MYSTIC MESSAGE: from The Divine Feminine: Chaos to Peace? You can do it!

Dear Ones,

Peace. At times it might seem elusive to you. Are you seeking Peace in your life at this time? Do you know the feeling of real Peace?

Peace is not about what is going on around you on the outside. Peace is a quality of life that happens on the inside. You must find Peace inside yourself before it can manifest in your outer life. Are you living in chaos? Then where is the Peace inside you? Do you feel as if you have lost control of your life? Can you visit the place of Peace inside?

Some people seek Peace while continuing to create drama in their lives. Seeking Peace in external circumstances does not lead to true Peace. And creating drama in your life does not lead you to that place of inner Peace that you seek. No one outside of you will create that feeling of Peace for you, although you can find a teacher who will help you to go inside to find the Peace that dwells there.

Are you surprised to find that Peace does dwell inside you, even when you are surrounded by drama and chaos? We want you to believe this – there is a space within you where Peace lives, where you can visit Peace and feel Peace. Consider that you were not always involved in the circumstances in which you now find yourself. Whether or not your life is going the way you wish and/or planned there is a connection to the Peace that is a constant in the Universe, a point of stillness within every being. You have the power to touch that stillness and know Peace when you learn how to go inside and find it.

The first step in accessing Peace is to believe that it exists. This Peace of which we speak is not the ‘absence of war’ kind of Peace that the world might think of. Rather, it is the place where all the energies are in alignment with the Universal Source and Plan and there are no disharmonies jarring these energies. There are no discordant thoughts or beliefs or feelings when one is in this place of Peace and stillness. Everything takes on a glow of pure Light when viewed from this place of Peace. It is timeless and dimensionless and does not require an entrance fee to reach. You carry this space within you so that it is always accessible. It is yours to visit whenever you wish.

To start the access you must first breathe a deep breath of life into your body. Inhale now and take that breath of life, the intake of Mother Earth’s air that makes you human, and feel that air connecting within you to your deepest energetic level. Blow out the air and with it any negativity and stress that has been residing in your body. Now take in another cleansing breath and repeat until you start to feel relaxed. Remember that breathing is your fastest avenue to a connection with your inner spirit.

After you have relaxed into your breath, you can start to visualize a Peace-full place that speaks to your heart of stillness and calm, a place that you would like to stay and enjoy because it offers you Peace without any other demands on you. If you find visualization difficult, then just imagine this space and how it would feel, what sounds it would include, how you would describe it to someone else, what fragrances you would be aware of if you were actually there.

In this gentle exercise you can create a place that you can visit any time you wish. When you are there you can imagine that you are sitting or strolling or lying down and being comfortably relaxed while surrounded by whatever brings you Peace. You decide on the parameters for your Peace-full place. You create the environment that brings you Peace. You are in control of this space.

Now, whenever you feel the need to connect to Peace you know how to reach there. You can visit for as long as you want whenever you choose. It can be a few moments connection or a long stay, whatever serves you in the moment.

Give yourself the gift of a connection to inner Peace and you will find that Peace reigns in your outer world as well.

And so it is.


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