Dream a Big Dream! – Richard’s Commentary

Rosemary begins her message with a question:

Do you know your Heart’s Desire? Do you have a Big Wish?

Well, do you? The very first step in moving forward with your life is to visualize it, see it, dream it! As humans we are good at making pictures. We are an extremely visual species. Consider the simplest of things we do; if we want to go out to the store, in the snow, to get that last loaf of bread, we first make a picture of the store, the way to get there, the car, the road conditions, and a thousand other images that pop into our minds just to accomplish this simplest of tasks. We create a “map” of the task to “see” us through to successful completion. No matter how simple the action we visualize it before acting.

And what if the task is bigger; what if we are talking about a “heart desire”? Then the visualization needs to scale to the level of the desire.

I’m using a visual perspective here because we are strongly visual. But if we engage all of our senses, our emotions, our intuitive senses and even our spirit in creating a dream-environment how much more powerful the “map” becomes to get us there. If we begin to hear the desire, smell how it might be, taste the flavors anticipated, feel the quality of the air and imagine being in the midst of that desired condition we can actualize the dream that much more powerfully.

Let me give you a personal example: my Big Wish for 2014 is to travel to India to participate in the Kalachakra Tantra Rite of Initiation being offered by His Holiness the Dalai Lama this year. He is offering it in Ladakh, in the north of India in the Himalayans. This dream touches on many of my wishes – travel back to India, travel to the Himalayan Mountains, visiting Buddhist Monasteries, participating in Buddhist rituals – the list is quite long. And as I begin to picture this dream it becomes very large, almost to the point of overwhelm. But I am taking my own advice:

The first thing I have done is to read more deeply about the Kalachakra Tantra Rite of Initiation. I have read Jeffrey Hopkins’ translation of His Holiness’ work by that title. And now I am practicing the Six Session Yoga as a prerequisite of the Initiation. I am visualizing the practice, visualizing Kalchakra and Vajradhara and beginning to get a deep, heart and soul understanding of this Tantra.

I am also reading about Ladakh. And I am remembering the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, feelings and wonders of being in India. I have only visited three cities before, Mumbai, Bangalore and New Delhi. I have not been to the north or anywhere near the mountains. But I have been above 14,000 feet in Colorado and I have been above 19,000 feet in Africa; I can combine my various experiences to begin to form a picture of what it might be like in the highest mountains in the world.

I have also visited Buddhist monasteries, practiced Buddhism there, enjoyed the beautiful art, heard the bells, chanted the mantras, smelled the incense, tasted the simple fare, felt the cold hard floor of early morning meditations in the middle of winter and shivered not with the cold but with the moving spirit of the sangha.

I am putting lots of pictures, experiences of all the senses, and deep feelings of my past into as complete a picture as I can of my Big Wish, what it might be like. I am energizing this wish. I am empowering it and sending it into the cosmos as something already done. And I let go of the particulars of how; I leave that to the Universe. I am doing my part!

Rosemary asks another question in her message:

So what do you want? What is your Heart’s Desire?

Answer that question, and the rest is up to you to paint the picture of your Heart’s Desire. Go for it!



MUSE-INGS: Be the Force of Positive Energy

I just read about more concerns stemming from the Fukushima reactor disaster in Japan over a year ago. It makes you wonder what might be future impacts of this release of radioactivity into Earth’s atmosphere over time. That one plant could potentially impact all of life on Earth.

I’m not making any dire predictions here but it does make you think about ‘The Butterfly Effect.’ The flap of the wings of a butterfly can set up a situation that impacts a place thousands of miles away.

But I’m also reminded that the energy of a town can positively impact the crime rate in that town. Remember that experiments have been done in many cities where a number of people equal to 1% of the population of that city can lower the crime rate of that city by simply meditating together. That’s an impact of positivity.

Stirring up negative energy can have the opposite impact, can’t it? Have you ever experienced ‘mob mentality’? I have. And it can be pretty ugly. I was at a football game in high school during the race riots in DC in the 1960s. The energy becomes as electric as in a thunderstorm. It’s pretty scary to be escorted out of a stadium under police protection while fearing physical harm.

