ROSEMARY’S INSPIRATION: Connect! To Your Passion & Purpose

My “Two-Minute” Video for this Week: Connect! To Your Passion & Purpose


I am so glad that you are reading this! It tells me that you are seeking, that you are open to exploring, that you care about ideas and what is happening on the Planet. Congratulations!

Sometimes it is difficult to have a discussion with someone who has closed their mind to new ideas and wants only to reinforce what they already believe. But this person is usually operating out of some fear that controls their thinking and, thus, their life.

Are you that kind of person in some area of your life? Oh, you might wish to think of yourself as broad-minded and open to new ideas, ready to shift your thinking, but what about that relationship in which you are certain that you have formed the correct opinion about the other person? What if you don’t know the whole picture, and, if you did, you would be more sympathetic, more understanding?

Big ideas can be like that. We THINK we know all we need to know about something and then we form an opinion. For many, that opinion then gets set into concrete, never to be brought out for re-examination or re-consideration. These are the ‘don’t confuse me with the facts’ people. Just as you might think you know enough about another person to form a solid opinion, what if they are dealing with cancer, just lost their job or a loved one, are coming from court after losing custody of their children? Would that alter your opinion?

You have many ideas about how the world is that were formed when you were growing up and making decisions about what to believe. You had a little kid’s perspective. You knew what that little kid knew, probably not the whole picture, and you decided to believe something.

This belief might be something like, ‘Daddy yelled at me because my report card isn’t good enough. I’ll never be good enough.’ Or, ‘My sister is the smart one. I can’t get as good a grade as she can.’ There are so many beliefs that are insidious because they live with that little child within who dwells in your unconscious mind. That inner child is making decisions for you in your life, at the unconscious level, based on the belief formed many years ago.

Have you ever planned to do something and then not carried through? How many New Year’s Resolutions have you broken? It’s this belief in your unconscious mind that trips you up.

But, when you really decide to grow, to wake up, to evolve, you can change your beliefs!

If you want to Live Your Richest Life, then you start with shedding anything that is holding you back or blocking you from the path you desire. This starts with the beliefs you hold that might not be true anymore, and, perhaps, were never true.

What if you believed that the Earth was flat? Would you get into a ship and sail across the ocean into that unknown and scary edge of the world? And then what if NASA launched a satellite that took a picture of Earth from Space that showed the blue ball hanging in Space without a flat edge showing at all? Would you take in that new information and change your belief about the Earth and accept that it is round?

This is the basic question about ‘evolve or not.’ If you can be presented with new evidence, if you are open to new ideas, if you are willing to consider that you might have to change your mind based on new data, then would you be willing to have the conversations that might open you up?

Evolution isn’t about the monkeys. It’s really about the Evolution of Human Consciousness. In order to evolve, we must first Wake Up!

Dream a Big Dream! – Richard’s Commentary

Rosemary begins her message with a question:

Do you know your Heart’s Desire? Do you have a Big Wish?

Well, do you? The very first step in moving forward with your life is to visualize it, see it, dream it! As humans we are good at making pictures. We are an extremely visual species. Consider the simplest of things we do; if we want to go out to the store, in the snow, to get that last loaf of bread, we first make a picture of the store, the way to get there, the car, the road conditions, and a thousand other images that pop into our minds just to accomplish this simplest of tasks. We create a “map” of the task to “see” us through to successful completion. No matter how simple the action we visualize it before acting.

And what if the task is bigger; what if we are talking about a “heart desire”? Then the visualization needs to scale to the level of the desire.

I’m using a visual perspective here because we are strongly visual. But if we engage all of our senses, our emotions, our intuitive senses and even our spirit in creating a dream-environment how much more powerful the “map” becomes to get us there. If we begin to hear the desire, smell how it might be, taste the flavors anticipated, feel the quality of the air and imagine being in the midst of that desired condition we can actualize the dream that much more powerfully.

Let me give you a personal example: my Big Wish for 2014 is to travel to India to participate in the Kalachakra Tantra Rite of Initiation being offered by His Holiness the Dalai Lama this year. He is offering it in Ladakh, in the north of India in the Himalayans. This dream touches on many of my wishes – travel back to India, travel to the Himalayan Mountains, visiting Buddhist Monasteries, participating in Buddhist rituals – the list is quite long. And as I begin to picture this dream it becomes very large, almost to the point of overwhelm. But I am taking my own advice:

The first thing I have done is to read more deeply about the Kalachakra Tantra Rite of Initiation. I have read Jeffrey Hopkins’ translation of His Holiness’ work by that title. And now I am practicing the Six Session Yoga as a prerequisite of the Initiation. I am visualizing the practice, visualizing Kalchakra and Vajradhara and beginning to get a deep, heart and soul understanding of this Tantra.

I am also reading about Ladakh. And I am remembering the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, feelings and wonders of being in India. I have only visited three cities before, Mumbai, Bangalore and New Delhi. I have not been to the north or anywhere near the mountains. But I have been above 14,000 feet in Colorado and I have been above 19,000 feet in Africa; I can combine my various experiences to begin to form a picture of what it might be like in the highest mountains in the world.

