ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Stay Happy Through the Holidays!

It’s that time of year when the stores seem to reach out to grab you to come inside and spend your money. The meals and parties get you focused on food and drink. You have to make sure you can get to all the events, have the right clothes, the right gifts, the travel arrangements. And for many it is a time of overwhelm.

For others, though, it is a very lonely time. You might be worried about finances and wishing you had more money with which to buy gifts. You might not have any family to visit or they are too far away. You might be looking at the holidays with no plans or parties or meals to attend.

And for a few you might have family gatherings in which to participate that you are not really anticipating with pleasure.

Even those who love the holiday season can have expectations that are not met and, thus, experience disappointment.

Let’s make this year the year of truly ‘Happy Holidays’ no matter what your personal circumstances might be!

The first step to staying happy through the holidays is to do a realistic and honest assessment of this time of year for yourself. Do you really need to buy everything that you usually do? Do you need to put as much pressure on yourself as you usually do? Do you need to attend every party? Every gathering?

What is your energy level now, as the holidays approach? Do you need more rest and self-care than you need excitement and company? Why not choose a different pattern to your holidays this year?

How are your finances? Do you get stressed out by spending before the end of the year and then worrying about the bills in January? Do you buy a lot of gifts because you feel you must instead of genuinely wanting to share?

The honest assessment leads you to understand what YOU need in this season.

Next, ask yourself if you really must spend time with people who upset and disturb you or if you can find time for yourself without that burden this year. This might even be your family. Are you looking forward to seeing them or do you dread the time you spend there?

Consider a new way of operating through the holidays this year.

Everyone around you is struggling with their own life lessons. Somehow the holidays come with Hallmark Cards and Norman Rockwell expectations that nobody really experiences. If you put self-care at the top of your agenda, IT IS NOT SELFISH!!!! Let me repeat that – Self-Care is not being self-ish!!!

Taking care of yourself might be limiting what you spend this season to what you can comfortably afford. Make some gifts. Give away something that’s meaningful to you and share its story with the recipient. Go to bazaars and thrift shops and find unusual items that will delight someone.

Look at your calendar for the rest of 2013 and decide what you will do for yourself. Rest. Relax. Pamper yourself. Watch movies that make you smile. Hang out with friends or go on a silent retreat. If you’re lonely, find a shelter where they need volunteers. If you’re overwhelmed with social ‘obligations,’ decide how to handle the schedule to preserve your energy for the activities that matter most to you. Ask for help if you need it.

Spend some time planning for 2014. This doesn’t have to mean the big New Year’s Resolution list, but pick a theme for the year that resonates with your heart. Delight yourself with your plans. Dream BIG!!!

Remember that everyone around you has something going on in their life that they are having to handle. Take care of yourself so that you can show up fully present to everyone else. Be CURIOUS . This helps to keep you focused on the mysteries and not on what upsets you. Have healthy boundaries. Eat healthy foods. Take care of your own health.

Everyone is doing the best they can with the resources they have at any given moment – even you!

May you truly have Happy Holidays this year!

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ROSEMARY’S INSPIRATION: Find Compassion in Yourself

My “Three-Minute” video for the week: Find Compassion in Yourself

Note: this clip was taken from our November gathering for Satsang.

PS: You too may experience channeled messages from Rosemary. In fact you can receive personal messages from Guides, Spirits, Angels and loved ones who have crossed over at the next event: a Conversation with The Other SideDecember 6 at 7:00 pm Eastern. Click for details

INSPIRATION: Are You Flipping Out Over Something?

It seems today as if there is always something to ‘Flip Out’ over!  What has you feeling this way today?

I sometimes hear clients longing for simpler lives or less stress or at least less drama in their lives, but they are really wishing for something to change about their circumstances without a thought to how they can change themselves.

Flipping Out happens when we don’t have enough resources in our tool box to deal with what is happening in our environment.  If you can reach into your Resource Tool Box and pull out just what you need to do in this circumstance, then you just do that and there’s no need to get too excited.  But how often are you perfectly prepared for exactly what is going on?

