ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: The Power Is in You – Richard’s Commentary

Rosemary’s Exploration this week contained a lot of good advice. I too have the sense that there is tremendous energy for change building in the World. I think a lot of this energy build-up is from the extreme polarity that we are experiencing. Whether it is political factions (both within and between political parties), economic debates about the best way forward, religious extremism or raging debates about social issues, people seem divided into camps of widely differing views and value. This polarization is creating the environment that will force change.

And there is another source of this change energy; as Rosemary observes: “It is time to transform. We’re still feeling the effects of the 2012 energy that gave a huge boost to the transformation energy. It’s not over yet!”

Rosemary and I are going through tremendous change ourselves as we are in the midst of packing up for our move to larger space and a greater degree of freedom. With any change of this magnitude comes the combination of excitement and trepidation. The questions: is this the right thing, am I taking the right steps, can I do it, do I have the energy, can we afford it, are followed by answers: yes, this is a necessary step forward, we have the way and the means, … and in the end, we trust!

And where does that sense of trust come from? Inside!

And this is the key response that Rosemary urges: as we face the building powers that are bringing about the changes we sense, we need to go inside to find the empowerment needed to make the best choices, to decide on our next steps for forward progress.

As I’ve written before, I am completely committed to writing my “morning pages” as urged by Julia Cameron in her book The Artist’s Way. I have been practicing this approach to inner work for years and for me it works very well. As I sit with my pages I move inside and let words flow up and out onto the page; I gain insight, strategies, confirmation, hope, trust…Where does this support come from? Inside, from both my self, and my Self!

If you have been reading this blog much at all you probably already know I have many practices for inner work (and outer, physical work): Qigong, Yoga, sitting meditation, breath-work, cooking (yes, I consider this a spiritual practice!) and even household chores (I enjoy doing laundry!). But when I really need answers I seek my pages and write.

I wrote in my pages this morning about the move, the strategies and logistics, the concerns and the excitement. And I ended the pages with a tremendous sense of hope and trust. Yes, this is a big change; this is a time for big changes and hope, trust, and courage. Fortunately both Rosemary and I are Leos, both born on August 2. We both have courage to spare!



EXPLORATION: Be Bold. Step Out. Take Action.

Be Brave, Daring, Intrepid, Audacious, Unflinching.  Pick one of these synonyms for ‘bold’ and use it as your mantra.  (I like ‘Audacious’!)

How can you show up in your life, your work, your relationships as ‘bold’?  Have you ever thought about using that word to describe yourself?  What would you do today if you were really bold?  What would you dare to do, who would you dare to be if there were no end to your courage?  What if you knew you could not fail? Would you make a different choice?

It might be a conversation that needs to take place.  You might have an idea that has been teasing at the edges of your consciousness but you haven’t given it energy because you’re waiting for the perfect time or circumstances.  Do you have a project that is half finished because you’re afraid of what others might think or say when they see it?  Is there someone’s approval that you are hoping for and the lack of that approval is keeping you stuck?

These are the situations in which we find ourselves when we forget to be bold.  And it is about ‘forgetting.’  You ARE bold!  You have taken many courageous steps in your life.  Do you disagree with me?  I’ll be you can think of at least one time in which you were bold.  Take a moment to remind yourself of how it felt. Run that feeling in your body for awhile.  Look at the effort it took to be bold in that moment and then reassure yourself that you survived, you’re here today.  Sometimes our stress mechanisms go a little haywire and try to convince us that being bold will get us hurt but, I assure you, there are no sabre-toothed tigers waiting to jump on you!  Your stress mechanisms might not believe me, though, so you must act despite their illusions.

Step Out.

Once you have decided to Be Bold, it’s time to move forward, step out of the box of your own beliefs and limiting thinking.  What is holding you in place?  Who is telling you what the limits are?

Sometimes the voice in your head can be from the distance past, like a first-grade teacher or a parent, and sometimes it comes from a belief structure that you developed later in your life, all on your own.  Determining where the limits live is the first step in expanding your horizon.

