Who is Your WHO? – Richard’s Commentary

Rosemary’s question this week is:

WHO is it that you are serving?

My first reaction to this question is to think about my Qigong students; they are my clients and I do feel that I am serving them when we are in class together, when I am leading them through a form, focusing on breath, gathering and storing Qi for health, well-being, and peace. The beauty of my “who” is I am serving myself as well. I am doing the research into Taoism, the basis for the effectiveness of Qigong. I am going through the form with my students, leading myself to health, well-being and peace. And I am working with the forms on my own as well, practicing the forms every day. I continue my research and reading on the subject to go deeper so I can take my students deeper.

In response to Rosemary’s statement:

If you don’t take care of your own health, no one else can do it. You know this. You accept this. But what about your spiritual and psychological health? Your emotional health? Your mental health? Are you serving yourself by taking care of yourself in those areas?

I can feel pretty good, right? Qigong covers all these aspects of my life. Qigong contributes to my health. And the study of Taoism supports my spiritual and psychological health. Reflection on the Five Elements, the basis for Traditional Chinese Medicine, helps me work through my emotional and mental issues. Through all these levels I am serving my students and I am serving myself at the same time!

If only it were that simple!

Everything I’ve written above is true. And Qigong does help my students and me work through issues. But what about others I serve?

What about Rosemary? She is my client as well. I support her business, TheScientificMystic.com, through managing the technology to operate the business, handling the finances, and helping her with the messaging and marketing of her services. How am I doing with that?

Here I can’t be quite as glib with my answers! Sometimes I grow impatient that Rosemary doesn’t work to my schedule! Whose business is this? Sometimes I get frustrated with the procrastination. But I am a great procrastinator! And too often I get bogged down with the technology rather than focusing on what drives the business – Rosemary’s talent!

So, I need to take Rosemary’s advice here:

My work is to build a relationship in which I support them.

My work with Rosemary is to create the best possible business relationship we can have in order to best serve her, as my client!

And I need to do this analysis for all of my relationships. Everyone is a “client” of everyone else. It is important to nurture client relationships and it is vital to nurture all of our inter-relationships.

Who are your clients? Are you nurturing them? Are you nurturing every relationship with others as if they were your client? Are you nurturing the relationship with yourself?

What a world it would be if this were the case!



INSPIRATION FROM ROSEMARY: Exquisite Moments in Life

Here’s my video for the week: Exquisite Moments in Life

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MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Are You Beautiful?

Dear Ones,

Beauty. How do you think of or appreciate beauty?

In 21st Century Western culture beauty is defined by pictures that are presented as the model of beauty. Men, women, children are portrayed as the ideal. To too many in the audience, however, this model means that they judge themselves to somehow fall short of measuring up to the ideal. Many see themselves and others as ‘not beautiful’ because they do not meet that ideal that has been created and sold to them.

Beauty has nothing to do with that ideal model that is presented. True Beauty comes from an open and caring heart. The person who cares about other people is beautiful. The one who would make a sacrifice for another is beautiful. The person who loves is beautiful. This has nothing to do with the outer appearance.

It does, however, influence the outer appearance. Have you ever seen a person speak of hatred, of those that they hate? Their face reflects this energy as the musculature and skin are transformed by the energy being expressed. Derision, condescension, hatred, judgment, parsimony, anger – these are all energies that create an energy field around a person’s visage and they present this energy, not the formation of eyes, ears, nose, mouth that form their face.

And one who is speaking of love, of acceptance, of peace, of appreciation – that one has a beatific expression that is created by the energy field associated with these choices. Again, it has nothing to do with the particulars of their facial features. The presentation is created by the energy of the feelings.

So there is an outward expression of the inner energy that creates beauty or ugliness. Do you want to be beautiful?

Then accept others just as they are. Find what you can love in a person rather than differences that you hate. Focus on finding ways to collaborate rather than to compete. Appreciate others and the circumstances in which you find yourself for the lessons they bring to your path of personal growth. Seek peace, in yourself, your relationships and your environment.

