MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Worry or Create a Solution? The Choice is Yours.

Dear Ones,

We are aware that many people spend much of their energy in the space of worrying. We would ask you to consider that worry is the non-productive use of creative energy. Let us help you determine a better use of that creative energy.

First, you must become familiar with the energy of PLAY. Watch the little children around you. They do not worry when they are at play. They are completely present to the moment and to what is happening in that moment in time. They are fully available to whatever creative impulses they experience in that moment. And they are not worried about what will happen in the next moment.

When you are admonished to ‘become like the little children’ it is a recommendation that you find yourself in the energy of the innocence of the moment. This moment now does not contain the energy of other moments except when you bring those energies into your mind. This present moment is not the accumulation of all your feelings from the past or all your worries about the future, for the past and the future are contained in this moment as you define your life.

Every moment that you have lived has moved you forward into the next moment. When you have been fully present to the Now you have used all your resources in the appropriate moment to access the best of yourself, your history and your future, to bring that moment into fulfillment. However, there are times when worry has taken your resources and your energy into some unspecified future time and aligned you with an unfulfilled possibility that distresses you.

Why would you choose to do that? For many of you, the answer is that you are seeking solutions to life’s problems. We would ask you to examine whether or not that is the entire truth, for worry is not your most resourceful state. Rather we see that worry is using your creative energy to create ‘what if’ scenarios that are merely a selection of the possibilities in the field of all possibilities before you. Worry is not planning – except as it is planning for the distressing ‘what if’ scenario.

Now let us suggest that you take the creative energy in this present moment and create that which you desire. Some of you might feel that worrying is such an old, familiar companion that you are not ready to let go of it. Others might be thinking that you choose not to worry and therefore ignore addressing the problems that might cause you to worry. Neither path will bring you solutions nor will you create the life you desire.

Take a problem that you are wrestling with at this time and look upon it as an opportunity for the expression of your great, innate creative energy and talents. Even if you do not consider yourself to be a creative person, you are. You have created the very life that you are living today by making certain choices along the way. And you have the power to make conscious choices about your future possibilities to create a new life every day you are alive.

With a problem in mind, give yourself permission to approach the problem from different angles, some that might seem outrageous to you and some that are distasteful. Try to play at the edges of the reasonable choices before you, for this is where the most creative problem-solving takes place. Now look at the problem from the field of all possibilities, including the most outlandish, unbelievable, amazing possible outcomes. What ideas crop up for you to consider? Is there a new way of looking at your problem that you can see from this vantage point?

Sometimes the only thing that is necessary is that you step out of worry and move into problem-solving energy and the creative ideas will start to flow. And sometimes you need a rest from the worry so that there is energetic space in which the solutions can start to appear.

No matter what the problem is, spending your energy in the world of worry does not bring your most creative energies to bear on solving the problem. Become like the little children, be fully present in the moment, and create the solution you desire so you can live your richest life!

And so it is.

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MUSE-INGS: Personal Work and Happiness

“The unexamined life is not worth living for a human being” — Socrates

As far back as the time of Socrates it was taught that examining one’s life is extremely important, to the point of making life ‘worth living for a human being.’ And, yet, in the 21st Century, we seem to have become so involved in being busy that it is difficult to pause and ponder. What does it really mean to examine life?

For one thing, I believe that we must be constantly aware of the choices that are before us all the time. An unexamined life creates a false impression that ‘I have no choice’ but that is truly never the case. There is always a choice. It might not FEEL as if there is a choice but that is because we are making a decision based on what we feel, think and believe about a situation. It might be because the alternative before us is so abhorrent that we cannot imagine making the choice to do other than the path we see as the ‘only way.’ But we could choose something different even if the consequences were unacceptable.

Many clients come to me with seemingly impossible choices that they face and they ask for guidance in making decisions about those choices. The answer is often not ‘this or that’ but, rather, ‘how can you find a way to have both?’ That is, they can move from ‘either-or thinking’ into ‘and thinking’ and the solution presents itself. But what we believe about ourselves and our world often prevent us from moving into the higher space where the solutions live.

I remember several years ago, after one of my favorite Christmases of all time, I was facing a Christmas without any family except my husband. I was very depressed about the prospect of not seeing our kids or grandkids or the rest of the family during the holidays. The Christmas before we had had a magical time when all of our children and grandchildren were together for Christmas, ‘Santa’ came to our house on Christmas morning to deliver a kitten and a Buzz Lightyear toy, and we had time to relax and be together. And then everyone had moved away and we were going to wake up on Christmas morning without any family to share in our day. We were even going to be visiting with the grandkids just before Christmas because Richard had a business trip to their area, but the trip was to end just before the holiday and we were scheduled to return home to the empty house. My belief was that we had to be ‘home’ for Christmas, no matter what my heart wanted. But it finally occurred to us that we didn’t have to leave when the business trip was over. We could stay in the hotel, be with the family, and celebrate Christmas the way we wanted to, even if it was not at home.

