Evolve Your Light – Richard’s Commentary

As I was writing my Morning Pages yesterday it came to me that I want to go deeper with Qigong. Why? I had raked leaves the day before and loaded 15 bags from the front yard – heavy work. As the evening descended my muscles and joints began to remind me that I am older than I think. But I did some breathing and reminded my body that I practice Qigong; all the twisting and pulling motions of raking leaves is not unlike certain Qigong moves I make in practice. In fact I was very mindful of these motions as I raked.

Last year when I raked leaves from that front yard I ended up with stiff muscles in my back for a week afterward. This year I woke up the morning after and felt great. So, I raked more leaves ahead of the East Coast storm we are enjoying today. There is no question in my mind that my body practices are keeping me younger in body than my age in years would indicate.

My plan is to Evolve My Light, or I could say “Evolve My Qi” and take further steps down this path of growth. Why? Here’s how Rosemary answers this question:

Now, at whatever your current age is, those souls are looking to you for your light to shine on the path that you are sharing. How do you shine your light? By living your soul’s purpose, by being the light that you already are.

“Those souls” are everyone in my community. They include you, dear reader. My “soul’s purpose” is to build community. And my approach is to build community around Qigong. Qi is Life Force; it is Light; it is Love. By continuing to go deeper with my Qigong practice I am answering the call that Rosemary reminds us we are here to do.

I am reading some excellent books on Qigong and Taiji. And I am putting the word out I am looking for deeper instruction. At this time I am between classes that I have been teaching because I am feeling this call to go deeper before developing my next series of classes. Naturally I always learn more by teaching as well; a new class will be offered early in the New Year.

What form does your light take? How are you “Evolving Your Light”? This is the most important question you can ask yourself! Why?

YOU are in charge of the development and evolution of your own consciousness. No one around you can do it for you. You were not born to find answers and then stagnate. You are here to learn the next thing, to study, to grow, to evolve.

Never stop. There is no end here, no bottom to the deeper!

I am grateful to Rosemary for this important reminder! Enjoy your “gratitude day” tomorrow as we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the US.



When you became a human being, when you took your first breath of Mother Earth’s atmosphere, you began a journey of evolution. The journey of a lifetime is the evolution of your consciousness, from the moment you are born until the moment you take that last breath of air. At every moment in your life you are growing in your awareness of the world around you.

The question today is, ‘Are you evolving or are you attempting to stay where you are?’

So many people are struggling in this world because they are focused on using the tools they already have, on following the thoughts and beliefs from earlier days, on listening to what someone else is saying is true instead of going inside to seek their own truth. The shift that is needed is a shift in consciousness, an evolutionary approach to solving problems and to living life.

You were born as a bright light on the horizon of humanity. Everyone around you was waiting for you to come into the world. Even if you have a belief that you were unwanted, know that the souls around you then and now asked for you to arrive when and where and to whom you did.

Now, at whatever your current age is, those souls are looking to you for your light to shine on the path that you are sharing. How do you shine your light? By living your soul’s purpose, by being the light that you already are.

I see too many people choosing to hide. It appears to be so much easier to shrink from the spotlight and to stay on the sidelines of life. I don’t just mean refusing to get on the stage – I mean shrinking back from the enormity of what you feel is your raison d’etre, your reason for being here, your soul purpose.

It can feel like a tremendous burden or too huge a task to fulfill that purpose. Good. That means that you have tapped into what you are really here to be and to do!

No matter what form your life is taking at this moment, you are here to be the Light in the life of those around you. Lead by lighting the way for them to follow. Show by your example that you are willing to live your purpose and to be a Light in the world.

You don’t have to be famous, or on the stage, or find medical cures or solve world hunger, although you might. You DO, however, have a responsibility to the world to be the brightest light that you are able to be, right now, today, in whatever circumstances you face.

YOU are in charge of the development and evolution of your own consciousness. No one around you can do it for you. You were not born to find answers and then stagnate. You are here to learn the next thing, to study, to grow, to evolve.

How are you doing this?

This is where hiding does not serve you or the evolution of human consciousness. Reach out to learn what you can, to connect with others who are also on the path of the evolution of consciousness. Shine your light for them and allow them to shine their lights for you.

