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MUSE-INGS: Every NOW is a Powerful Place for You to Be!!!

Your true power comes from within you but too often we look outside for approval in order to feel our power. And we also find ourselves giving away our power to others – other people, other circumstances, other times.

Say this with me now – “I claim ALL of my power NOW!”

Some of you might be laughing or doubting or, sadly, crying. But I want you to feel your own power right now in this present moment.

You might think that you aren’t feeling very powerful, but that could be because your definition of ‘power’ is linked to the old model of ‘power over another.’ That is no longer what ‘power’ means! Your inner power has nothing to do with other people or circumstances or times. Your inner power derives from YOU being YOU! And the best way to access that inner power is to bring all your awareness, your consciousness, into the present moment so that you have all your energy available to you in the NOW.

Sometimes I wonder why this is not as easy as it sounds. But I realize that our minds are such fantastic computers, always calculating what might happen and what we’ve learned from what has happened, that it takes a special effort to bring our conscious thoughts into the present moment.

The gift of a great mind is the ability to transcend time. And the gift of a great consciousness is to be able to access fully this present moment in time.

Imagine that you can bring all your awareness into this moment NOW and to fully focus in the NOW in which you are existing. This is powerful stuff!

In classes, I sometimes ask for a volunteer to stand with me and concentrate fully on some problem they are having outside the class and really use their mind to focus on that problem. I can touch them with my finger and push them off balance! [I never let them fall, of course!] Then I ask them to bring their attention fully to their power center, the Third Chakra, the Dan Tien, that energy center that is the seat of your personal energy in your body. Holding attention here, focusing fully on the body’s power center, located a few inches below the navel, gives such stability and power that no matter how hard I push I cannot get the volunteer to move. It’s a dramatic demonstration of bring your consciousness into the present moment so that you can access all of your power!

Try this exercise yourself and see how it feels to bring your attention to your power center and to focus your attention in the NOW. Breathe. Then move into your next activity. Come from your own inner power. Move through your day taking time to focus in the NOW.

And if you need practice, try meditation. Sometimes people have a lot of trouble with meditation and I hear complaints that they can’t still their minds enough. I believe that meditation can be practiced without having to fight your mind’s tendency to think. Allow yourself to practice being fully present to this moment NOW and don’t worry about the thoughts that come. Also, don’t attach to those thoughts and feel you must ‘think them through.’ Allow them to drift by like the clouds in the sky and bring your attention back to the NOW.

NOW is all we have. Enjoy this NOW and let go of the past and the future. Happy NOW!

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MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Your Power is in this NOW!

Dear Ones,

Open your heart to your old self. Forgive all that has gone before this moment in your life. Allow your life to be the unfolding moment in which you find yourself now, right now, in whatever may be your circumstance, your location, your relationships. NOW is the most precious gift you can give yourself.

If your heart is heavy because of things in the past you are taking energy away from the NOW. If you are worried about things that might happen in the future you are taking away energy from the NOW. If you are angry or hurt or upset about something that someone else has done in the past or that you did or did not do, then you are giving away your power in the NOW to a time that cannot truly hold a claim on this moment. If you are anticipating something that has not materialized yet you are giving away your power from this moment NOW.

Stop and breathe in the present moment. Allow all of your consciousness to flow into this moment NOW. Open your heart to the YOU in the NOW. No matter where you are sitting or standing or walking, no matter who the people are who surround you or whether you are alone, no matter what the other events and circumstances of your day might be – PAUSE, BREATHE, and LOVE YOURSELF JUST AS YOU ARE IN THIS PRESENT MOMENT.

All of your power exists within you NOW. All decisions that must be made are existing within you with all of the wisdom that you can access NOW. All of your relationships depend on the consciousness that you hold about yourself NOW.

Your Soul knows your Purpose and your Heart knows your Path. Together you have all that you need to have to exist fully in and through this moment NOW.

Think about that statement. You have all that you need to exist fully in and through this moment NOW. BREATHE. All wisdom is within you. All that you need for NOW is here in this moment with you. Hold that thought and love yourself.

Too often it is easier to focus attention on something in the past or something that might or might not appear in the future, when the true gift you give yourself is to be fully present in the moment NOW. Take the breath that connects you to the NOW in which you find yourself. Breathing the air of Mother Earth connects and grounds you in the moment that made you a human being – your first breath of Mother Earth’s atmosphere, when you were no longer a part of your biological mother but became a human being on the surface of your Mother Earth.

Being fully human means that you stay connected to Mother Earth through breathing her atmosphere, her vital air, into your body and connecting yourself to your life on the Earth plane. Bring your consciousness into this moment to take full advantage of all that exists in the NOW for you. Expand your awareness around you to absorb all that surrounds you. Revel in the gift of the NOW.

Love yourself in the NOW. Forget and forgive yourself in the past. Allow the future to unfold as it will, as a carpet of new NOWs ready to welcome you into their gifts.

Your power is yours right NOW!

And so it is.