We had an amazingly wonderful holiday that year! We cooked Christmas Eve dinner for 19 in our Residence Inn suite kitchen. We had a little tree from the drug store and a fire in the fireplace and enjoyed our extended family, missing only 1 son and his wife that year. But it took a huge leap in changing beliefs to allow that magic to happen when the closed-up, depressed thinking was keeping the possibility from presenting itself.

You can change your beliefs. You need to, however, first examine how your limiting beliefs are affecting your world. What negative thoughts are generated from these limiting beliefs? Fortunately, because I have the tools to help other people examine their beliefs and thoughts, I was able to use those tools for myself and find amazing possibilities that turned into realities for myself and my family.

When you choose to live a conscious life, you allow yourself to constantly be examining how the circumstances of your life are the result of your thinking and how you can change your thoughts to change your life.

What are you going to commit to today so that you can live a more conscious life?


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from The Divine Feminine: Relationship Rx — Time for a New Prescription?

Dear Ones,

The heart of a person is never operating in a way that is fully visible to others. Remember this in all your personal interactions.

Each person has a series of experiences in their past that influence their feelings in any given moment. From birth onward they have had feelings, emotions, experiences that have shaped them into the person they are today. As you have been shaped by your life, you must understand that every person around you has also been shaped by theirs. Can you find an understanding place within you so that you accept every other person just as they are without judgment or analysis or condemnation?

Think of a recent interaction with someone that you wish had gone differently. This doesn’t necessarily mean an angry confrontation or anything you would deem negative, just something that you wish had taken a different path. Now think of that person as a little child in that situation, where they were probably operating from a position where they didn’t have the same information that you had about that situation. Might you see that their choices were based on only the information that they had at the time, not on what you knew or had experience with, but only on their limited experience? Perhaps it triggered a remembrance of something they had already experienced and so they responded as they had before. Or perhaps they chose a different response to seek a different result.

When you try on the perspective of another person, you are working from a place where you have all the insights of your perspective but can see that they might have been looking at things differently. We hope that this gives you a feeling of understanding and comprehension of what is going on in any interaction.

Other people are not you. They have a different way of seeing life and themselves. They are the product of all their experiences to date and they can only look through the lens of those experiences. You have not had the same experiences. Your lens is not the same as theirs. You must understand this if your interpersonal relationships are to be successful.

Some people teach that you must learn to forgive, but the definition of forgiveness does not come from this place of understanding. You have no obligation to become a doormat to others, or to forgive something that has injured or harmed you. Forgiveness is not saying, ‘It’s all right,’ although that is how many interpret forgiveness.

True forgiveness is the understanding that there is nothing to forgive, in this old sense of the word. Everybody is doing the best they can with the resources they have at any given moment. You might wish they had more or different resources, but they are doing the best they can. Forgiveness from this perspective means ‘I understand that you are looking through your personal lens and I choose not to take into myself the energy of owning your choices and your perspective.’ When you make a decision about how you will react, how you respond to something, you are choosing whether to take that trigger into yourself or let it pass through.

At the same time you must decide whether or not you are going to place yourself in this situation again in the future. Too many times it is easier to let something go that has disturbed you, allow feelings of anger or resentment or worse fester within you, and yet you do not make the choice to distance yourself from the other person. Or you do not express appropriately the feelings that you are having to inform that person [and, thus, to give them more resources/information] so that they can make the choice to change their behavior if they wish.

Relationships are not about two people always seeing eye to eye because no two people have had the same experiences to bring to their connection with each other. Relationships that thrive do so because each individual has found a way to remain their own person while allowing the other person to also remain an individual, different but agreeing on seeing things through different, very personal lenses.

Remember this in all your interactions with others!

And so it is.


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MUSE-INGS: Take out the Garbage!

In my old computer programmer days [seems like centuries ago!] we used to say, ‘GIGO – Garbage In, Garbage Out’! Seems that’s what this message is all about. What we input into our internal database is what comes out in our life.

So what are you putting in? When I work with clients who are accepting what others are trying to input it reminds me of the days when someone gave us ‘garbage’ to put in the database on the computer but expected a ‘garden’ to come out of it. That only works if the garbage is fertilizer and you also plant flowers!

Your thoughts are your thoughts. Other people own their thoughts, too. But it’s up to you to decide which thoughts you will accept and store away in your database. Do you believe in your own self-worth or have you let someone else define that for you? For example, we women look at magazines and think that we must measure up [or down!] to what we see. But even those models say they don’t look like that either! Have you had a parent or spouse or friend tell you that being an entrepreneur is not wise because there’s no security in that? Not true!