So why don’t more of us engage in the uplifting of Earth’s energy and send that around the globe?

Let’s try it. Remember that there is an energy grid around the planet in addition to the magnetic field. This energy grid is like a netting that stretches around the Earth. We can send Light Energy, positivity, into this grid and boost it’s energy around the planet.

Try taking the time to do this when you learn of something going on anywhere on Earth. The next time you hear a report about a natural disaster, visualize some Light going into this grid that makes it available to Mother Earth’s Light Workers to do their healing work. When you hear about anger or fear or famine or earthquake, take a moment to send some positive, healing energy into that grid.

This kind of work does not require you to travel or to spend money, just a few minutes of your time to be conscious and to do the work.

YOU can be The Butterfly having a positive effect elsewhere in the world!

And take your responsibility seriously as you consider this. Because you are aware and are of the level of consciousness to know about this energy grid, you can make a difference around the globe. The simple act of visualization can have a great impact. Visualize peace and healing. Visualize wholeness. Visualize security for the troubled.

There is a benefit to you as well as to the others when you hold the energy of positivity within you as you visualize. You, too, will feel the higher level of energy within you and YOU will experience that peace, healing, wholeness and security.

That’s a nice reward for working to help the globe!

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MUSE-INGS: Give the Gift of Peace

The word ‘chaos’ seems to resonate these days more than ‘peace’ when I am working with clients! How do we find Peace with a capital ‘P’ when the news is disturbing, finances are in an upheaval, everyone is too busy to sit still for a minute, and there seems to be no peace in sight?

I like the admonition to BREATHE. Sometimes that is all we need. When I work with a client and do a visualization, about their success or accessing some resources or finding solutions, I start by having them close their eyes and then take a deep breath. The shift is visible in seconds. And when I lead them through a relaxation exercise I can see them moving further and further into that place where they can let go of tension and stress and just BE. Sometimes that’s all that is needed [which is why I give away a 7-minute de-stress meditation audio when you sign up to receive my free weekly ezine!]. Of course, as a hypnotherapist, I can then offer much more to the client when they are relaxed and we can do the important change work in that state.

But reaching for Peace can be a struggle when you are on your own. That’s why the exercise in the Mystic Message is such an important one. It’s easy to close your eyes and breathe. And if you have once created your Peace-full place you can always return to the same place or conjure up a new one whenever you want. The important thing to remember is that you have a place of Peace and stillness residing within you whether you realize it or not. All you need to do is to remember and return to that place.

When your life seems to be chaotic, whether from uncomfortable stress situations or a good-feeling but overwhelmingly busy place, don’t let yourself fall into the trap of promising time for yourself and for mediation, visualization, relaxation ‘after the dust settles.’ How often have you promised yourself that massage ‘when things settle down’? Or maybe you’ve planned to start journaling or meditating or taking a yoga class when [the kids are in school, Mom is healthier, we move into a bigger/smaller house, I retire, etc.] and you keep living in the chaos until some nebulous time that’s always out in the future. Chaos can reign or it can exist without reigning. The dust may never settle. So what do you do?

Find a way to reach inside for that Peace NOW. Are you dealing with a lot of stress? Use that 7-minute meditation audio and relax to de-stress. Are you too busy? Is there too much drama in your life? Check out the productivity you can enjoy when you increase your resources by coming from a place of Peace within you. Now think about what’s happening around you. Have you ever noticed that when you lower your voice your kids lower theirs and pay closer attention to hear what you are saying? This same principle works when you lower your stress level and act from a place of Peace. That energetic then moves beyond you into your environment and helps everyone to feel more Peace-full.

Shine the Light of Peace all around you. Find it first within you and then share it. Stop the drama. Even if you are telling yourself that you can’t do that because the drama is all being caused by external events, realize that you don’t have to attach yourself to the drama – allow it to stay external to you and deal with it objectively [or make a decision not to engage with it]. Bring Peace to every situation or relationship.

Trust me. YOU will be the beneficiary when you practice this but you will also bring a level of Peace to all with whom you come into contact when you offer the energy of Peace. And remember that you cannot control other people – they might choose to continue in the drama and to reject the notion of Peace. That’s up to them. But you don’t have to join them in that choice.