Take a class. Read a book. Join a group. Have a conversation.

It is especially important that you do your personal growth work. Clear negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that are holding you and your light hostage to them. Explore possibilities that will take you outside your comfort zone.

Evolve and shine the bright light that you are!

ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Dream-Makers or Dream-Takers?

We all have dreams, visions, plans, goals. Some of them we voice to others and some we keep close to our hearts without sharing, but we all have them.

Have you ever shared a dream with someone and then felt as if all the air was sucked out of you when they reacted with a comment like, ‘You can’t do that!’ or ‘That’s impossible!’? We shut down and believe that they know something true about our dream and we move away from it.

Or sometimes we get rebellious and think, ‘I’ll show you! I’ll make it happen.’ And we get caught up in showing them and lose the ‘juice’ of doing it for ourselves.

Think of a dream that you have, maybe even something that might seem impossible but that feels like a dream, a vision of you that you are seeking. Really feel it in your body, in your energy field. Feel how it will feel when it becomes a reality. Ramp up the feeling and smile. It feels so good.

Now remember that feeling and invite anyone with whom you share that dream to share in that feeling. Don’t let anyone deflate you! Don’t let anyone try to steal your dream or say that you can’t do that. Don’t let anyone try to take your dream away from you.

There will be people who want to be your champions, your cheerleaders and who want to help you make your dreams come true. There are others who, for whatever reason, don’t want that. Choose consciously those you allow to surround you. Dream-Makers or Dream-Takers?

This is not about judging others and deeming them lacking or bad. This is about YOU and your choices in life. YOU choose the folks you spend your time and energy inviting into your energy field. YOU choose what you share and what you keep inside. Choose to be with the people who support you, no matter what. Choose to surround yourself with people who will challenge you to grow into the big vision that you have for yourself and your life. Choose to let the others live their lives without trying to influence yours.

The Dream-Takers are probably not being malicious or mean. They are just stuck in their own ‘stuff’ and can’t accept that you choose to dream big, to reach for something beyond what they can see. Their choices aren’t yours. And they are probably operating out of a fear that they then try to project onto you.

Stay courageous. Move in the direction of your dreams, no matter what. If you look around you now and can’t find friends to support you, seek out new friends. Find those who uplift others and hang out with them. Speak to loved ones and share that you want their support as you go ahead to pursue your dreams.

Own your vision. It comes from connecting to your Purpose, to your Soul Mission on Earth. Continue to Dream Big and the support you desire will show up. Stay committed no matter what or who around you tries to take that dream away.

Surround yourself with Dream-Makers! And be one yourself!

Step Into Your Bodacious Dream! – Richard’s Commentary

How big are your dreams? Would you call them, even one of them, “bodacious”?

One way to get at this question is to look back over your life and take a look at former dreams and how they turned out. In her article yesterday, Rosemary gives us a good example of this with her dream to be part of NASA and then making it to that dream job working on the fantastic science produced by the Hubble Space Telescope. She dreamed big and her dream came true.

And also notice that once that dream was reached Rosemary dreamed another dream.

There is no end to the dreaming. Each dream we activate and reach takes us to a higher level where the dreaming can become even more bodacious. We all are being called to step up! Here’s how Rosemary puts that:

This is a time for each individual to show up for their Soul Purpose and LIVE BIG! The Planet and the rest of us need for you to show up in your Purpose. Even if it is scary, Dream Big.

Step up, step out and move into flow with the you the Universe has called to. Again, Rosemary used her story as an example. From the Hubble project she responded to the call to be a “spiritual healer.” At the time she wasn’t even sure what that meant! But she did feel that the Universe was calling for her to step up. And she did. It was not easy. It was scary at times! (Scary for both of us, in fact!) But there is no looking back; and there is no questioning – not for the bodacious dreams!

Examine your life. Look back on the dreams accomplished. Feel good about your progress, but not complacent. Are you living your purpose?

