EXPLORATION: Write Your Way to Success

This is the time to decide what ‘success’ means for you.  For most people on the spiritual path, success is not measured by the numbers in the bank account.  What is ‘success’ for you?

We’re not talking here about writing a best-selling book that makes you lots of money, although it is fun to be a ‘Best Selling Author,’ but about the kind of writing that comes from your heart.  Journaling, meditative writing, channeled writing, letter writing, poetry composing, music composing, drawing, notetaking.  So many ways to write!

Let’s talk about letter writing.  When is the last time you wrote a letter?  I’m not talking about typing an email, but taking pen in hand and actually allowing the words to flow from your mind and heart onto the paper through the pen.  When is the last time you received a handwritten letter or note?  It feels good to write a personal note on a birthday card or sympathy card.  And when did you last send a handwritten thank you note?

When you tune in to another person as you focus on them while you write you are making an important energetic connection through the space-time continuum.  There really is no separation in space and time so taking the time to connect through letter writing is a special energetic that can support both parties.

And what about problem solving when there is an issue or conflict between parties?  These are the times when you want to be deliberate and take the time to re-read what you have written before you send the letter.  You also want to copy your letter so you have a record of what you wrote.  Most importantly, though, you want to take the time to make sure you are being congruent with your values before you send a letter in the heat of the moment.

When you write, connect first with your inner guidance to get into harmony within yourself.  Then connect to the intended recipient of the letter, energetically inviting the connection for the highest good of all.  Do all of this before you put pen to paper.

And sometimes ‘forgiveness’ comes into the picture.  Do you need to forgive yourself or someone else before you write that letter?    Remember that forgiveness is not about excusing behavior that is hurtful.  Rather, forgiveness is saying, ‘Although I have felt hurt, I refuse to allow this energy to stay in my energy field or physical body.  I release all energy associated with this and hold myself in gratitude for the lessons I have learned.’  Sometimes it can help in this process to write a letter and then burn it as you release the hurt and choose to stand in your own power.  Forgive yourself, too, if you are focusing on having missed the mark in something.  Give up the energy of feeling bad and decide that you will hold gratitude for lessons learned.

Sometimes journaling can be a great tool for self-knowledge that can support your success.  Try journaling at different times of day to decide when you best connect with your inner being.

Writing is a good way to connect to your inner guidance, too.  Your guides are always ready to speak to you when you quiet your mind-chatter and listen.  If you hold a pen in hand and invite them to write to you, you can find that the pen captures the thoughts and the words write themselves.

Ask questions and write the answers.  Ask about relationships, finances, business, life.  The answers are inside.  The pen brings them out and places them squarely in your conscious awareness.

Try it!  And while you are at it, try writing a poem or drawing a picture or making up a story.  Let your creativity flow through a pen or pencil or marker and watch how the clues to your success emerge.

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from The Divine Feminine: Relationship Rx — Time for a New Prescription?

Dear Ones,

The heart of a person is never operating in a way that is fully visible to others. Remember this in all your personal interactions.

Each person has a series of experiences in their past that influence their feelings in any given moment. From birth onward they have had feelings, emotions, experiences that have shaped them into the person they are today. As you have been shaped by your life, you must understand that every person around you has also been shaped by theirs. Can you find an understanding place within you so that you accept every other person just as they are without judgment or analysis or condemnation?

Think of a recent interaction with someone that you wish had gone differently. This doesn’t necessarily mean an angry confrontation or anything you would deem negative, just something that you wish had taken a different path. Now think of that person as a little child in that situation, where they were probably operating from a position where they didn’t have the same information that you had about that situation. Might you see that their choices were based on only the information that they had at the time, not on what you knew or had experience with, but only on their limited experience? Perhaps it triggered a remembrance of something they had already experienced and so they responded as they had before. Or perhaps they chose a different response to seek a different result.

When you try on the perspective of another person, you are working from a place where you have all the insights of your perspective but can see that they might have been looking at things differently. We hope that this gives you a feeling of understanding and comprehension of what is going on in any interaction.

Other people are not you. They have a different way of seeing life and themselves. They are the product of all their experiences to date and they can only look through the lens of those experiences. You have not had the same experiences. Your lens is not the same as theirs. You must understand this if your interpersonal relationships are to be successful.

Some people teach that you must learn to forgive, but the definition of forgiveness does not come from this place of understanding. You have no obligation to become a doormat to others, or to forgive something that has injured or harmed you. Forgiveness is not saying, ‘It’s all right,’ although that is how many interpret forgiveness.