Create your outward expression of beauty because the energy of your inner self is reflecting love of yourself, of others and of your life. You will BE beauty and others will appreciate sharing in this energy.

See beauty in others because you see their inner heart, the innocent little one who lives there, not the persona they are presenting because they have not yet learned to feel true beauty within their being. As you carry with you an energy field of beauty you can influence the energy field around you. You can model true inner beauty of spirit and offer that as an option to those around you who do not know how to achieve this on their own yet.

Be Beauty in the world and you will learn to see only beauty around you. Smile, in your heart first and your face will reflect this. Do not return ugliness for ugliness for this does not bring you the beauty you desire in yourself and in your life.

Live as the beauty that you know yourself to be. Start with you and then share that beauty with the world. Perhaps you can change the world’s perception of what true beauty is!

And so it is.

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MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Can You Dream?

Dear Ones,

Fluttering hearts, anxious words, furrowed brows. We would rather see you at peace.

How do you find peace in the 21st Century world? There is always talk of war. There are financial concerns at all levels. There is much to worry about. And yet we would have you seek peace. Can you? Do you know how?

Peace is not something that relies on the circumstances around you being calm or exactly as you desire them to be. Peace comes from a deep place inside you that understands that the Universe is unfolding as it should. Truly believing that this is true will bring you peace.

And yet you look around you and the chaos and uncertainty make it difficult to bring your belief system into alignment with the ‘reality’ that you wish. We will give you the steps to accomplish this.

First, you must examine your life to understand that every step you have taken along the way has brought you to the place where you are today. This does not mean that you are to blame for all the circumstances in the world but it does mean that you have learned enough to manage what you must manage today. Nothing in your world is beyond your ability to handle. Nothing. You have what it takes to proceed.

Now, do you believe that? If you throw up your hands and say, “Woe is me!” then you will not draw on the resources within you to take care of your circumstances. You DO have what you need inside of you.

Next, we would ask you to remember that you are not alone. You are connected to a network of amazing people. Every single one of you reading these words has other people around you who are wanting to help you. You have supporters. You have people who wish for you to succeed in what you are attempting to do.

Do you believe that? You might look in your immediate circle and believe that others do not believe you can succeed, or they want you to do it their way, or they think that you can’t do anything right. However, you CAN succeed, and you CAN do it right, because you have infinite wisdom available to you when you connect to that wisdom within you.

Look beyond the naysayers. Find the like-minded people who want your success and who are willing to let you seek that success in your own way. They are in your life, even if they are hard for you to find sometimes. They are there, we promise you. Find one of them and ask for moral support.

Know that this is not about having someone just hand you what you want. We are saying that there are people who will support you as you create what you desire. There is a difference. And you know how to do what you must do. The answers are all inside you, when you drop the worry and concern and reach inside for the wisdom that is accessible there.

The last step is to take action in the direction of your dreams. When you move forward with a consciousness directed toward what you want the stumbling blocks move out of the way. Live consciously along the path of your heart’s desires. Take a step, no matter how small, in the direction of your dreams and the Universe will leap to your assistance.

THIS is reality. Your Soul Purpose is manifesting in your dreams. Follow your dreams. Allow the support you need to appear around and inside of you. Go forth and trust. All is ready for you to manifest your Big Dream NOW!!!

And so it is.

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MYSTIC MESSAGE: from The Divine Feminine: Love the Different

Dear Ones,

We are concerned about the prevalence of hatred in the cultures on Planet Earth at this time. Too many adults are spouting hatred and hateful words and the children are learning that this is the way of the world. Nothing could be further from the Truth but if all the children see is hatred and prejudice then they will know nothing better as they grow into adulthood.

This situation must change if there is to be a better tomorrow for the young people.

Hatred of one culture for another has brought about many wars in human history and has damaged the forward progress of human evolution. It is as if humanity comes to a standstill when groups are spreading hatred around the planet. There can be no growth and prosperity when hatred is the overarching energy.