Let me say here that I am not talking about going into denial and pretending that nothing big is happening!  Sticking your fingers in your ear and singing, ‘La, la, la, la!’ won’t manage the stress of the circumstances, although, I admit, sometimes that seems like an attractive behavior choice.  Denial invites the Universe to keep bringing the lesson to us, over and over again, with perhaps more severity each time until we learn what we are to learn.

What tools have you been developing to prepare you for whatever might come your way?  Are you on a path of constant personal growth, seeking new skills, finding new opportunities to explore ideas?  Are you committed to your own personal, spiritual growth as a journey of exploration?  How you answer these questions will determine how well you can handle what happens around you.

Just as an athlete doesn’t wake up one morning and decide to win a gold medal in discus throwing without training for that exact sport, so, too, must you train for the circumstances that haven’t yet come into your life.

When the doctor says, ‘There’s something of concern going on here,’ or you get the phone call that, ‘There’s been an accident,’ how will you respond?

I pray that you never hear those words but it could be something else that throws you for a loop and the resources must already be available to you or you will find it more difficult to cope.

So what are you doing today, this week, this year to expand the tools in your Resource Tool Box?  Are you taking a class?  Working with a coach/counselor?  Reading self-help books?  In a group with speakers who teach you tools?  Attending seminars and conferences with content-rich programs for personal growth?

This is not an activity that can be postponed indefinitely!  Now is the time to prevent Flip Out!

Learning meditation can be a great start.  Breathe, hit the pause button, take a moment to collect yourself.  Allow thoughts to arise but to keep flowing onward, without attaching to the thoughts.  Give yourself permission to focus on your breath and to let go of thoughts and emotions that come up for you.  Give yourself permission to simply BE.

Sign up for a class on a psychological or spiritual topic that intrigues you.  Read a book that someone has recommended to you.  Find a group of explorers that you can join to study new ideas.  Work with a coach who can help you to develop the tools that are best for you.

Fill up the Resource Tool Box and you’ll be ready if and when something happens.  Won’t it be nice to have the confidence of knowing that, even if you never need to use the tools, you won’t have to resort to ‘Flipping Out’?




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MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Can You Dream?

Dear Ones,

Fluttering hearts, anxious words, furrowed brows. We would rather see you at peace.

How do you find peace in the 21st Century world? There is always talk of war. There are financial concerns at all levels. There is much to worry about. And yet we would have you seek peace. Can you? Do you know how?

Peace is not something that relies on the circumstances around you being calm or exactly as you desire them to be. Peace comes from a deep place inside you that understands that the Universe is unfolding as it should. Truly believing that this is true will bring you peace.

And yet you look around you and the chaos and uncertainty make it difficult to bring your belief system into alignment with the ‘reality’ that you wish. We will give you the steps to accomplish this.

First, you must examine your life to understand that every step you have taken along the way has brought you to the place where you are today. This does not mean that you are to blame for all the circumstances in the world but it does mean that you have learned enough to manage what you must manage today. Nothing in your world is beyond your ability to handle. Nothing. You have what it takes to proceed.

Now, do you believe that? If you throw up your hands and say, “Woe is me!” then you will not draw on the resources within you to take care of your circumstances. You DO have what you need inside of you.

Next, we would ask you to remember that you are not alone. You are connected to a network of amazing people. Every single one of you reading these words has other people around you who are wanting to help you. You have supporters. You have people who wish for you to succeed in what you are attempting to do.

Do you believe that? You might look in your immediate circle and believe that others do not believe you can succeed, or they want you to do it their way, or they think that you can’t do anything right. However, you CAN succeed, and you CAN do it right, because you have infinite wisdom available to you when you connect to that wisdom within you.

Look beyond the naysayers. Find the like-minded people who want your success and who are willing to let you seek that success in your own way. They are in your life, even if they are hard for you to find sometimes. They are there, we promise you. Find one of them and ask for moral support.

Know that this is not about having someone just hand you what you want. We are saying that there are people who will support you as you create what you desire. There is a difference. And you know how to do what you must do. The answers are all inside you, when you drop the worry and concern and reach inside for the wisdom that is accessible there.

The last step is to take action in the direction of your dreams. When you move forward with a consciousness directed toward what you want the stumbling blocks move out of the way. Live consciously along the path of your heart’s desires. Take a step, no matter how small, in the direction of your dreams and the Universe will leap to your assistance.