I’ve had several clients who have heard this in some form or other but today’s job market is not like it was decades ago. No one’s job is secure today. But if you are an entrepreneur you can make your own success, you can adjust your course, you can use the Law of Attraction to your benefit without being impeded by others. YOU have more options than someone who is not on their own.  If you are in a job as an employee, you must still decide who YOU are because your job description does not define you!

And look at your relationships to see if you are allowing others to input their ideas, thoughts, models of the world into your internal database. It’s pretty easy to let that happen. But they are not living your Life Purpose. It is not their responsibility to live out your mission on Planet Earth.

Now look at what you regularly input into your own database. So often we read, digest, listen to ‘stuff’ that does not lift up our own internal vibration. We allow ourselves to be lowered to a frequency that does not resonate with our spirit and we can’t understand why we are feeling ‘down.’ It’s our internal vibratory frequency that is ‘down.’ That’s the clue that we must do something to lift our own vibration.

Remember the Beach Boys’ song, ‘Good Vibrations’? [OK, maybe I’m the only one old enough to remember the Beach Boys!] Our internal mechanisms want us to feel good, to feel those ‘Good Vibrations.’ What are you doing today to feel a higher vibration than the day might bring on its own?

As I write this I have had technical glitches with three client sessions – three! My whole morning. What was that all about? Now my choice is to rail against the Universe or the gods of cyberspace, or I can deal with each issue as it arises and move forward. I chose the latter path.

We are always at choice about how to respond to what happens to us. But our options for those responses come from our own internal database. We must be careful to input only that which we would be happy to bring out as an option, a possible choice for us. This is why it is such a good idea to periodically clear out the database by clearing limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, blocks that we might not even know we have. Often times when I work with clients, this is the most important work we do. The rest of what they are looking for flows from this!

You might also try the ‘nightly review’ where before you go to sleep you review your day, going backwards through the day to decide if, next time, there is a better choice for you to make in a certain situation. This instructs your Unconscious Mind to store the new choice as an option for next time instead of the old one.

Take out the ‘garbage’ every night!


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THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: “How to have a good day – smile for no reason!”

Dear Ones,

We are ready to give you a little nudge to move you in the direction of Conscious Living.  How conscious do you feel you are these days?  Are there blind spots in your focus?  Are you extending your consciousness into all areas of your life or are you only being aware in certain circumstances?

Now is not the time to play the ostrich.  You cannot bury your head in the sand and expect to live fully on Planet Earth at this time.  The Mother is asking you, begging you to participate.

Every day invites you to recommit to living a Conscious Life.  Every morning, before your feet even hit the floor, start the energy of gratitude flowing in your heart.  Be grateful that your mind is intact and that you are opening your eyes.  Think of something, no matter how small or large, that you can use to really ramp up the gratitude in your heart.  Focus on that energy for a few minutes.  Then watch it grow until it encompasses you and the coming day.

Only then do you open your eyes, so that you see through the energy of gratitude when you look at every event and situation in your day.  Create a smiling face, whether you feel like smiling or not, because that energy will magnetically attract smiles to you.  Think of something that you can do for others today and allow that energy of giving to flow through and in you.  Think of someone you love and tell them so as soon as you are able.

Then put your feet on the floor.  If you have ramped up your energy like this before you even get out of bed then you will have a good day.  Notice that we didn’t say that everything will go your way, because that is not the definition of a ‘good day.’  But no matter what happens, if you have gratitude and generosity flowing in your heart on any given day, then there is nothing that can be thrown at you that you cannot handle, that you cannot learn from.

Try smiling for no reason.  Smile at the person pumping gas next to you.  Smile at that grumpy person in the store.  Smile at the person that you work with who seems to always be in a bad mood.  Just smile.  Watch how magnetic that smile can be.

Start the day this way and commit to yourself that you are going to be conscious throughout the day of your thoughts and actions.  Are you choosing to act from your authentic self?  Are you being conscious of your choices?

Start the day with a smile of gratitude and then be aware of every choice throughout the day.  You’ll go to bed with a smile on your face that night!

And so it is.


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MUSE-INGS: Live Your Values Consciously! by Rosemary Bredeson

It feels as if we are frequently being asked to ask ourselves, “What really matters?”  We get all worked up about something that bothers or frustrates or upsets us.  But if we pause and ask, “What really matters in this situation?” would we get so worked up?

It really does seem as if time is speeding up and that the days no longer have the full 24 hours available to us.  Does it seem that way to you, too?  Whether it’s the Photon Belt or the Earth’s rotation on its axis or some other reason, the FEELING that time is speeding up can lead us to making some decisions about  how to spend the time that we do have.

I know there are many days that I wake up with an expectation of what my to-do list looks like but I seem to get caught up in the drama of the day and often get pulled off that list to take care of someone else’s drama.  I’m sure that has happened to you, too, hasn’t it?  So how do we take back control of our own time?

