MUSE-INGS: Do You Feel That You Are Not Enough?

Funny how, when we choose to believe the ‘not enough’ myth in one area of life, we seem to overshadow other areas with ‘not enough’ mentality. If it all starts with a sense of ‘not enough time’ then we really must be careful about sliding into a belief that ‘I am not enough.’

This belief in the self as not enough can be an insidious belief that creeps into our unconscious mind from childhood and sits there coloring all that we do, without presenting itself for us to examine. Doesn’t it seem as if most of us were chosen last for the kickball teams? [or at least our remembrance/perception is that we were always the last one picked!] Somewhere in our childhood some kid chose to play with our friend and exclude us. At some point a parent or teacher sent us the message that we weren’t good enough, even if it was inadvertent or unconscious. [‘Why didn’t you get a better grade on that?’ ‘I wish you were like your brother!’ ‘When I was a kid…’ ‘When your room is clean enough for my standards then you can have ice cream.’] No matter the source, the little kid inside us has embraced the notion that ‘I’m not good enough.’

So now we are adults, scurrying through life with huge to-do lists and stress and time pressures. How many times have you heard [or said], ‘There’s never enough time!’?

I think the message for us is to recreate our relationship to time so that we can remove the ‘not enough’ energy from our being. What if we were to declare that there is just enough time to do what needs to be done in any given day? Doesn’t that take some pressure off us as we judge ourselves deficient because we didn’t accomplish everything we set out to do? We think we’re not enough when we decide there’s not enough time.

This is related to my mantra: Everyone is doing the best they can with the resources they have at any given time.

In this present moment, you are making choices about what you will and will not do in that moment. You are making the best choice you can with what you know right then. You might get some feedback that would cause you to make a different choice later but, in that moment, with what you had to work with, you made the best choice possible. And all you have is the present moment. You aren’t leaping forward to see what the consequences might be and what you might learn, then coming back to the present to decide your action. You make a choice in the moment and act on it. Then you get the feedback.

Each of us only has the present moment in which to live. If we worry about the past or the future we take energy out of this present moment. This moment is enough. WE are enough. Every choice is a lesson to be learned, bringing with it all the feedback we need at just the right time.

Be enough. Believe that you are enough. You have enough time. The corollary is that, if you didn’t get it done, it wasn’t meant to be done in that moment.

Now relax.

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