MUSE-INGS: Purpose doesn’t depend on Pounds [or Dollars]! by Rosemary Bredeson

I’ve been attending a lot of business seminars lately and they all seem to be focused on making more money.  Of course, people are in business to make a profit but I wonder if somewhere along the way we’ve forgotten WHY we want to make money.

Or maybe we’ve just forgotten the BIG WHY of each of our lives.  Have you ever questioned why you are incarnated on Planet Earth at this particular moment in the history of the Universe?  Do you really believe that the answer is ‘to make money’?  I’m guessing not.  So why are we so focused on the Almighty Dollar [or Pound Sterling or gold coin]?

I think the answer lies in the setup of the environment in which we find ourselves.  Some people tell us that making money is everything and others imply that it is a bad thing and we should give all of our money to them.  Hmmm….  What is wrong with this picture?  It seems to give power to money instead of power to the person who controls a commodity that we have collectively imbued with a certain value.

Now look at what we are being told in this message about our Life Purpose.  Are you in touch with what your Life Purpose is?  Do you feel that your current life is in alignment with that purpose?  If not, do you have a plan to discover your Life Purpose and to bring your life activities into alignment with it?  Maybe that should be at the top of your to-do list.

Who are the people in your immediate environment?  Do they support you in pursuing your dreams?  Will they support you if you decide to make some changes so that you can be more congruent with your Life Purpose?  Are THEY living in alignment with their Purpose?  What is their attitude toward money and happiness and having the resources to pursue their dreams?

Think about the energy of your own environment, both internal and external.  What are your beliefs about happiness?  About money?  Do you even know how to access your internal feelings and beliefs?

At this time in human history we must all be moving forward in our growth toward greater understanding and the evolution of human consciousness.  Having the resources to allow us to pursue higher thoughts, to examine philosophies, to move beyond survival into living a greater purpose on the Planet – these are qualities of an evolving life and the time and inclination to pursue these endeavors require that we have a certain freedom from worrying about money.  The person who is living on the streets is not free to ponder the greater scheme of things.  If you are reading these words you are probably enjoying enough resources to consider philosophy beyond pondering where your next meal is coming from.  Even if you are struggling financially, can you see that being in alignment with your Life Purpose creates a relaxation and a flow of energy that allows and invites the Universe to provide you with even more resources?  It is worth the effort to delve into determining your Life Purpose and to examine your beliefs around money and happiness.   Many people are joining you in this quest at this time.

It IS time to do this work.  All of humanity is asking each individual to lead a self-examined life and to contribute to the evolution of the collective consciousness of the Universe.  When you respond to the call to do this work the Universe has an obligation to provide the resources.  Don’t be afraid to do the inner work required.  You will be rewarded by being shown the ways to make the money to give you the freedom you need to live your Life Purpose.  Join the evolutionary movement!


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