MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Can You Dream?

Dear Ones,

Fluttering hearts, anxious words, furrowed brows. We would rather see you at peace.

How do you find peace in the 21st Century world? There is always talk of war. There are financial concerns at all levels. There is much to worry about. And yet we would have you seek peace. Can you? Do you know how?

Peace is not something that relies on the circumstances around you being calm or exactly as you desire them to be. Peace comes from a deep place inside you that understands that the Universe is unfolding as it should. Truly believing that this is true will bring you peace.

And yet you look around you and the chaos and uncertainty make it difficult to bring your belief system into alignment with the ‘reality’ that you wish. We will give you the steps to accomplish this.

First, you must examine your life to understand that every step you have taken along the way has brought you to the place where you are today. This does not mean that you are to blame for all the circumstances in the world but it does mean that you have learned enough to manage what you must manage today. Nothing in your world is beyond your ability to handle. Nothing. You have what it takes to proceed.

Now, do you believe that? If you throw up your hands and say, “Woe is me!” then you will not draw on the resources within you to take care of your circumstances. You DO have what you need inside of you.

Next, we would ask you to remember that you are not alone. You are connected to a network of amazing people. Every single one of you reading these words has other people around you who are wanting to help you. You have supporters. You have people who wish for you to succeed in what you are attempting to do.

Do you believe that? You might look in your immediate circle and believe that others do not believe you can succeed, or they want you to do it their way, or they think that you can’t do anything right. However, you CAN succeed, and you CAN do it right, because you have infinite wisdom available to you when you connect to that wisdom within you.

Look beyond the naysayers. Find the like-minded people who want your success and who are willing to let you seek that success in your own way. They are in your life, even if they are hard for you to find sometimes. They are there, we promise you. Find one of them and ask for moral support.

Know that this is not about having someone just hand you what you want. We are saying that there are people who will support you as you create what you desire. There is a difference. And you know how to do what you must do. The answers are all inside you, when you drop the worry and concern and reach inside for the wisdom that is accessible there.

The last step is to take action in the direction of your dreams. When you move forward with a consciousness directed toward what you want the stumbling blocks move out of the way. Live consciously along the path of your heart’s desires. Take a step, no matter how small, in the direction of your dreams and the Universe will leap to your assistance.

THIS is reality. Your Soul Purpose is manifesting in your dreams. Follow your dreams. Allow the support you need to appear around and inside of you. Go forth and trust. All is ready for you to manifest your Big Dream NOW!!!

And so it is.

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MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Are You Open to New Thought?

Dear Ones,

How do you treat the children in your life?  What is your attitude toward them?  The children with whom you associate are your lifeline to the future of your family, your society and your culture.  Are you planting seeds of greatness in those children or are you trying to make them smaller versions of you, in all your limitations, beliefs and past-focused thinking?

Children are brought into the world to be the way-showers of the succeeding generations.  They are not intended to become younger versions of their parents but many parents attempt to do just that.  How much freedom did your parents give you to grow and to become what you would?  Have you ever longed  for the opportunity to stretch beyond the vision that your parents might have had for you, or for themselves, to see what lies beyond what you could see?

This, then, is the gift that you can give the children in your Life.  Not just the ones that you have born in your body or sired yourself, but also those who are stepchildren, nieces and nephews, neighbors and godchildren, friends, family, children of the world.  Give the gift of a dream to the children who are on Planet Earth today.

If they are your children, what model are you giving them?  Are you continuing to expand your own horizons, continuing to learn and explore new ideas, trying new experiences, meeting new people?  Isn’t this what you would wish for your children to do in their own lives?  You must model this for them.

Do you find yourself always correcting your children, or holding them up to some standard, perhaps the one to which your parents held  you up, and judging them to be somehow deficient because they don’t meet those standards?  Do you feel that you always know what is best for them without allowing them to speak and to discuss their feelings with you?

We ask all of these questions of you because the way that you treat the children in your life demonstrates how you treat the new ideas, creative solutions and novel products or processes that you encounter in your life.  If you treat your children as the teachers that they really are, coming into the world with fresh new ideas about things you considered fixed in concrete, then you can grow through your experience of the world through the eyes of the children.  If, on the other hand, you believe that you have all the answers and they have only questions, then you rob yourself of the delight to be had in seeing through children’s eyes the wonders that are around you.  You cheat yourself of the possibilities for growth t hat are inherent in having young eyes size up a situation with a fresh perspective.  You deny the world the ‘new’ and condemn it to repeat the errors of the past, limiting the thinking of those who might, instead, expand thought into new realms of consciousness.

New ideas are brought to human consciousness with every minute of human existence.  Those who refuse to consider that a new idea has merit doom humanity to live in an unconsciousness that is filled with darkness, with little hope of the Light.  But those who are willing to be led by the children with new ideas, new thoughts, new beliefs are assisting all of humanity in the evolution of consciousness and will find themselves living an expanded life.

Listen to the children.  Suspend your limited thinking and expand what you believe so that you can see a new reality.  This is the excitement of the times.  This is the gift of the children to the adults of th e world.  Step into the wonder with them and let them hold your hand to lead you to more Light.

