MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Going in Circles?

Dear Ones,

Where are you heading? Do you know the direction in which you are moving? Are you going around in circles?

Many people spend their whole life moving in circles from one activity to another without any real direction to their life. Often, they are seeking something, especially some meaning, and they use busy-ness and activities to attempt to find what they are seeking. They are looking for a needle in the haystack of a busy life.

You cannot find what you seek by staying too busy to sit and listen to your inner guidance. What you seek is already within you. Are you looking for meaning? Purpose? A Sense of direction? It is all available inside you but you must know how to look for it.

When you keep asking others for their opinion, you indicate to the Universe that you are valuing their opinion above your own. When you keep going to classes, seminars, workshops or getting degree after degree after certification, you indicate that you don’t feel whole within yourself. But these patterns keep you from valuing your own opinion, from finding the wholeness that you seek.

You probably do not need to take one more class, get one more degree or certification, or attend one more seminar to find what you are looking for.

Pause. Breathe. Go inside for guidance and listen to the wisdom that you find there.

Are you feeling that there is nothing there or that you don’t know how to do this? Then ask for guidance from someone who can help you. But be sure that you are asking for help in the process of finding or confirming what you already know within yourself. Be wary of someone from the outside who tries to tell you what to do without checking that it resonates with you on the inside. Pay attention to your own intuition, to your gut feelings.

You are always connected to Source Energy that can guide you if you listen to the wisdom that is in your heart. Remind yourself of this connection and you will feel what you need to know. There is wisdom within you that might have been untapped for your whole life, but it is time now to access that wisdom. You might have had gut feelings before but not been able or willing to trust them. Now is the time to learn to trust.

The world is opening to new ways of operating and, if you are experiencing these words, then you are on the path to learn these new ways. Move ahead. Hold your head high when others question what you are doing. Others do not need to understand your choices. Others may criticize or complain or judge you, but they are not living your life – YOU are. Decide that you will move forward today, even if it feels like a baby step for you. Get out of the comparison game and avoid looking at how others are choosing to live their life, for this has no relevance to you. You came into this lifetime on Planet Earth so that you could have a series of experiences that would promote your Soul’s growth. Bless those experiences and move forward.

What lies ahead for you is glory, joy, peace and happiness. And more lessons because you are alive on Earth at this time. What lies behind you is the sum of experiences that have brought you to this moment in your life. All is as it should be. You CAN move forward. You CAN find your purpose, your meaning, your next step. Seek within and ask for guidance to do this.

And so it is.


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