THIS is reality. Your Soul Purpose is manifesting in your dreams. Follow your dreams. Allow the support you need to appear around and inside of you. Go forth and trust. All is ready for you to manifest your Big Dream NOW!!!

And so it is.

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MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Worry or Create a Solution? The Choice is Yours.

Dear Ones,

We are aware that many people spend much of their energy in the space of worrying. We would ask you to consider that worry is the non-productive use of creative energy. Let us help you determine a better use of that creative energy.

First, you must become familiar with the energy of PLAY. Watch the little children around you. They do not worry when they are at play. They are completely present to the moment and to what is happening in that moment in time. They are fully available to whatever creative impulses they experience in that moment. And they are not worried about what will happen in the next moment.

When you are admonished to ‘become like the little children’ it is a recommendation that you find yourself in the energy of the innocence of the moment. This moment now does not contain the energy of other moments except when you bring those energies into your mind. This present moment is not the accumulation of all your feelings from the past or all your worries about the future, for the past and the future are contained in this moment as you define your life.

Every moment that you have lived has moved you forward into the next moment. When you have been fully present to the Now you have used all your resources in the appropriate moment to access the best of yourself, your history and your future, to bring that moment into fulfillment. However, there are times when worry has taken your resources and your energy into some unspecified future time and aligned you with an unfulfilled possibility that distresses you.

Why would you choose to do that? For many of you, the answer is that you are seeking solutions to life’s problems. We would ask you to examine whether or not that is the entire truth, for worry is not your most resourceful state. Rather we see that worry is using your creative energy to create ‘what if’ scenarios that are merely a selection of the possibilities in the field of all possibilities before you. Worry is not planning – except as it is planning for the distressing ‘what if’ scenario.

Now let us suggest that you take the creative energy in this present moment and create that which you desire. Some of you might feel that worrying is such an old, familiar companion that you are not ready to let go of it. Others might be thinking that you choose not to worry and therefore ignore addressing the problems that might cause you to worry. Neither path will bring you solutions nor will you create the life you desire.

Take a problem that you are wrestling with at this time and look upon it as an opportunity for the expression of your great, innate creative energy and talents. Even if you do not consider yourself to be a creative person, you are. You have created the very life that you are living today by making certain choices along the way. And you have the power to make conscious choices about your future possibilities to create a new life every day you are alive.

With a problem in mind, give yourself permission to approach the problem from different angles, some that might seem outrageous to you and some that are distasteful. Try to play at the edges of the reasonable choices before you, for this is where the most creative problem-solving takes place. Now look at the problem from the field of all possibilities, including the most outlandish, unbelievable, amazing possible outcomes. What ideas crop up for you to consider? Is there a new way of looking at your problem that you can see from this vantage point?

Sometimes the only thing that is necessary is that you step out of worry and move into problem-solving energy and the creative ideas will start to flow. And sometimes you need a rest from the worry so that there is energetic space in which the solutions can start to appear.

No matter what the problem is, spending your energy in the world of worry does not bring your most creative energies to bear on solving the problem. Become like the little children, be fully present in the moment, and create the solution you desire so you can live your richest life!

And so it is.

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MUSE-INGS: Do You Feel That You Are Not Enough?

Funny how, when we choose to believe the ‘not enough’ myth in one area of life, we seem to overshadow other areas with ‘not enough’ mentality. If it all starts with a sense of ‘not enough time’ then we really must be careful about sliding into a belief that ‘I am not enough.’

This belief in the self as not enough can be an insidious belief that creeps into our unconscious mind from childhood and sits there coloring all that we do, without presenting itself for us to examine. Doesn’t it seem as if most of us were chosen last for the kickball teams? [or at least our remembrance/perception is that we were always the last one picked!] Somewhere in our childhood some kid chose to play with our friend and exclude us. At some point a parent or teacher sent us the message that we weren’t good enough, even if it was inadvertent or unconscious. [‘Why didn’t you get a better grade on that?’ ‘I wish you were like your brother!’ ‘When I was a kid…’ ‘When your room is clean enough for my standards then you can have ice cream.’] No matter the source, the little kid inside us has embraced the notion that ‘I’m not good enough.’

