MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Are You Beautiful?

Dear Ones,

Beauty. How do you think of or appreciate beauty?

In 21st Century Western culture beauty is defined by pictures that are presented as the model of beauty. Men, women, children are portrayed as the ideal. To too many in the audience, however, this model means that they judge themselves to somehow fall short of measuring up to the ideal. Many see themselves and others as ‘not beautiful’ because they do not meet that ideal that has been created and sold to them.

Beauty has nothing to do with that ideal model that is presented. True Beauty comes from an open and caring heart. The person who cares about other people is beautiful. The one who would make a sacrifice for another is beautiful. The person who loves is beautiful. This has nothing to do with the outer appearance.

It does, however, influence the outer appearance. Have you ever seen a person speak of hatred, of those that they hate? Their face reflects this energy as the musculature and skin are transformed by the energy being expressed. Derision, condescension, hatred, judgment, parsimony, anger – these are all energies that create an energy field around a person’s visage and they present this energy, not the formation of eyes, ears, nose, mouth that form their face.

And one who is speaking of love, of acceptance, of peace, of appreciation – that one has a beatific expression that is created by the energy field associated with these choices. Again, it has nothing to do with the particulars of their facial features. The presentation is created by the energy of the feelings.

So there is an outward expression of the inner energy that creates beauty or ugliness. Do you want to be beautiful?

Then accept others just as they are. Find what you can love in a person rather than differences that you hate. Focus on finding ways to collaborate rather than to compete. Appreciate others and the circumstances in which you find yourself for the lessons they bring to your path of personal growth. Seek peace, in yourself, your relationships and your environment.

Create your outward expression of beauty because the energy of your inner self is reflecting love of yourself, of others and of your life. You will BE beauty and others will appreciate sharing in this energy.

See beauty in others because you see their inner heart, the innocent little one who lives there, not the persona they are presenting because they have not yet learned to feel true beauty within their being. As you carry with you an energy field of beauty you can influence the energy field around you. You can model true inner beauty of spirit and offer that as an option to those around you who do not know how to achieve this on their own yet.

Be Beauty in the world and you will learn to see only beauty around you. Smile, in your heart first and your face will reflect this. Do not return ugliness for ugliness for this does not bring you the beauty you desire in yourself and in your life.

Live as the beauty that you know yourself to be. Start with you and then share that beauty with the world. Perhaps you can change the world’s perception of what true beauty is!

And so it is.

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