THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: “Are you willing to change?”

Dear Ones,

In the grand plan for Planet Earth the times are bringing the energy of huge changes for all her inhabitants.  Some feel this energy of change and interpret it according to their preconceived notions or religious beliefs.  Others become frightened at the prospect of possible change and move into a place of fear, following whichever leader says what they want to hear in that moment.

But Conscious Humans, who are working on their own personal growth and the expansion of awareness, feel these energies of change and use it to propel themselves forward in their evolution.

Which category do you fall into?  Are you trying to interpret the energy through the lens of old beliefs and expectations?  Is that really change?  Or are you concerned and fretful and worried so that fear is starting to rule your life?

Or are you anticipating the personal growth that you can make using these energies of change?  Are you on the path of the evolution of Consciousness?

It is time now for all human beings to decide which path they will follow.  Those who do not wish to grow, who choose a path defined by forces other than Love and Oneness, will become clearly identified in the coming days.  Those who see the people who are not like them as separate and, often, as lesser, will be shamed by the energy of Oneness when all the ‘others’ band together to anchor the Light of Change on Planet Earth.  The energy is here now.  The only question is how you will relate to that energy.

On a very personal level, every person must make a conscious decision about what changes they will bring about in their own life.  How are you considering changing your life?  Have you been thinking about moving to a new home or a new area?  Are you starting or closing a business?  What about your personal relationships – are any asking you to change?  What about your career and your work relationships – are they begging for change?

Look at the people around you and ask yourself if there is something you can change about yourself and your behaviors that will deepen and strengthen these relationships, especially with your children.  The need is great for a society of humans who are opening up to the possibilities of the coming days.  Looking through the eyes of Oneness will invite you to see the vast field of all possibilities before you.

Politically, the nations of the world are operating under guidance that is not bringing more Light into manifestation.  Economically, greed has become the religion of those who handle the financial purse strings of the world.  Those whose motivation is Love are moving into more positions of power, however, for it is Love that will support the shifts that are coming, not greed or money.

Practice increasing the Love that you shine in the world.  Practice listening to the news reports and, instead of getting angry or upset, see all those who are in the news as aspects of the story you are being told about how things are but which may or may not represent reality in any form.  Be discerning, be loving, especially toward yourself.

You have asked to be a part of this big change.  You are on Planet Earth at this time because you have agreed to be an agent of this change.  Do not be discouraged if you cannot see that things are changing in a positive direction.  All has not yet been revealed.  Change YOUR life. Change YOUR self.  And you will help Mother Earth move into the Light of the Changes that are coming for her.

And so it is.


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