I recently had a scan done for me by a medical intuitive. I got some really mixed results! The bad news is I am dealing with some pretty serious internal inflammation in my body. The good news is I can treat this with diet (more on that in a moment). The best news is I scored really well in the “Life in Balance and Coherence” categories (10/10 and 100%!). What she said about this is: “you are in alignment with ‘God’s Will’ – you are on your true spiritual path. This is rare.”

Wow! I’m still digesting this result. Of course I have to make major adjustments to my diet, eating more like a “cave man.” I have to reduce my food intake to pretty much an animal protein-based plan with some vegetables allowed. And here I’ve been working strongly toward a vegetarian diet! So much for that dream!

But on those Balance and Coherence measures here’s what I think she is picking up: I do have a bodacious dream, as I’ve mentioned before in these posts, to go to Ladakh, India for the Kalachakra Initiation offered by His Holiness The Dalai Lama this year. And I am working diligently on this dream at many levels. I feel very good about this, that it is in alignment with my spiritual path and congruent with my purpose. I am very pleased that it is “out there” to be recognized!

So here’s the other thing about those bodacious dreams: they need to be declared! And then the Universe responds by saying “yes, and now we will make everything align to support your dream!”

Dreams don’t come from nothing. And they definitely aren’t fulfilled without effort. As Rosemary concludes: when you have created your Bodacious Big Dream, step into it. Create the vision, feel the excitement, step into it and, in the words of Captain Picard, ‘Make it so!’


The Agony of Angst – Richard’s Commentary

Rosemary suggests there may be some pain involved in this evolutionary process we are finding ourselves in the middle of. There is always pain in not knowing. And there is so much we don’t know. When it comes to our evolution we certainly don’t know how it’s going to turn out; we don’t even know for sure that the human race will survive the process! But there are way-showers; through the millennia there have been people who emerge as prototypes for where we are headed.

But we are here now; and many are struggling with this angst of not knowing. However, there is hope and Rosemary offers a thoughtful prescription to calm the angst as we move through as standard bearers ourselves in the evolutionary struggle to emerge from the cocoon of our old ways.

Her first remedy: decide what you can control and what you cannot. You may have noticed that this post is late today. My usual deadline for posting is 10:00 am Eastern time. But I needed to make a priority choice between getting the post out and our grandson’s school holiday concert. And backing up from that we had an event at our home last evening that went much later than expected. So I chose these events over sticking to a hard and fast blog-post schedule. I can control my time and my priorities and flow with those choices. And I can significantly reduce my stress level by remaining flexible.

Rosemary’s second remedy: make sure that your spiritual life is on the path that you wish to journey. The event we hosted last evening that ran late pushing my schedule and delaying this post was our monthly Spiritual Exploration Group. Normally we gather this group at a local restaurant, but for this one everyone brought food to share and we visited the subject of Crystals and how we interact with them. One of our members is an extraordinary keeper of crystals and he set up a spiral and grid in our meeting room for this event. I have included a picture here that poorly captures hiscrstal spiral creation and the “music” of the crystals. The evening of presentation, discussion and meditation was powerful and moving. The crystal spiral and grid had messages for each of us and seemed to offer support for our journeys.

The third remedy: Stay connected to other people. Both Rosemary and I have building community as part of our soul purpose. Our Spiritual Exploration Group is just one of the ways we are doing this and staying connected. We have brought this group together by invitation; we are very careful to invite those who are curious, exploring, growing and evolving with us. Our motto for the group is “we come together for discussion, not dogma.” We are open to all topics and any thoughts, experiences and observations are welcome. Last evening’s discussion, as an example, was free ranging from the approach to choosing crystals (or they choosing us) to deep meditation on what the crystals have recorded during their long history and what they have to tell us. Everyone had experiences to share.

The fourth remedy: Remember that you are a part of the evolution of all humanity. Holding this perspective is a good way to work through the “agony.” This work is not for the faint-of-heart!

Lastly, you are not alone. We are all in this together! No one can evolve by themselves. And no one needs to suffer the agony of angst alone. Set your priorities, look to the inner, spiritual journey, gather together to share the process and remember the great work we have been called to!

And thank you for doing your part in the work of evolution that all humanity needs at this time!


