MUSE-INGS: What? Me Worry?

Some of us are old enough to remember Mad Magazine and Alfred E. Newman with the ‘What? Me Worry?’ smile on his face. How nice it would be to adopt this attitude toward all our problems!

I see worry as a huge drain on energy, away from the energy pie of today. Each day we start with one energy pie. We choose each day how many slices to make in that pie and to which activities we are giving those slices of pie. Some days we might make huge slices and work on only a couple of projects. Other days, we cut up slivers and divvy them out to lots of different activities or people.

When worry takes over, we cut a big slice of our energy pie and throw it away. Worry is planning energy, creating a mind wrapped around a possibility that has not materialized. And, knowing about the Laws of Attraction and Manifestation, we then energize the very thing that we don’t want to have happen. Bummer!

Since great worriers are also great planners, (they have to be to be so good at creating a picture of the future that hasn’t happened yet!) what if you took your energy for worry and turned it into the energy of planning for the outcome you desire? Much more fun to picture a happy desired outcome than a dismal one!

This is the difference between saying to yourself, ‘I hope I don’t catch that cold’ and ‘I plan to stay healthy.’ Since the unconscious mind can’t understand a negative without storing a picture of the phrase without the negative, the ‘I hope I don’t catch that cold’ thought creates and stores a picture of catching the very cold you don’t want to have! Much better to think, ‘I plan to stay healthy’ and then create a mind picture of staying healthy.

Worry works like that. You must create a picture in your mind of the horrible thing you are worrying about. Think of the energy it takes to create that scenario and plan all the details about which your are worried. Now take that energy back into your energy pie and devote it to something more productive in helping you to lead your richest life.

Whatever you are worried about might be a real problem in your life. I don’t mean to diminish real problems. But taking a slice of energy pie and devoting it to worrying about something that might happen does not use your most creative energy in the most productive manner. Instead, how about using the feeling or worry as a signal that your creative juices are about to start flowing and you want to choose to direct them in a positive way, rather than in the negative direction of worry?

Plan for the success you desire. If you are worrying about a certain outcome, then energize a different one with your thoughts. If you have a problem that you are worrying about but have not made any progress in solving, then change how you are thinking about the problem and look for some solution to ponder instead of the problem. Even the most outlandish possibility might hold some clue to the optimal solution.

And PLAY. Sometimes worry just indicates the need for you to get in touch with the energy of play. Make something. Play with kids. Get out crayons and paper and draw something. Get your hands in the dirt or the dough or the clay and form something. Play a game, sing a song. PLAY.

Get those creative juices flowing and apply them to the possibilities that hold the most energy for you. You don’t need to ignore the problems. The choice isn’t between worrying and ignoring the problems. The choice is to be your creative self and solve problems rather than to worry about them.

Explore the field of all possibilities with the energy of play and watch the wonderful solutions appear!

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MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Worry or Create a Solution? The Choice is Yours.

Dear Ones,

We are aware that many people spend much of their energy in the space of worrying. We would ask you to consider that worry is the non-productive use of creative energy. Let us help you determine a better use of that creative energy.

First, you must become familiar with the energy of PLAY. Watch the little children around you. They do not worry when they are at play. They are completely present to the moment and to what is happening in that moment in time. They are fully available to whatever creative impulses they experience in that moment. And they are not worried about what will happen in the next moment.

When you are admonished to ‘become like the little children’ it is a recommendation that you find yourself in the energy of the innocence of the moment. This moment now does not contain the energy of other moments except when you bring those energies into your mind. This present moment is not the accumulation of all your feelings from the past or all your worries about the future, for the past and the future are contained in this moment as you define your life.

Every moment that you have lived has moved you forward into the next moment. When you have been fully present to the Now you have used all your resources in the appropriate moment to access the best of yourself, your history and your future, to bring that moment into fulfillment. However, there are times when worry has taken your resources and your energy into some unspecified future time and aligned you with an unfulfilled possibility that distresses you.

Why would you choose to do that? For many of you, the answer is that you are seeking solutions to life’s problems. We would ask you to examine whether or not that is the entire truth, for worry is not your most resourceful state. Rather we see that worry is using your creative energy to create ‘what if’ scenarios that are merely a selection of the possibilities in the field of all possibilities before you. Worry is not planning – except as it is planning for the distressing ‘what if’ scenario.

Now let us suggest that you take the creative energy in this present moment and create that which you desire. Some of you might feel that worrying is such an old, familiar companion that you are not ready to let go of it. Others might be thinking that you choose not to worry and therefore ignore addressing the problems that might cause you to worry. Neither path will bring you solutions nor will you create the life you desire.

Take a problem that you are wrestling with at this time and look upon it as an opportunity for the expression of your great, innate creative energy and talents. Even if you do not consider yourself to be a creative person, you are. You have created the very life that you are living today by making certain choices along the way. And you have the power to make conscious choices about your future possibilities to create a new life every day you are alive.