You must be brutally honest with yourself here.  The field of all possibilities is right in front of you but you can talk yourself into believing that there is only a narrow path available to you to pursue.  Step outside the box of this thinking.  Step outside your comfort zone and stretch yourself into the greater space of possibilities.  It’s okay.  There are no sabre-toothed tigers here, either!

Take Action.

Choose a path and step onto it.  Move yourself forward with confidence.  When you ask the Universe to support your efforts and you visualize your dreams you must also put some energy into the forward motion toward those dreams.  Raise your consciousness and move your feet.

If you feel you aren’t sure which action to take, then do some inner work.  Get in touch with your inner guidance. Ask your coach or mentor or counselor to help you work through the blocks.  Choose one step you can take and do it.  Very few choices are irrevocable.  If you get feedback that this choice isn’t taking you in the direction you desire then take another action in a different direction.  There’s nothing wrong with trying something.  Ask Edison about all the tries before he got the light bulb working.  Ask anyone in a research lab and they will tell you that there is good information in the paths that don’t work.  Look at the story of Post-It Notes that came about because the glue wasn’t perfect.  Just take action.

Be Bold.  Step Out.  Take Action.  You are ready!

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THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: “Are you grateful for the Plan?”

Dear Ones,

What are you feeling grateful for today?  How often do you allow yourself to stay in the energy of gratitude?

Many people say ‘thank you’ without even getting in touch with the energy of gratitude but there is much to be said about allowing yourself the time to feel deep, true gratitude for Life.  No matter what is going on in your life YOU are NOT your circumstances!  There is always something for which you can feel grateful.

The Sun is still in the sky.  There are flowers to enjoy.  You are inhaling and exhaling as you read this.  Your heart has known joy and pain and still keeps pumping blood throughout your body.  The list goes on and on.  And when you create a space in your energetic being for gratitude to live then you can shift your perspective on everything else.

Remembering that there are lessons contained in every event, circumstance and relationship in your life, you will grow more swiftly when you stay in gratitude for those lessons, even the ones that are uncomfortable or painful.  There are people with whom you come into contact who bring you lessons, again, even the uncomfortable ones, and you can feel grateful for them.  Imagine how many other people for whom YOU have been the bearer of a lesson!  Be grateful for that, too.

As you move along the pathways of your Life Plan you are navigating uncharted territory, for there has never been nor will there ever be another You.  The entire Universe is grateful to you for showing up at this time in human history to fulfill your unique role in the unfolding of the Universe’s Plan.  Be grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the evolution of humanity.

Do you feel as if Life is passing you by or that the lessons are too painful to endure?  You are not alone but you are a person of courage, for only those spirits who have a great deal of courage have agreed to live on Planet Earth during these changing times.  Your spirit is indomitable.  You are brave and bold.  You created your own lesson plan before your spirit took on a human body.  And now you are about to graduate to a higher level of the expression of the greatness of humanity.  Go with the flow of this expression.  Do not allow yourself to sink into the troubles you perceive around you.  All is developing according to the Plan that the Universe has for Planet Earth in the 21st Century.  All is developing according to the Plan for your individual life, but you are not disconnected from all the other individuals so join in community with like-minded people to move through the coming changes.  Even Mother Earth is experiencing change in her climate.  And change in any form has the power to cause fear in those who lack courage.

But you, Dear One, do not lack courage.  You agreed to be on Planet Earth to assist her in moving through these changes.  You have a part to play in the unfolding of the Plan.

And the energy that will sustain you through the changes is the energy of Gratitude.  For when you feel and experience Gratitude you observe without sinking into despair, you tackle the tasks before you while you stay committed to your Life Purpose, and you share your life freely with others who are also on the path, welcoming their company as together you move forward.

Do not fear the coming changes.  Rather, be grateful that they are finally here.  The world will rejoice on the other side of these changes for you will be reunited with the other spirits who agreed to share this time with you.

And so it is.


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