The first step is to decide what our own values are.  Not what we wish they were or what we think they should be, but what we truly believe our values are, deep in our heart.  I learned some good exercises when I trained in NLP [Neuro-Linguistic Programming] that help to identify the values that our unconscious minds hold and they are often not what we ‘think’ our values are.  How can this be?  Our conscious minds use logic not emotion when coming up with a list of values but our unconscious minds develop the list from our emotional beliefs and understandings, of ourselves and of our lives.  The unconscious mind is focused on surviving the day, based on whatever it believes about our safety and security.  While one’s conscious mind might think that eating healthy foods is a high value, the unconscious mind might be remembering a time when food was scarce and created a desire to eat everything in sight in case there’s no more food to eat later.  One’s conscious mind might think that being with friends is the most important thing to do today while the unconscious mind might be craving some alone time.  The body might respond to this values conflict by creating illness so that the alone time takes precedence over the friend time.

Do you see how this works?  Have you ever experienced this seeming contradiction?  What do you do about it?

Well, as in most things, when living a Conscious Life, the first thing to do is to hit the ‘pause button’ and really look at how time is being spent.  Again, not in how you wish it were but in how it is realistically being devoted to activities.  Keep a time diary, in 15 minute increments, for a few days.  No judgments here, just record, from a curious, non-judgmental and accepting viewpoint.  Do you need more alone time? You might see you are pulling out of social engagements, always having a good reason but maybe it is because you have said ‘yes’ to something that your unconscious mind wanted you to say ‘no’ to.  Are you avoiding being with someone that you think you like but that you seem to have lots of reasons to avoid?  Maybe that person really doesn’t resonate with you but you haven’t yet figured out how to shift things so that you don’t have to spend time with them.

The list can go on and on, but the important thing to realize is that, conscious or unconscious, your values, what really matters to you, is driving your life at some level.  Even if you frequently make choices that contradict the values of your unconscious mind, you will start to find the debilitating nature of illness or accident or drama pointing the way for you to find answers about what you truly value in your life.

Doesn’t it make sense to do the personal growth work so that you can become conscious about your values and the choices that you are making?  Make a commitment to start this work today!


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THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Move beyond doubt!

Dear Ones,

Where there is doubt, let there be Light, for the Light chases away doubt. Doubt comes from dark thoughts, from believing that one is separate from the Light. Doubt begins because a seed has been planted like a weed in a garden of Light. If the seed of doubt is watered and fertilized it takes over the garden, just as a weed does.

You must make sure that you are not watering and fertilizing the seeds of doubt that blow into your personal garden of Light. Sometimes these seeds come from society and societal beliefs, sometimes from people in your life. Sometimes they develop from previous life experiences that are not truly representative or relevant to your current situation.  Be aware that doubt is the enemy of enlightenment. Doubt chokes out the Light that is unfolding within you.

There is only one purpose in doubt – it points to the place in your life that is begging for attention. Do you doubt that you can be successful?  Then examine how you are limiting or even sabotaging your own success. Do you doubt that you can have healthy relationships? Then examine how you are not in a healthy relationship within yourself, or how you can be or become the kind of person/partner you wish to attract. Do you doubt that you can find happiness or even that you deserve happiness? Then examine your definition of happiness and ask if you are looking outside yourself for something that must come from within.

Do not doubt, Dear Ones, that you are less than perfect just as you are, for that which you might label as an ‘imperfection’ in yourself at the moment is merely the pointer for your current lesson.

Conscious Living demands that the individual live a self-examined life. To slide through life without honestly examining one’s inner existence, inner workings and the choices one makes leads one away from happiness and fulfillment. Human beings have an awareness of Self that can lead to extraordinary leaps of consciousness when they look for growth through that awareness and understanding. Many, though, choose to live in denial of their own power to effect the course of their lives, preferring instead to give away that power to external sources.

You are not a canoe with no one to paddle and steer, being carried through life by the flow of the river. No, you are the one with the paddles, choosing your life’s direction in every moment. You choose whether to go with the flow or paddle upstream. You choose how to avoid obstacles or go through them. You choose which branch of the river to follow when you reach a fork. Do not hand those paddles over to someone else. Do not doubt that you are in charge of the direction of your life.

You may not be able to control the weather or the obstacles in your path, but your life is not controlled by those. Your Life is how you respond to those things over which you have no control.

Never doubt that you always have choices about how you respond to challenges. If you allow doubt to control you, then you are giving away the paddles of your canoe.

Keep paddling. Open yourself to guidance. Look at challenges as information, as opportunities for growth, for there is great Light awaiting you on the other side of every lesson. Claim your own power and seek the Light. You will always be rewarded for making this choice.

And so it is.


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