Stay Peace-full this week and notice how good you feel and how relaxed other people are around you!


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MYSTIC MESSAGE: from The Divine Feminine: Chaos to Peace? You can do it!

Dear Ones,

Peace. At times it might seem elusive to you. Are you seeking Peace in your life at this time? Do you know the feeling of real Peace?

Peace is not about what is going on around you on the outside. Peace is a quality of life that happens on the inside. You must find Peace inside yourself before it can manifest in your outer life. Are you living in chaos? Then where is the Peace inside you? Do you feel as if you have lost control of your life? Can you visit the place of Peace inside?

Some people seek Peace while continuing to create drama in their lives. Seeking Peace in external circumstances does not lead to true Peace. And creating drama in your life does not lead you to that place of inner Peace that you seek. No one outside of you will create that feeling of Peace for you, although you can find a teacher who will help you to go inside to find the Peace that dwells there.

Are you surprised to find that Peace does dwell inside you, even when you are surrounded by drama and chaos? We want you to believe this – there is a space within you where Peace lives, where you can visit Peace and feel Peace. Consider that you were not always involved in the circumstances in which you now find yourself. Whether or not your life is going the way you wish and/or planned there is a connection to the Peace that is a constant in the Universe, a point of stillness within every being. You have the power to touch that stillness and know Peace when you learn how to go inside and find it.

The first step in accessing Peace is to believe that it exists. This Peace of which we speak is not the ‘absence of war’ kind of Peace that the world might think of. Rather, it is the place where all the energies are in alignment with the Universal Source and Plan and there are no disharmonies jarring these energies. There are no discordant thoughts or beliefs or feelings when one is in this place of Peace and stillness. Everything takes on a glow of pure Light when viewed from this place of Peace. It is timeless and dimensionless and does not require an entrance fee to reach. You carry this space within you so that it is always accessible. It is yours to visit whenever you wish.

To start the access you must first breathe a deep breath of life into your body. Inhale now and take that breath of life, the intake of Mother Earth’s air that makes you human, and feel that air connecting within you to your deepest energetic level. Blow out the air and with it any negativity and stress that has been residing in your body. Now take in another cleansing breath and repeat until you start to feel relaxed. Remember that breathing is your fastest avenue to a connection with your inner spirit.

After you have relaxed into your breath, you can start to visualize a Peace-full place that speaks to your heart of stillness and calm, a place that you would like to stay and enjoy because it offers you Peace without any other demands on you. If you find visualization difficult, then just imagine this space and how it would feel, what sounds it would include, how you would describe it to someone else, what fragrances you would be aware of if you were actually there.

In this gentle exercise you can create a place that you can visit any time you wish. When you are there you can imagine that you are sitting or strolling or lying down and being comfortably relaxed while surrounded by whatever brings you Peace. You decide on the parameters for your Peace-full place. You create the environment that brings you Peace. You are in control of this space.

Now, whenever you feel the need to connect to Peace you know how to reach there. You can visit for as long as you want whenever you choose. It can be a few moments connection or a long stay, whatever serves you in the moment.

Give yourself the gift of a connection to inner Peace and you will find that Peace reigns in your outer world as well.

And so it is.


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MUSE-INGS: Banish the Darkness!

Have things ever looked so bleak that you thought there was no way out of the dark pit you were in?   Were you ever so low that you thought you’d never climb up?

When something happens or circumstances and people and situations seem hopeless we can easily let ourselves focus on nothing but the problems and the darkness that we feel.  It can take a Herculean effort to pull ourselves up out of that pit when the temptation to wallow in the darkness is so great because we just can’t muster the energy it would take to shift.  Or, worse, we don’t even believe that we can make a shift.

Often when we are wrestling with a problem we think that we must continue to focus on that problem, thinking about it, dwelling on it, talking about it, telling the story over and over again.  We begin to frame our life in terms of the problems and we sink more deeply into the darkness.

We can, however, take some action to lift ourselves up out of that darkness.  I’m not talking about sticking our fingers in our ears and saying ‘la-la-la-la-la’ until we can’t hear even our own thoughts, even though at times that can be very tempting.  But we can instead decide not to attach to thoughts of the problems.  If we keep thinking about the problem then we stay in the space where the problem occurs or occurred.  The solutions live elsewhere.  If we attach to the vibration of the darkness brought about by a problem then we cannot see into the Light that illuminates the solution for us.