Stay Happy Through the Holidays – Richard’s Commentary

Today, the holiday festivities all begin with the day we set aside here in the US to give thanks. I’ve been giving thanks, writing notes of gratitude in my “morning pages” this week. I began my thank you notes, giving deep gratitude for my incredible partner, wife and love of my life, Rosemary. And if you have been following our blogs and reading our posts you know what a talented and resourceful woman she is. Her advice for conscious living and spiritual evolution are profound and creative. And her advice for the holidays is no different! She suggests:

The first step to staying happy through the holidays is to do a realistic and honest assessment of this time of year for yourself.

This may sound superficial but do you move into this time of year with a perspective of staying happy? We have all heard the stories of people who are alone, who dread the holidays because they don’t get along with family, who feel bad because they can’t afford to give elaborate or expensive gifts, who party and drink their way through the season. Perspective is an all-important first step to be happy in every moment.

Next Rosemary suggests:

Consider a new way of operating through the holidays this year.

Everyone around you is struggling with their own life lessons. Somehow the holidays come with Hallmark Cards and Norman Rockwell expectations that nobody really experiences. If you put self-care at the top of your agenda, IT IS NOT SELFISH!!!! Let me repeat that – Self-Care is not being self-ish!!!

Self-Care – in other words, give yourself the gift of looking out for you! Attend to your health, prepare wholesome meals for your celebrations, if you drink alcohol moderate your intake, stay warm and especially keep your neck and throat protected and warm, keep moving with yoga or qigong or another body practice, take time to meditate and if you don’t meditate this season is a great time to start, celebrate the special holidays in your tradition – make them Holy, honor everyone you meet as learning their lessons just as you are – they are you!

Compassion begins with yourself. Taking care of you is taking care of everyone. Recall Rosemary’s question in her inspirational video posted Tuesday: “can compassion for yourself equal compassion for them?” She goes on to suggest:

Look at your calendar for the rest of 2013 and decide what you will do for yourself. Rest. Relax. Pamper yourself. Watch movies that make you smile. Hang out with friends or go on a silent retreat.

As we approach the Winter Solstice, one of those special holidays we celebrate, it is a good time to go inside, to do the inner work of deep winter. The Ancients took this time to retreat, to look inward for the coming renewal. Deep inner work is another way to take care of yourself on the personal level and all others on the global level. This is true compassion!

Coming back to Thanksgiving I took Rosemary’s advice and turned inward to give thanks for me. I am grateful for my soul path, my spiritual journey back to myself, I am grateful for the health and strength to make this journey, I am grateful to myself for making the commitment, I honor myself for my discipline and I am grateful for all of the spiritual teachers and guides that hold me in their love and compassion.

Be grateful for yourself! I am grateful for you because I know you are supporting me on my journey.

Have wonderful, blessed and happy holidays!



clustersHappy Friday the 13th! Are you superstitious about that? Anything that you give power can make you superstitious. I love 13s! They represent the Goddess energy to me. Choose how you will react to those things that others imbue with scary power.

We are settling in to our new space with pictures up and boxes emptied, but I think the boxes are multiplying while we sleep!!! We’ve figured out some lighting issues and can now start planning our new events for next month.

Please let me know if you’re coming to Baltimore for Christine Kloser’s Transformational Author Conference. I will look forward to seeing you there!

And if you are in the Annapolis area please join me at the monthly meeting of ACT, A Community of Transformation. I’ll be speaking on Sunday, October 13 on Unlocking the Mystery of Intuition – it would be great to have you visit us!

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Have an amazing week!


What would you do if you were old enough not to care what other people think? What would you do if you gave up having to succeed and just wanted to enjoy the experience? What would you do if you had no old tapes playing in your head that tell you you can’t?

What if I give you permission, right now, today, to be old enough, to enjoy, to ignore/erase those old tapes? What would you do?

Well, you do have permission. Go out and do it now!

How often do you hear yourself qualify your dreams with ‘if only’ or ‘when X happens’? Now is the time to shift that thinking into ‘HOW can I do it?’

There is an urgency about the energies around us today. We each have a reason that we were born into this time on the Planet. Have you discovered your purpose? Are you clear about what you are to be doing now? If not, then that is your work today.