And so it is.


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MUSE-INGS: Clear the Path to Your Richest Life!

Clear the Fear. That might seem like a tall order for us in these turbulent times. But it really is key to living a Conscious Life.

The exercise we’ve been given, to create those lists and examine what is in our Life at the moment, and what is not, can have a profound impact on how we proceed with our Life.

Think about what you have been doing today. What is on your to-do list? Do you have activities that reflect your values and their priorities or are you afraid something will happen if you don’t get your whole to-do list done today? Is today one of the days where you would claim that you are living your richest life because of the choices that you have made? Who are you on your to-be list today? Did you even consider the question, ‘Who am I to BE today?’ when you planned out your time?

Is today your ideal day? Yes? Then congratulations! No? Then ask yourself why you aren’t living your richest life today. Did you answer with the list of ‘musts’ and ‘shoulds’ and ‘have tos’ that most of us consider when planning how to spend our time? And the next question is, ‘Whose agenda am I fulfilling here?’ Oftentimes the answer to that question leads to the source of our fears around how we spend our time. Married couples are often choosing to jump to the tune their partner is playing without pausing to consider if that is what they feel is important to them in the moment. An employee might allow interruption after interruption to occur in their day at work because they are afraid of losing their job. An adult might still be hearing the voice of a parent from long ago directing their activities and their priorities and fear the loss of approval. There are plenty of answers to whose voice might be in one’s head at any given time.

So if today has not yet played out to be your ideal day, then PAUSE, take a breath, and check with your inner guidance about what you really want to be doing with the precious 24 hours we call ‘Today.’ What really feels as if it’s the top priority for you today? If the answer is, ‘self-care,’ then are you willing to take some time for yourself today? If it’s, ‘spend time with the family’ are you willing to move something to tomorrow’s to-do list so that you can relax and connect with your family members? If it’s ‘take time to dream’ are you willing to do that?

This exercise takes some practice to master. We hear the voices or feel the compulsion and we think it is just what we are supposed to do. But really examining the source, being honest with ourselves about our fears [loss of love, loss of approval, loss of job, for example] will help us to become more conscious of what it is that we CAN control in our lives.

If you are living a reactive life, then you have given away some of your power to others or to the circumstances. It can be your limiting beliefs about yourself that keep you jumping to the tune of someone else’s song. I often find that clients I am working with think we need to develop their business plan or work on the design of their workshop, when the first work we have to do is clear the blocks, remove whatever is holding them back from their excellence, so that they can be free to examine new possibilities. The business plan or workshop flows easily when the way is clear of fear.

Clear the limiting beliefs that cause the fears. Remove the distortions that cloud your view of the possibilities for your life. This is the Life YOU are leading. Make sure you are very clear about making this your Richest Life!


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MUSE-INGS: Find Your Magic

Magic and Empowerment.  Interesting words to put together.

I love the word ‘magic’ because it conjures up [pun intended] all kinds of possibilities that are beyond the so-called normal realm.  As a little girl I lived in fairy tales with all sorts of magical things happening.  Of course, I also saw things that I now realize not everyone else was seeing.  Are all of our children seeing magic everywhere in their lives but having the magic shut down or blocked out of their vision?

Maybe life in the 21st Century has become so focused on reality that we forget to notice the magic in the reality around us.  We just watched the movie ‘Inception’ and the complexity of that dream world was fascinating.  Dream levels within levels within levels.  What’s real?  What is the dream?  Can the dream become real?  What great questions to ask ourselves!

If we, as a society, join in a collective dream, do we not manifest that as reality?  If we, collectively, agree that something is so, do we not project that belief into the world around us until reality is shaped by that belief?  Believing is Seeing.  In order to see something, we must first believe it to be visible.  Many scientific studies have shown that those who have been trained to see or not see something will manifest their belief in the world around them, even if ‘reality’ does not actually reflect that belief.  An ophthalmologist once told me that if an adult is given a pair of glasses that reverse what is seen to create an upside down image, that person’s brain will learn to reverse the image to make it upright within 3 days of wearing the glasses.  In a photography class, I learned that paper that appears white to our eyes is actually reflecting the light around it, such as green in fluorescent lighting or yellow in incandescent, but our brains translate the brightest paper into the white color we expect to see.  The camera doesn’t have this translator and takes a picture of green or yellow paper!

So how important is it that we check our belief systems periodically so that we can assess our reality?  Are we believing what we want to see?  Are we SEEING what we want to see or, if not, have we checked what we are believing about our reality?

As you go through your days this week, ask yourself what your reality is telling you about your belief system.  Look at yourself as the magician creating the illusions around you.  Then look at what you have created and ask if you feel empowered by that.  Let yourself move into your own power by practicing magic in little areas of your life, especially if you need to take baby steps.  Give yourself permission to play in your days.  Let yourself move into a feeling of personal empowerment by assessing your beliefs.  When I work with private clients, this is the first place we need to work, because sometimes our beliefs have been planted by others or were adopted by our younger selves and no longer have a place in our reality.  Sometimes we have let someone take away our magic.

My blessing to you this week is that you find your magic!  I trust that it is there for you to find!


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