MYSTIC MESSAGE: from The Divine Feminine: Love the Different

Dear Ones,

We are concerned about the prevalence of hatred in the cultures on Planet Earth at this time. Too many adults are spouting hatred and hateful words and the children are learning that this is the way of the world. Nothing could be further from the Truth but if all the children see is hatred and prejudice then they will know nothing better as they grow into adulthood.

This situation must change if there is to be a better tomorrow for the young people.

Hatred of one culture for another has brought about many wars in human history and has damaged the forward progress of human evolution. It is as if humanity comes to a standstill when groups are spreading hatred around the planet. There can be no growth and prosperity when hatred is the overarching energy.

Now there will be those who say they enjoy great prosperity when there is war because they profit monetarily from the conflict, caring not who wins, loses or dies because they realize their profit regardless of the victor. But this is not true prosperity for the energy is not of abundance but merely of the accumulation of money with the blood of war tainting it.

But those who would be truly prosperous do not wish to do so at the expense of the lives of others. There is abundance in the Universe but it is not accessed through the doorway of hatred.

Think about teaching children to hate others. What does this benefit the child or the adult that they will later become? Hatred is a detrimental energy, to the one who hates far more than to the victim of that hatred. The energy of hatred causes physical harm to those who hold onto it. Internal organs are bathed in a kind of static electricity that damages the very cells of those organs. Haters do not live comfortable, healthy lives into old age because they have damaged their own electric energy fields. This also affects those who live around these people.

Is this what you want for your children? Do you really want them to learn by your example when you express your hatred for someone or something? What does that really mean to you?

In the 21st Century there are many human beings who are driven by a hatred for another group of human beings for various reasons – religion, race, sexual orientation, political beliefs, cultural differences, nationality, material possessions, beauty, accomplishments and a host of other reasons. And yet these other people are also human and deserve to be treated with respect if for no other reason than that they, too, belong to the human race.

There are also purveyors of hatred who enjoy charging up their audience to aim their hate energy at the ‘other.’ These purveyors are taking on an immense amount of the karma of their actions as they incite others to acts of violence, against themselves and other people. If there could be a vision of the magnifying effects of projecting hatred then perhaps some of these people would stop and examine their behavior. But too many choose to continue to behave with venom and a vituperative nature.

Your work is to examine yourself and your life and watch for the word ‘hate’ to show up in your speech. Do you commonly say, “I hate this!” or “I hate when _____”? Please remove this word from your vocabulary as it has an energetic effect on you even if you are not as mired in hatred as some other vitriolic persons might be.

Examine what you are modeling for the children and young adults around you. Is there a group of people with whom you disagree? Do you treat the disagreement as separate from the human being so that you can respect a person’s right to have a difference of opinion yet still see that they do not deserve your hatred?

Are you modeling tolerance for those who are different from you?

Choose to model love, the kind of unconditional love that all great spiritual teachers have asked of you for millennia. Love and accept those who are different. Agree to disagree on an intellectual level without hating the person who dares to argue with you. Teach your children to love others and to settle differences without hatred or war.

Mother Earth wants all of her children to live together peacefully. Hatred destroys her balance.

And so it is.

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