If you know your purpose and have a list of reasons why you can’t be about that work right now, then lose the list. If you are alive on the Planet Earth at this moment in time then you are ready to be living your purpose. Period.

So now, what would you do if you were living your Soul Purpose, the reason your Soul incarnated into this lifetime?

The students are looking for their teachers. The folks with dis-ease are seeking the healers who can help them. The masses are waiting for the speakers who will inspire them. The weak need strong leaders. The strong need wise teachers. The sleeping ones need help in their awakening. YOU have a purpose and other souls are waiting for you to show up as the person you agreed to be before you were born. They are looking for you.

Reach inside and find that purpose. Get help if you need it. Decide who you were born to be and then, no matter what has to shift in your physical reality, commit to being that person.

Simplify your life. This message is coming through IN CAPITAL LETTERS for all of us. Do you really need all the ‘stuff’ in your life? Do you need to be entertained all the time or can you take some time to reflect, to retreat, to relax? Are the people around you supporting you or are they critical or demanding? Simplify your environment, including the people with whom you surround yourself. Simplify your work. Do you need to change jobs? Are you working to pay bills? Are you working too much or not enough?

Simplify your life. Find your tribe and learn how others are accomplishing this. Many are adjusting their finances. Some are restructuring. A lot of folks are seeking spiritually like-minded groups with whom to bond.

Become aware of your choices. Do you need to buy that thing or is there a way to trade/recycle/reuse something? Are you keeping active to avoid doing inner work? Are you seeking something outside yourself that you just might find inside if you paused and looked there?

What would you do if you were living your purpose, simplifying your life, seeking joy instead of momentary happiness?

Do it now!

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Protect Yourself – Richard’s Commentary

This week’s message from The Divine Feminine was powerful, practical and personal. They are very methodical in their prescription for self-protection. Their message coupled with my recent experience with Sri Karunamayi during this past weekend celebration, known as Guru Purnima, offers a lot of material for my posts at the end of this week. And it is all coming from the Goddess!

The Divine Feminine listed specific areas of our lives in which we need to consider ways and tools to protect ourselves:

  • Protect yourself from fear
  • Protect yourself from apathy
  • Protect yourself from the energies of other people
  • Protect yourself from negative thoughts and limiting beliefs
  • Protect yourself from misguided choices

This is quite a list! Each item here deserves a separate blog post but for today and tomorrow I am going to focus on two and the related tools to protect against these negative forces that can so easily derail our good intentions.

The first area I’d like to examine in some detail is apathy. I think this force is attacking many people in this country and even the world. I don’t want to get into politics or the economy or institutional stagnation here, but let’s face it: for the most part our governments, our elected officials and our own constituency is bogged down in a state of paralysis that I believe is born out of apathy. We are stuck in a spiral of petty politics and an uncaring economic system that seems to be in steady decline. And who is out there to raise the banner of protest against this apathetic state we’ve sunk to? “Where is the Outrage?” read one blog-post recently! The so-called “middle class” is the “poster-child” now. But does anyone really care about the real middle-class?

How do we protect against apathy? The answer lies in Purpose! The Divine Feminine say we each have a Soul Purpose. We are incarnated at this particular time in history with a distinct purpose to fulfill. We are each a unique part of the Divine Plan of Love and Light. And we have a “collective purpose” as we move deeper into the 21st Century so full of potential for Divine Transformation. We all must find our purpose, and we all must commit to that purpose and live lives of purposeful action. This is the way out of apathy. Whether we, as individuals, as a community or a powerful Nation, are to move beyond ourselves and into a New World transformed by the energies of change swirling around us, is a choice; it is our choice.

How do we know what our purpose is? There are many ways. For one it is written in our hands. The blueprints for our life are with us from before birth, stored in our fingerprints; and our hand-prints show us a map, not only of where we are going but where we have been. Find someone to read your hands and reveal your purpose. Then move firmly into that purpose and away from apathy!