Now there will be those who say they enjoy great prosperity when there is war because they profit monetarily from the conflict, caring not who wins, loses or dies because they realize their profit regardless of the victor. But this is not true prosperity for the energy is not of abundance but merely of the accumulation of money with the blood of war tainting it.

But those who would be truly prosperous do not wish to do so at the expense of the lives of others. There is abundance in the Universe but it is not accessed through the doorway of hatred.

Think about teaching children to hate others. What does this benefit the child or the adult that they will later become? Hatred is a detrimental energy, to the one who hates far more than to the victim of that hatred. The energy of hatred causes physical harm to those who hold onto it. Internal organs are bathed in a kind of static electricity that damages the very cells of those organs. Haters do not live comfortable, healthy lives into old age because they have damaged their own electric energy fields. This also affects those who live around these people.

Is this what you want for your children? Do you really want them to learn by your example when you express your hatred for someone or something? What does that really mean to you?

In the 21st Century there are many human beings who are driven by a hatred for another group of human beings for various reasons – religion, race, sexual orientation, political beliefs, cultural differences, nationality, material possessions, beauty, accomplishments and a host of other reasons. And yet these other people are also human and deserve to be treated with respect if for no other reason than that they, too, belong to the human race.

There are also purveyors of hatred who enjoy charging up their audience to aim their hate energy at the ‘other.’ These purveyors are taking on an immense amount of the karma of their actions as they incite others to acts of violence, against themselves and other people. If there could be a vision of the magnifying effects of projecting hatred then perhaps some of these people would stop and examine their behavior. But too many choose to continue to behave with venom and a vituperative nature.

Your work is to examine yourself and your life and watch for the word ‘hate’ to show up in your speech. Do you commonly say, “I hate this!” or “I hate when _____”? Please remove this word from your vocabulary as it has an energetic effect on you even if you are not as mired in hatred as some other vitriolic persons might be.

Examine what you are modeling for the children and young adults around you. Is there a group of people with whom you disagree? Do you treat the disagreement as separate from the human being so that you can respect a person’s right to have a difference of opinion yet still see that they do not deserve your hatred?

Are you modeling tolerance for those who are different from you?

Choose to model love, the kind of unconditional love that all great spiritual teachers have asked of you for millennia. Love and accept those who are different. Agree to disagree on an intellectual level without hating the person who dares to argue with you. Teach your children to love others and to settle differences without hatred or war.

Mother Earth wants all of her children to live together peacefully. Hatred destroys her balance.

And so it is.

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MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Not Enough Time?

Dear Ones,

Time is speeding up for everyone on Earth and there is a certain level of panic about it in some people. For millennia human beings have lived with an unconscious understanding that time would pass at a certain rate and that there would always be time enough for anything they wanted to do. Lives were shorter for most humans in history and there was an understanding that one lived each day to its fullest potential because there were no guarantees about tomorrow. People lived in harmony with the seasons and the Sun because they measured time by the signals from them.

In the 21st Century, human beings are living in an artificially created concept of time, where everything is instantly available and changing so rapidly that change can barely be measured before the next change occurs. There is an underlying anxiety of ‘not enough time’ and this translates into a feeling of ‘not enough’ about everything in life. This sense of lack starts with time.

There is a certain peace available to those who live in harmony with Nature and her cycles and without the demands and stress of a timed schedule that requires humans to deny their natural rhythms and the rhythm of the spheres, of Nature. Waking with the Sun, choosing activities based on the season, eating the foods that are available during that season and storing those that can be stored for the times when no food is growing. Travel was slower and so adjusting the body to the new location was easier on the systems. Most people didn’t travel very far from home and so they learned to be in consonance with their usual surroundings. Time was not a pressure but something with which one learned to live as a part of natural life.