With a problem in mind, give yourself permission to approach the problem from different angles, some that might seem outrageous to you and some that are distasteful. Try to play at the edges of the reasonable choices before you, for this is where the most creative problem-solving takes place. Now look at the problem from the field of all possibilities, including the most outlandish, unbelievable, amazing possible outcomes. What ideas crop up for you to consider? Is there a new way of looking at your problem that you can see from this vantage point?

Sometimes the only thing that is necessary is that you step out of worry and move into problem-solving energy and the creative ideas will start to flow. And sometimes you need a rest from the worry so that there is energetic space in which the solutions can start to appear.

No matter what the problem is, spending your energy in the world of worry does not bring your most creative energies to bear on solving the problem. Become like the little children, be fully present in the moment, and create the solution you desire so you can live your richest life!

And so it is.

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MUSE-INGS: Create the Day You Would Like to Have!

Quite frankly, I’m tired.  It’s been a very busy couple of weeks. I have a lot to do.  Sometimes I long for unconsciousness [or maybe it’s just that I long for sleep!].  But there is always a connection to be made when you are conscious of the need that all humans have for connectedness.

I recently bought some cosmetics at a department store and ended up having a delightful time chatting with 3 of the women who worked at the counter.  At dinner with a couple of friends, one of whom had her dog with her, the waiter got talking to us about his pets and how they had contacted him after their passing. [I had told him that I am a medium and that I often give people messages from their pets who have passed on.]  These connections were great fun and brought a smile to my face that answered the smiles of the other people.

It’s so easy to wake up every morning with the to-do list on your mind.  Or, worse, to start immediately addressing the problems that you have to solve that day.  It’s easy to jump immediately into your day without setting an intention and, yet, that is the most creative energy of your day.

You don’t have to wake up and compose a concerto but you can use those first waking moments of the day to create the day you would like to have.  If you set yourself in a grateful, giving, curious energy before you even get out of bed then whatever happens to you that day will be merely a lesson to be learned.

Tomorrow morning, wake up and tell yourself that you can gracefully handle anything that life throws at you!  Wake up and think about someone you can help.  Wake up and smile with gratitude for something in your life.  Then go out there and make it the best day ever!


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MUSE-INGS: Positive Thoughts Bring Light into Your Day!

Call me a ‘Pollyanna’ but I do like to look at the bright side of things.  And I like the idea of making the first thought of the day a positive one.  Imagine that your day is like a page in a coloring book, waiting for you to pick up the crayons and fill in the colors.  What colors would you like to be there for you today?  Now think what it would be like if the only color you could use was the gray crayon – no sunlight yellow, no bright pink, no reds, blues or greens – just gray.  Wouldn’t you want to pull the covers back up over your head?

YOU create the box of crayons and the vibrations with which you color your day.  Which color will you choose?  Which positive thought do you want to focus your first energy of the day on?  Use these ideas as tools to lift your own vibration.  Go to bed with the thought that you will wake with something positive on your mind.  Remember that your unconscious mind doesn’t judge what you are picturing because it can’t tell the difference between the pictures you make up and the ones you really see with your eyes.  Why not make up some pictures of how you want things to work out for you today instead of making pictures of what you don’t want?  Let your unconscious mind store away the pictures of what you do want and it will work for you to make those happen.

This energy is at work whether you are conscious of it or not.  Knowing that you are attracting that on which you are placing your attention, wouldn’t you want to focus on something positive?  I’ve heard people question the Law of Attraction but that Law is at work whether you are consciously using it or not.  Think about it.  How many people do you know who have talked about some fear of an unwanted occurrence only to have that very thing materialize?  These people then say, “I always [lose, have a problem with X, don’t get what I want, etc.].”  They are then specifically energizing what they don’t want for the next time!

Become the one who can always see the positive side of whatever is going on.  Choose positive thoughts for the first thing in the morning.  Catch yourself speaking the negative thoughts that flit through your mind and move on to positive ones.  If you still struggle with something positive to think about, visualize something that feels good to you.  Consider decorating your bedroom so that the first thing you see every morning is something that makes you feel good.  Perhaps a picture of a loved one or a flower.  Maybe it’s your favorite painting or sculpture or work of art.  It could be as simple as having the window curtain open so you can look outside as you awaken to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Create your morning ritual around being conscious of thinking positive thoughts for the day.  The moments when you are just emerging from sleep are the most creative moments of your day – make use of these moments to bring the high vibration of creative energy to what you start your day thinking about.  If you have problems to solve, keep yourself in the creative mode rather than dropping down into suffering and victimhood.  You have control over these thoughts.  Steer them downstream so that you can go with the flow.  If you start your day focusing on negative thoughts, it will become harder for you to lift yourself up later in the day.

Set the intention when you go to bed that you will move your morning thoughts into the Light and focus on the positive!


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