The second area I’d like to address is misguided choices. The Divine Feminine advise trusting our intuition and accepting the choices we make and the lessons that come with them. The choices guided by intuition take us on the path of greatest growth. But for men this is not always the easiest thing. The old cliché is to trust “women’s intuition.” But what about we men? The key here is to learn to meditate and to practice meditation as a life-long commitment. Meditation helps us get deeper in touch with our own inner selves. This is where intuition lives, inside! And I have found that the more I practice going inside to look for answers the more I can trust the answers that come.

The Divine Feminine offered very practical ways to protect ourselves from these five negative forces arrayed against our expansion of consciousness and our contribution to the evolution of human consciousness. The key is to do the inner work to develop the self and find the True Self in the process!


PS: If you are searching for someone to reveal your Soul Purpose and read your hands, Rosemary is both highly trained and exceptionally skilled through years of experience. For more information Click Here

PPS: I will be offering more detail on meditation and developing intuition in tomorrow’s post on my blog: MenandTheGoddess.com


This message is from The Divine Feminine as they continue instructing us on our role in the evolution of human consciousness.

“Dear Ones,

The most important energy that can be activated on Planet Earth to counteract negativity is the opening of the heart centers of individuals. Each person who opens their heart to shine the light of Love energy into the Planet will have more power than anything else they can do.

Fear shuts down heart energy because the human response to fear is to erect an armor that protects the heart from harm. Even the fear of physical harm starts with protecting the heart. Allowing yourself to feel fear for long periods of time or allowing fear to grow and deepen moves your energy away from the heart energy of Love.

Love conquers fear. Love of self protects one from the negative effects of fear. Love for self engenders Love for others and protects one from fear.

Finding one’s tribe of like-minded loving individuals also protects one from the effects of fear, for there truly is strength in numbers. Around the world you are seeing groups of individuals coming together to rise up against fear by saying, ‘No more!’

Their choice, however, is often to express the energy of violence rather than the energy of Love. This does not advance the evolution of human consciousness.

Many who are stuck in old consciousness see violence as the only choice in response to fear. They also choose violence as the agent of change when they wish to enlist the support of groups who are susceptible to the power of fear. Spreading the concepts of ‘hatred’ and ‘otherness’ powerfully instills fears in those who resonate at the lower vibrational frequencies.

What you will see in coming days are deepening clashes between the powers of Love and the powers of Greed.

Political parties have devolved from representing the people to representing greed. There is little room for caring and Love in the politics of nations around the world. Even those nations that are grounded in deep spirituality are succumbing to the energies of Greed-Fear-Violence.

The work of the enlightened ones and all spiritual students who wish to support the evolution of human consciousness is to spread the high vibration energy of Love into the energy grid of the Planet. This energy attracts assistance from other realms to amplify the energy on Earth.

The energy of Love must first be felt for self. This is not abstract; it is very specific and demands that each person is to love all elements of self at this present moment, including any challenges or circumstances in life. From this Love can spread a love of others exactly as they are in this present moment. Then the Love energy can be sent into Earth’s energy grid.

Love of self includes love of and expression of each individual’s Soul Purpose for this incarnation, for that is how the Universe’s Plan for humanity can work out.

One problem at this time is the vast number of people who are not focusing their energy on living their purpose. This is the first step toward saving humanity from possible destruction. Each individual is responsible for discerning their Soul Purpose and manifesting that in the world.

Many people are waiting for some external force to ‘fix things’ in their life. This stagnant, waiting energy creates a void to fill that invites in those who would dominate with ‘power over’ energy. The protection from this ‘power over’ one is to become empowered within oneself.

Personal empowerment starts with self-love and acceptance that couples with a focusing of energy on living one’s Soul Purpose. As more humans embrace this and become empowered, the Light in the world will increase and will spread to counteract greed and violence.

Until the day when those who are sleeping wake up, however, each individual must take responsibility for their own life. When you are living your purpose, others will be inspired by your life to discover and to live their purpose.

And so it is.”

PS: Soul Purpose – a key to living a life of conscious evolution and empowerment! Do you know your Soul Purpose?  That information is encoded in your hands, specifically your fingerprints. Through Scientific Hand Analysis your Purpose and many other “blueprints” for your life can be revealed! Learn More Here