The first rule here is to realize, ‘I am not my thoughts.’  Say that to yourself right now:  I am not my thoughts.  A corollary to this is: I don’t have to believe everything I think.

Too often we fixate on a thought, especially a thought about a problem, and we find it almost impossible to move our thinking off that point.  But it is never impossible to make that move, although sometimes it feels very difficult.  A slight shift in our thinking helps us to open the darkness a crack and start to see some Light.

Try it the next time you find yourself dwelling on a problem that you face.  Ask yourself what you would rather be thinking about than that problem.  Maybe it’s a person who makes you laugh, or a movie that you saw or a book that you read or music that you enjoy.  Just for a minute, allow yourself to think a different thought.

That’s all it takes to start the shift.  The problem might still be there but you have started the process of opening yourself to finding potential solutions rather than keeping yourself stuck in the problem thoughts.  Then it is possible for you to do the visualization to fill yourself with a colored Light that helps you to shift your vibrational level to a higher one than the level of the problem.  Now you are starting to reach into the dimension where the solutions lie.  Now you can be open to searching for solutions instead of focusing on problems.

We all experience darkness in our lives at times but to banish the darkness we must commit to ourselves that we will seek the Light and avoid attaching to the thoughts that keep us in the darkness.  Make that decision today!


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THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Find that place of peace within!

Dear Ones,

When there is strife in a culture then people lose their way to the Light.  Dealing with friction takes so much energy from a population that many forget how to be at peace within themselves.  We hope you learn that finding a place of peace within your inner being is the only way to reduce strife and friction in the world around you.

When is the last time that you felt fully at peace?  Do you remember how to arrive at that place whenever you wish?  If you do not know how to find a place of peace within you then you must first practice conscious breathing.  Start by deciding to breathe deeply.  Yes, it is the decision that starts the process.  Once you have made this decision you must focus all your attention on your breath.  Follow the in-breath down into the depths of your body.  Allow the out-breath to take with it any tension from your body.  Begin this process with a focus on relaxing your body before you try to still the mind and relax your mental processes, for it is by following your breath that you will reach a point where your thoughts can begin to release and ease.

After you have relaxed into your breathing you can create a visualization to help you find a place of inner peace.  If you do not usually see pictures when you do a process like visualization, you might try to create a feeling or a sound or some kind of sensory experience of a place that feels peaceful within you.  Once you have created a place to go to in your mind where you feel totally at peace, then you can return here whenever you are caught up in the feelings of friction that might surround you.

Sometimes it is just by knowing that you have an alternative to the world around you, even if it is created in your imagination, that can give you confidence in your ability to withstand the energies that bombard you each day.  For you must understand that you ARE being bombarded by all sorts of energies every day.  We are not speaking here just of the energies in the airwaves around you, although there can be ill effects to some sensitives from the electromagnetic energies that permeate the atmosphere.  We are also saying that each individual that you encounter in a given day is giving off an energy or energies, some of which are not in consonance with your vibrational level. When you are living a Conscious Life, you must become aware of your energy situation at all times.

Being conscious of your energy situation requires that you understand that everything is energy – your body, your chair, your computer, your thoughts.  Everything you touch in a day has an energy and you leave your imprint on that item as it leaves an energy imprint on you.  Every person with whom you come into contact is also creating/receiving an energy imprint in that interaction.  Adding this to the thoughts that you generate in a day shows how much energy is actually being inserted into your personal space.  When you listen to disturbing news or have a painful interaction with another person, or when you have a delightful exchange with someone you love, you are shifting your energy signature in the world to reflect that interaction.  Become conscious of this energy situation so that you can learn to clear your own energy and disconnect from someone else’s.  In this way you can avoid becoming a part of the strife or friction around you.

Learn techniques to help you with this.  If you need help, work with someone who understands these energy situations.   Go often to the place inside you where you can feel peace so that you can radiate that energy around you.

And remember to breathe!

And so it is.


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