So now we are adults, scurrying through life with huge to-do lists and stress and time pressures. How many times have you heard [or said], ‘There’s never enough time!’?

I think the message for us is to recreate our relationship to time so that we can remove the ‘not enough’ energy from our being. What if we were to declare that there is just enough time to do what needs to be done in any given day? Doesn’t that take some pressure off us as we judge ourselves deficient because we didn’t accomplish everything we set out to do? We think we’re not enough when we decide there’s not enough time.

This is related to my mantra: Everyone is doing the best they can with the resources they have at any given time.

In this present moment, you are making choices about what you will and will not do in that moment. You are making the best choice you can with what you know right then. You might get some feedback that would cause you to make a different choice later but, in that moment, with what you had to work with, you made the best choice possible. And all you have is the present moment. You aren’t leaping forward to see what the consequences might be and what you might learn, then coming back to the present to decide your action. You make a choice in the moment and act on it. Then you get the feedback.

Each of us only has the present moment in which to live. If we worry about the past or the future we take energy out of this present moment. This moment is enough. WE are enough. Every choice is a lesson to be learned, bringing with it all the feedback we need at just the right time.

Be enough. Believe that you are enough. You have enough time. The corollary is that, if you didn’t get it done, it wasn’t meant to be done in that moment.

Now relax.

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MYSTIC MESSAGE: from The Divine Feminine: Giving — A New Way to Think About It

Dear Ones,

We would talk to you today about the concept of giving to others.

There is a teaching that Giving is greater than Receiving but, to many people, this has become an admonition to avoid receiving and a judgment against giving to oneself. We would like to discuss changing your thinking regarding this concept.

Now, we are not going to say that it is not a good thing to be a giving person, for it IS good to give. But if you allow yourself to consider giving to others as more important than giving to yourself you will find yourself depleted of resources for the next person in line after you have given all you have to give. This is not just about physical presents but also your time, your energy, your resources, your thoughts and beliefs, your body. There are so many ways that you can give yourself away until you have nothing left to give. We want you to change your thinking about this.

Giving to others is a wonderful energy that creates a high vibrational frequency for all involved. That means that the recipient of gifts also has their frequency raised by the experience when the giving is of the proper energy. But, and this is a big ‘but,’ if you give out of resentment or a wish to be doing something else or an anger, at someone else or at yourself for getting yourself into yet another situation over which you feel you have no control or for which you wish you had said ‘no’ instead of ‘yes,’ then you are giving from a low vibration energy that impacts others as well as yourself. What are you truly giving under these circumstances?

Do not give when you feel yourself in a negativity associated with a lower vibration, for others do not deserve that ‘gift’ of negativity. Whatever you are feeling projects outward into the Universe and impacts those around you. When you are feeling anger or hatred or resentment you project a vibration that taints the very air around you. It is not kind to subject others to that low vibration and you certainly don’t want to do that in a gift-giving situation.

Rather, lift yourself up by thinking of something positive about the situation or the person or the gift before you connect with another. And it is best to do this before you are committed to the giving. Are you feeling forced to buy a gift for someone you do not particularly like? Then ask why you are doing this. If it is an obligation, such as a family member or a work colleague, and you feel you must do this, then find something positive to consider to lift your energy level. Did they once do something for you? Can you give them something for their smile? Do they support a cause you believe in? Are they a good parent? Will your giving a nice gift raise the vibration of the relationship?

Sometimes the giving is not of a gift but of yourself and your own resources. Ask yourself why you are in this situation. Be very honest with yourself. Perhaps you are already committed to this situation at this time but can you make a conscious decision to say ‘no’ next time? If you feel you have given away your power to another by accepting blindly their beliefs, adopting their thinking, subjugating your own desires to theirs, then you must seriously examine the relationship. Why are you willing to make a gift of yourself if it depletes who you are?

Give to yourself the respect, honor and resources that you deserve. Give to yourself the time you need to replenish your energy so that you can be generous to others. Take care of your needs so that you remain in a position to give to others when they are in need. Be very careful about giving away your own power to others – it is your most precious resource.

And keep yourself thinking positive thoughts so that your energy is always at a high vibrational energy. Give this to yourself and you will be a more generous giver to others.

And so it is.


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