True forgiveness is the understanding that there is nothing to forgive, in this old sense of the word. Everybody is doing the best they can with the resources they have at any given moment. You might wish they had more or different resources, but they are doing the best they can. Forgiveness from this perspective means ‘I understand that you are looking through your personal lens and I choose not to take into myself the energy of owning your choices and your perspective.’ When you make a decision about how you will react, how you respond to something, you are choosing whether to take that trigger into yourself or let it pass through.

At the same time you must decide whether or not you are going to place yourself in this situation again in the future. Too many times it is easier to let something go that has disturbed you, allow feelings of anger or resentment or worse fester within you, and yet you do not make the choice to distance yourself from the other person. Or you do not express appropriately the feelings that you are having to inform that person [and, thus, to give them more resources/information] so that they can make the choice to change their behavior if they wish.

Relationships are not about two people always seeing eye to eye because no two people have had the same experiences to bring to their connection with each other. Relationships that thrive do so because each individual has found a way to remain their own person while allowing the other person to also remain an individual, different but agreeing on seeing things through different, very personal lenses.

Remember this in all your interactions with others!

And so it is.


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THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Learn the Lessons and Love Yourself

Dear Ones,
What are you listening to in your Life today?  What kind of music?  What kind of nature sounds?  What kind of outside noises?  But, most importantly, what kind of messages are you ingesting in your daily Life?

If you watch a lot of TV, you are being bombarded by messages, from newscasters, from commercials, from people who express opinions that may or may not be based on fact and intellectual analysis.  Whatever you read, whether the newspaper or a novel, a non-fiction or a textbook, contains messages that are being absorbed by your psyche and often accepted unconsciously as true for you.

The most insidious messages are being accepted by your unconscious mind because they come from someone you trust, even someone you love and whom you thought loved you.  Parents are comparing their children to others with the subtle message that their child is not good enough.  Superiors at work are giving out criticisms thinking they are focusing on getting the job done but the employee is hearing, ‘I can’t do anything right.’  Teachers have a pet who gets the best grades and other students think they’re not lovable because they aren’t as academically successful.  The list goes on and on.  And sometimes the saddest case is when a life partner criticizes or ‘puts down’ their partner, implying, again, that they are not ‘good enough’ or that they are ‘unlovable.’

What messages have you embraced that are not about your inherent goodness but you believe them because someone you trust or trusted in the past told you they were true?  How many religious leaders have told their congregations that they are not worthy, not good enough?  Have you ever taken the time to examine what you do and do not believe about yourself?  Have you ever asked yourself WHY you believe some things that you believe?

Today is the day to start examining your thoughts, your beliefs about yourself and who you really are.  You are a person with a big heart.  You have a good mind.  You are worthy of being treated well, by all those with whom you come into contact.  You are lovable, just the way you are today.  There is nothing that you need to do to earn anyone else’s love.  You can give love to others.  You can figure out the solutions you need or you can ask for help, which you deserve to receive.  You have always been this way.  You have always deserved to be loved, so if Life has given you experiences that contradict this, then examine those experiences and ask yourself if they were about the other person and not about you. [They were.]

That little baby who was you a few years ago is still as lovable as he or she was then.  That baby lives within you.  If you are resisting these words today, then get in touch with that tiny, innocent baby and love it.  Grow that love up to today.  Everything you have done or been in the past has helped you to grow into the person you are today.  Accept that with gratitude.  Every behavior you have exhibited, every choice you have made, has helped you to evolve.  If you are feeling stuck, then examine your current situation for the learning that is there.  There is ALWAYS something to learn, so if you are stuck it is because you haven’t finished what you need to experience.

Forgive yourself for the choices that you have made.  You did the best you could in that moment.  Knowing what you know now you might make a different choice, but in that moment you made a choice that brought you lessons, albeit painful ones sometimes.  Forgive others.  This does not mean that you must believe that what has harmed you is acceptable and it does not mean that you must stay in relationship with people who have or continue to hurt you.  But to hold onto anger and unforgiveness harms you without resolving the issue or, indeed, having anything to do with the other person.  Forgiving others means deciding that you will no longer give them power over your own Life.  You choose now to release whatever strings they have been holding that continue to affect your Life.  Let them go to learn their own lessons – then you can be complete with yours.

Learn the lessons and love yourself in the process.  Life is really as simple as that!

And so it is.