MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Worry or Create a Solution? The Choice is Yours.

Dear Ones,

We are aware that many people spend much of their energy in the space of worrying. We would ask you to consider that worry is the non-productive use of creative energy. Let us help you determine a better use of that creative energy.

First, you must become familiar with the energy of PLAY. Watch the little children around you. They do not worry when they are at play. They are completely present to the moment and to what is happening in that moment in time. They are fully available to whatever creative impulses they experience in that moment. And they are not worried about what will happen in the next moment.

When you are admonished to ‘become like the little children’ it is a recommendation that you find yourself in the energy of the innocence of the moment. This moment now does not contain the energy of other moments except when you bring those energies into your mind. This present moment is not the accumulation of all your feelings from the past or all your worries about the future, for the past and the future are contained in this moment as you define your life.

Every moment that you have lived has moved you forward into the next moment. When you have been fully present to the Now you have used all your resources in the appropriate moment to access the best of yourself, your history and your future, to bring that moment into fulfillment. However, there are times when worry has taken your resources and your energy into some unspecified future time and aligned you with an unfulfilled possibility that distresses you.

Why would you choose to do that? For many of you, the answer is that you are seeking solutions to life’s problems. We would ask you to examine whether or not that is the entire truth, for worry is not your most resourceful state. Rather we see that worry is using your creative energy to create ‘what if’ scenarios that are merely a selection of the possibilities in the field of all possibilities before you. Worry is not planning – except as it is planning for the distressing ‘what if’ scenario.

Now let us suggest that you take the creative energy in this present moment and create that which you desire. Some of you might feel that worrying is such an old, familiar companion that you are not ready to let go of it. Others might be thinking that you choose not to worry and therefore ignore addressing the problems that might cause you to worry. Neither path will bring you solutions nor will you create the life you desire.

Take a problem that you are wrestling with at this time and look upon it as an opportunity for the expression of your great, innate creative energy and talents. Even if you do not consider yourself to be a creative person, you are. You have created the very life that you are living today by making certain choices along the way. And you have the power to make conscious choices about your future possibilities to create a new life every day you are alive.

With a problem in mind, give yourself permission to approach the problem from different angles, some that might seem outrageous to you and some that are distasteful. Try to play at the edges of the reasonable choices before you, for this is where the most creative problem-solving takes place. Now look at the problem from the field of all possibilities, including the most outlandish, unbelievable, amazing possible outcomes. What ideas crop up for you to consider? Is there a new way of looking at your problem that you can see from this vantage point?

Sometimes the only thing that is necessary is that you step out of worry and move into problem-solving energy and the creative ideas will start to flow. And sometimes you need a rest from the worry so that there is energetic space in which the solutions can start to appear.

No matter what the problem is, spending your energy in the world of worry does not bring your most creative energies to bear on solving the problem. Become like the little children, be fully present in the moment, and create the solution you desire so you can live your richest life!

And so it is.

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