MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Manifest in the NOW!

Dear Ones,

Where are your thoughts at this time? Are you focusing on what is wrong with your life or on what is right with it? Are you wishing for what is not or are you appreciating what is? This is a time when many are seeking support for a new direction in their life, or are planning to make changes in the coming months, or are looking ahead to what they hope will be better times.

But we would tell you that Life is only what is present in this moment now. Life is only this moment, nothing else. You can think about your past or your future but it is just that, a thought. Your Life is being lived in this present moment only. Your thoughts are not your Life but they do create or recreate it.

When you focus your thoughts on what is missing in your Life or on what you are wishing for but not having then you are holding the energy of lacking what you desire and bringing that energy into this present moment. When you are focused on something in the past or in the future then you are giving away the energy of this present moment to a thought that is energy not available to your Life in this moment.

Think of this as if you are at a dinner party with a buffet table laden with good food. You are hungry and looking forward to eating the food that is there before you. You might even be starting to salivate as you think about and look at what is coming onto your plate in a few minutes. Then there is a fire alarm bell and you are forced to go outside and stand in the weather for hours while all that food spoils on the buffet. You eventually go home hungrier than when you arrived and never having eaten that which you were expecting to eat.

Life is like that. It doesn’t mean that you cannot anticipate with joy what is coming your way but until you are actually eating at the buffet of Life you are merely salivating over a thought. While you stood in line thinking about the food there might have been a very interesting person standing behind you that you didn’t notice but with whom you might have had a great conversation. You might have missed an hors d’oeuvres table where you could have been snacking on amazing appetizers but you were focused on those foods that you would be eating later. There is much that can be missed in the present moment if all your energy is going toward something in the future.

In this present moment, what is around you that might have escaped your notice? What joy is present for you to tap into? If you are experiencing some pain in this moment, physical, emotional, or mental, what can you learn from this experience to take the meaning from it? If it is a physical pain, you might need to change your position or take an analgesic or lie down to rest. For an emotional pain you might need to do some journaling or talk with someone to process your emotions as you are feeling them. Mental pain usually means that there is an error in your thinking that needs to be examined and addressed by monitoring your thoughts and asking, ‘Is this true?’

This, Dear One, is living a Conscious Life, where you are fully present to the experience of the moment, neither giving away your power to your thoughts of the future nor dwelling on your experiences in the past so that you cannot live in the present. Practice being fully present to every moment of NOW in your Life.

Remember that the Law of Attraction calls you to be in gratitude for what is, not for what might be. You must pull your attention into the present moment, tap into gratitude for what is, focus your attention on your desires as if they are in this present moment and give gratitude for that, and allow your physical, emotional and mental energies to align in this present NOW.

This will bring you Joy and Peace! Then do it again in the next NOW!

And so it is.


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