MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Not Enough Time?

Dear Ones,

Time is speeding up for everyone on Earth and there is a certain level of panic about it in some people. For millennia human beings have lived with an unconscious understanding that time would pass at a certain rate and that there would always be time enough for anything they wanted to do. Lives were shorter for most humans in history and there was an understanding that one lived each day to its fullest potential because there were no guarantees about tomorrow. People lived in harmony with the seasons and the Sun because they measured time by the signals from them.

In the 21st Century, human beings are living in an artificially created concept of time, where everything is instantly available and changing so rapidly that change can barely be measured before the next change occurs. There is an underlying anxiety of ‘not enough time’ and this translates into a feeling of ‘not enough’ about everything in life. This sense of lack starts with time.

There is a certain peace available to those who live in harmony with Nature and her cycles and without the demands and stress of a timed schedule that requires humans to deny their natural rhythms and the rhythm of the spheres, of Nature. Waking with the Sun, choosing activities based on the season, eating the foods that are available during that season and storing those that can be stored for the times when no food is growing. Travel was slower and so adjusting the body to the new location was easier on the systems. Most people didn’t travel very far from home and so they learned to be in consonance with their usual surroundings. Time was not a pressure but something with which one learned to live as a part of natural life.

Today you are always worried about deadlines and schedules and the pressure of traffic and travel and the expectations that you put on yourselves is artificially created. Can you take some time today to slow your pace and breathe deeply of the atmosphere provided by Mother Earth? Can you look at your schedule and program into it some time for contemplation, peaceful existence rather than busy-ness? Can you reduce the ‘to-do’ list so that you are not feeling at the end of the day as if there is never enough time?

You create for yourself anxiety around a belief of ‘never enough’ when you make for yourself an expectation that you must accomplish more than you can reasonably expect to do in a particular day. Even if you do complete everything on your to-do list for today, will you feel at peace? Will you relax? Or will you be jumping ahead to worry about what is coming next?

In this time of great transition one of the first places that you must explore is your concept of time and your relationship to the time that you have. It is true that the Earth is experiencing some changes that are making this human idea of time as seconds ticking away on a clock seem to be moving at a faster pace than in the past. It is true that the day is no longer the same 24 hours that you used to feel that it was. And so being present to each moment as it presents itself to you becomes that much more important.

Take each moment and live it fully. Do not ask what you can do in that moment but, rather, ask who you will BE. Allow the ‘doing’ to flow from the ‘being’ and you will feel that there is plenty of time.

Work to overcome your sense of ‘not enough time’ and you will feel that there is enough of everything in your life!

And so it is.

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