Today you are always worried about deadlines and schedules and the pressure of traffic and travel and the expectations that you put on yourselves is artificially created. Can you take some time today to slow your pace and breathe deeply of the atmosphere provided by Mother Earth? Can you look at your schedule and program into it some time for contemplation, peaceful existence rather than busy-ness? Can you reduce the ‘to-do’ list so that you are not feeling at the end of the day as if there is never enough time?

You create for yourself anxiety around a belief of ‘never enough’ when you make for yourself an expectation that you must accomplish more than you can reasonably expect to do in a particular day. Even if you do complete everything on your to-do list for today, will you feel at peace? Will you relax? Or will you be jumping ahead to worry about what is coming next?

In this time of great transition one of the first places that you must explore is your concept of time and your relationship to the time that you have. It is true that the Earth is experiencing some changes that are making this human idea of time as seconds ticking away on a clock seem to be moving at a faster pace than in the past. It is true that the day is no longer the same 24 hours that you used to feel that it was. And so being present to each moment as it presents itself to you becomes that much more important.

Take each moment and live it fully. Do not ask what you can do in that moment but, rather, ask who you will BE. Allow the ‘doing’ to flow from the ‘being’ and you will feel that there is plenty of time.

Work to overcome your sense of ‘not enough time’ and you will feel that there is enough of everything in your life!

And so it is.

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MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Manifest in the NOW!

Dear Ones,

Where are your thoughts at this time? Are you focusing on what is wrong with your life or on what is right with it? Are you wishing for what is not or are you appreciating what is? This is a time when many are seeking support for a new direction in their life, or are planning to make changes in the coming months, or are looking ahead to what they hope will be better times.

But we would tell you that Life is only what is present in this moment now. Life is only this moment, nothing else. You can think about your past or your future but it is just that, a thought. Your Life is being lived in this present moment only. Your thoughts are not your Life but they do create or recreate it.

When you focus your thoughts on what is missing in your Life or on what you are wishing for but not having then you are holding the energy of lacking what you desire and bringing that energy into this present moment. When you are focused on something in the past or in the future then you are giving away the energy of this present moment to a thought that is energy not available to your Life in this moment.

Think of this as if you are at a dinner party with a buffet table laden with good food. You are hungry and looking forward to eating the food that is there before you. You might even be starting to salivate as you think about and look at what is coming onto your plate in a few minutes. Then there is a fire alarm bell and you are forced to go outside and stand in the weather for hours while all that food spoils on the buffet. You eventually go home hungrier than when you arrived and never having eaten that which you were expecting to eat.

Life is like that. It doesn’t mean that you cannot anticipate with joy what is coming your way but until you are actually eating at the buffet of Life you are merely salivating over a thought. While you stood in line thinking about the food there might have been a very interesting person standing behind you that you didn’t notice but with whom you might have had a great conversation. You might have missed an hors d’oeuvres table where you could have been snacking on amazing appetizers but you were focused on those foods that you would be eating later. There is much that can be missed in the present moment if all your energy is going toward something in the future.

In this present moment, what is around you that might have escaped your notice? What joy is present for you to tap into? If you are experiencing some pain in this moment, physical, emotional, or mental, what can you learn from this experience to take the meaning from it? If it is a physical pain, you might need to change your position or take an analgesic or lie down to rest. For an emotional pain you might need to do some journaling or talk with someone to process your emotions as you are feeling them. Mental pain usually means that there is an error in your thinking that needs to be examined and addressed by monitoring your thoughts and asking, ‘Is this true?’

This, Dear One, is living a Conscious Life, where you are fully present to the experience of the moment, neither giving away your power to your thoughts of the future nor dwelling on your experiences in the past so that you cannot live in the present. Practice being fully present to every moment of NOW in your Life.

Remember that the Law of Attraction calls you to be in gratitude for what is, not for what might be. You must pull your attention into the present moment, tap into gratitude for what is, focus your attention on your desires as if they are in this present moment and give gratitude for that, and allow your physical, emotional and mental energies to align in this present NOW.

This will bring you Joy and Peace! Then do it again in the next NOW!

And so it is.


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