office tomorrow to see if I left my glasses there. Meanwhile I have a spare pair. And they are only “drug-store” reading glasses; easily replaced. Were they worth the anger and upset at their loss? Of course not. Did my anger at myself gain anything other than upset that extended to others in my presence? Not at all. Did I learn a lesson here? Maybe. Will I lose something in the future. Certainly. And will I learn the lesson today so that the next time I lose that thing I can let it go, forgive myself for the lapse and move on? Only with continued practice!

We are all every moment of life practicing at being alive, being fully present, being conscious in every moment. This is what the lessons are all about: our opportunity to practice. And when we get pretty good at one lesson we get a new one to practice. This is where the acceptance comes in. This is where the self-forgiveness enters. When we are grateful for these opportunities we do, in fact, begin to move toward self-love.

I would add a second step toward this practice of self-love; the next step after gratitude is trust. We have to trust the Plan, that there is a Plan, that there is a purpose to it all. And we have to trust that our lessons are part of this Great Plan, that we are alive at this time with everyone and everything around us in perfect order and proper unfolding of the grand structure that is in process of becoming. I have to trust that losing my glasses today in some small, almost infinitesimal way, contributed to the process of becoming. One more opportunity to practice self-love in spite of my frustration with myself contributes to the Scheme.

This trust is part of the mystery. How can I possibly believe that my loss and my lesson on patience and self-forgiveness, self-love contribute to the Unfolding Perfection? There is no proof here; there is no evidence, not even a shred, that this incident is significant. But I trust that it is. And because I trust I continue to practice. And because I continue to practice, learn my lessons, I am ever so slowly improving myself, taking steps on my journey. And maybe, just maybe in some completely mysterious way, that I may never understand or realize, the world will be a better place.

Self-Love. Not a simple path. It begins with gratitude and moves to trust. And there is so much more…practice, practice, practice!