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MUSE-INGS: Bring Your Dreams into Your Now

So much of what we are surrounded by these days seems to draw our attention to what we lack and what we ‘need’ to fill that space of lack. Just watch commercial television for a few minutes and you will be convinced that you ‘need’ that beer to attract the sexy girls, that drug to feel happier, those clothes to feel good about yourself, that cell phone to be ‘cool’ and the list goes on and on.

And then there is the fear-mongering that leads us to be fearful of everything including being ‘not enough.’ We are also told to fear foreclosure, terrorism, the loss of a job, the loss of a relationship, the loss of beauty, etc. How are we supposed to overcome this constant bombardment that tells us to focus on lack?

First, avoid those commercials! We rarely watch commercial TV but saw a lot of commercials during the American football playoff games. In another week we’ll be watching the Super Bowl with its extremely high-priced commercials telling us what we lack. [ I actually love the commercials that are done especially for the Super Bowl as they often tell stories and are very creative, but they do want us to feel that we’re not good enough unless we buy their product.] News broadcasts also seem to want us to focus on the stories with the most sensational happenings which lead us into a focus on what we don’t want. Maybe we should also stay away from the news. [I do.]

So what do you focus on instead? Focus on how you feel, what you do have in your life, and keep yourself in the space of gratitude and action based on living in the present moment. And BE who you were born to be so that you can fulfill your Life Purpose in this lifetime. When you know your WHY and you commit to being who you are, you have a lens through which to view your life that brings into focus the values that lift you up and that help you to choose what you will do in every moment.

Think about your purpose. Do you know your ‘why’? If you’re not sure, then make an effort to identify why you are living this life. Conscious Living is a choice based on a commitment to be awake and aware in every moment and to move toward greater consciousness and personal growth. Knowing your Life Purpose is an important part of Conscious Living.

What are your dreams? Your visions? The Mystic Message is not about giving up your dreams, but about holding them as visions that are with you in the present moment. This is why affirmations are written in present tense rather than in the future. Hold onto your visions as manifested in this blossoming present moment. Your dreams are your dreams NOW and if you focus on the dream as present in a ‘becoming reality’ sense then you are attaching the energy of presence to the dream rather than the energy of lack of the unmaterialized dream living in a nebulous future. Hold that dream in your own space so that it is not ‘the stick’s length’ away from you, which is where it will stay just like the carrot.

Be who you are. Commit to living your Life Purpose. Hold your dreams in the present moment. All of your energy can be focused on now and so can your joy.

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MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Manifest in the NOW!

Dear Ones,

Where are your thoughts at this time? Are you focusing on what is wrong with your life or on what is right with it? Are you wishing for what is not or are you appreciating what is? This is a time when many are seeking support for a new direction in their life, or are planning to make changes in the coming months, or are looking ahead to what they hope will be better times.

But we would tell you that Life is only what is present in this moment now. Life is only this moment, nothing else. You can think about your past or your future but it is just that, a thought. Your Life is being lived in this present moment only. Your thoughts are not your Life but they do create or recreate it.

When you focus your thoughts on what is missing in your Life or on what you are wishing for but not having then you are holding the energy of lacking what you desire and bringing that energy into this present moment. When you are focused on something in the past or in the future then you are giving away the energy of this present moment to a thought that is energy not available to your Life in this moment.

Think of this as if you are at a dinner party with a buffet table laden with good food. You are hungry and looking forward to eating the food that is there before you. You might even be starting to salivate as you think about and look at what is coming onto your plate in a few minutes. Then there is a fire alarm bell and you are forced to go outside and stand in the weather for hours while all that food spoils on the buffet. You eventually go home hungrier than when you arrived and never having eaten that which you were expecting to eat.

Life is like that. It doesn’t mean that you cannot anticipate with joy what is coming your way but until you are actually eating at the buffet of Life you are merely salivating over a thought. While you stood in line thinking about the food there might have been a very interesting person standing behind you that you didn’t notice but with whom you might have had a great conversation. You might have missed an hors d’oeuvres table where you could have been snacking on amazing appetizers but you were focused on those foods that you would be eating later. There is much that can be missed in the present moment if all your energy is going toward something in the future.

In this present moment, what is around you that might have escaped your notice? What joy is present for you to tap into? If you are experiencing some pain in this moment, physical, emotional, or mental, what can you learn from this experience to take the meaning from it? If it is a physical pain, you might need to change your position or take an analgesic or lie down to rest. For an emotional pain you might need to do some journaling or talk with someone to process your emotions as you are feeling them. Mental pain usually means that there is an error in your thinking that needs to be examined and addressed by monitoring your thoughts and asking, ‘Is this true?’

This, Dear One, is living a Conscious Life, where you are fully present to the experience of the moment, neither giving away your power to your thoughts of the future nor dwelling on your experiences in the past so that you cannot live in the present. Practice being fully present to every moment of NOW in your Life.

Remember that the Law of Attraction calls you to be in gratitude for what is, not for what might be. You must pull your attention into the present moment, tap into gratitude for what is, focus your attention on your desires as if they are in this present moment and give gratitude for that, and allow your physical, emotional and mental energies to align in this present NOW.

This will bring you Joy and Peace! Then do it again in the next NOW!

And so it is.


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