I have also visited Buddhist monasteries, practiced Buddhism there, enjoyed the beautiful art, heard the bells, chanted the mantras, smelled the incense, tasted the simple fare, felt the cold hard floor of early morning meditations in the middle of winter and shivered not with the cold but with the moving spirit of the sangha.

I am putting lots of pictures, experiences of all the senses, and deep feelings of my past into as complete a picture as I can of my Big Wish, what it might be like. I am energizing this wish. I am empowering it and sending it into the cosmos as something already done. And I let go of the particulars of how; I leave that to the Universe. I am doing my part!

Rosemary asks another question in her message:

So what do you want? What is your Heart’s Desire?

Answer that question, and the rest is up to you to paint the picture of your Heart’s Desire. Go for it!


The Power of Connection – Richard’s Commentary

“Connection” is Rosemary’s word for 2014. It is not surprising that early in the year she would choose this to write about. This word, in all of its meanings, can be taken in many directions. Rosemary goes through a long list, connection to Higher Self, connection to guides and angels, connection to others (both positive and negative connections to the people in our lives), connection to our purpose. All of these are important connections to be aware of, to remember; as Rosemary writes:

Connection is an energetic that, at its highest level, we all seek. We want to feel connected to others, to our guidance, to Source. In seeking we sometimes forget that it is not to be found outside ourselves, but to be remembered as an inner truth.

For me her point here is if we are disconnected from ourselves, from that “inner truth”, then can we be connected to anything or anyone on the outside? And how easy it is to disconnect, to fall into isolation, to withdraw. I wonder sometimes if this isn’t at the root of the issues we face as a society, as a country, as a culture looking for something on the outside, some connection we are longing for but have no means to identify or find.

I don’t really want to get into politics here but somehow this word “connection” brings up social concerns. Humans are a connected species. We wouldn’t have survived and evolved over the millennia if we had been an isolated, individualistic being; in the wild we are not strong enough, don’t have all the necessary skills within ourselves to go-it-alone.

How many of the political battles we see raging in this country, whether it is over healthcare or foreign aid, political favoritism or retribution are about social issues, connections. It almost seems that people divide along the lines of: “we are all in this together” or “I’ve got mine; you need to be strong enough, work hard enough to get yours” – a survival of the fittest mentality!

Interestingly, since Darwin comes to mind here, much of the current research on the evolutionary process reveals that it is cooperation that is a primary mechanism for evolution, not competition! And we have to connect to cooperate, connect to survive and evolve!

Connection, beyond the necessary interdependence for survival, does begin within. When we are connected to ourselves, to Source, to Angels and Spirit Guides, we gain a certain level of confidence that can lead us outward to find healthy connections with others. When we are connected to our purpose our connections become productive and benefit society, the greater whole beyond ourselves. These vital inner connections are the ground for our being human, for lifting our spirits to join with others, in connection, in community to move and evolve consciously.

Are you connected?



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I am home this week in Maryland putting together my autumn programs and continuing the settling in process after our momentous move. My outer activities remain few as the inner activities remain in full gear.

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***Qigong with Richard*** 
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Richard is half-way through his current class Monday evenings through September. He is teaching Five-Element Form Qigong. I’m there to video the class and do the form too. Monday evenings, 7:00 to 8:00 pm. Join me for this wonderful approach to body movement and meditation: the ancient Chinese martial art-form of Qigong. It is a gentle yet very effective body practice that is easy to learn and do, anywhere. Join the class anytime; give it a try for free!

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Our first ACT meeting for the new program year was yesterday. And we had a great time exploring what community means for us. We are in high gear planning an expansion of this organization. If you are in or near the Annapolis area, consider Joining us to experience this very special group of sojourners.

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We are digging out and settling in! And we took some time out yesterday for an ACT (A Community of Transformation) retreat to continue a major expansion project. It was great to be with such highly evolved and spiritually advanced people!

And for the next weeks:

***Qigong with Richard*** 
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Richard started a new class Monday evening, August 5. He will be teaching Five-Element Form Qigong the next eight weeks. I’ll be there to video the class and do the form too. Monday evenings, 7:00 to 8:00 pm through September. Join me for this wonderful approach to body movement and meditation: the ancient Chinese martial art-form of Qigong. It is a gentle yet very effective body practice that is easy to learn and do, anywhere. Join the class anytime; give it a try for free!

We’ll be at Heck Hall, part of the St Martin’s-in-the-Field Episcopal Church campus, 375 Benfield Road, Severna Park, MD 21146.

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***Moving In*** 
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OK, all of our stuff is consolidated under one roof! Even my baby grand piano squeezed nicely through the front door of our new home. Now we are settling in, moving in, and trying to find a place for all that stuff we moved here! Meanwhile I already have plans for classes and gatherings in our new space, the Center for A New Alliance! All I have to do is clear it!

***Montgomery County, MD eWomenNetwork “Accelerated Networking” Luncheon*** 
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