ROSEMARY’S INSPIRATION: Choose to Celebrate!

My “Two-Minute” Video for this Week: Choose to Celebrate!

ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Choose to Celebrate!

You are always at a point of choice about how you will respond to a given situation. The way it works is: an event happens, you have a knee-jerk reaction, and you respond. When you are living a conscious life, you pause after that knee-jerk reaction and CHOOSE how you will respond.

Life happens. Stuff happens to and around and in us. We have natural tendencies to react in a certain way. Your first response might be anger. It might be fear. It might be to blame someone else. It might be to assume that it is your fault. There are lots of ways that you can react to a stimulus.

But you CHOOSE the way you will respond to that stimulus. If you allow your unconscious mind to make the choice, it will choose to operate under the same strategies from which your knee-jerk reaction arose.

However, if you give yourself a chance to pause, you will have many more options for choosing a response.

There are a lot of fear-mongers who would invite you to feel fear. There are a lot of situations in the world that, when focused on, will generate fear. There are, though, a lot MORE situations that invite us to celebrate.

But do we focus on celebrating or on fear?

The chances are very slim that you will ever contract the Eboli virus. And, yet, many people are hysterically afraid of this disease which is, admittedly, not a fun thing to have. It is, however, very difficult to contract this disease. But you are certainly hearing a lot about it, often with an undertone of fear.

Now think about all the things that are going RIGHT with your body, right now, in this moment, as you read these words. You have molecules and atoms and cells and tissues and organs that are all functioning without your conscious mind having to direct the show. Air is going in and out of your lungs without your conscious effort, unless you choose to focus on your breathing.

The last meal you ate is digesting itself without your focus. You can reach for a drink of water without having to consciously fire off every muscle involved in the action. Your eyes and brain are working together to make sense of the images you read on this page.

In other words, there are a whole lot of reasons for you to celebrate your body!

Are you feeling fearful at the moment about something that hasn’t happened yet?

Allow that fear to invite you into celebration of something that IS HAPPENING in this present moment. Get into gratitude for things that are working the way you want them to work. Think about the volunteers around the globe who are selflessly serving others right now.

Think about the Sun rising every single morning without your assistance. The things that you worry about are possibilities that haven’t materialized yet. Even if you have a fear based on something that has already happened, is that fear leading to the resources to make the optimal choice of response or is it constricting your vision so much that you can’t see any other possibilities?

Celebrate! You are reading this. Fear reminds you that you have forgotten to celebrate what’s good, what’s going well. Choose to focus on celebrating and let the fear take a back seat. There’s always something to celebrate, even if it’s just that next breath that you take!

Hostage Situation – Inside Yourself? – Richard’s Commentary

I can certainly relate to Rosemary’s Exploration this week. And it’s not any one or big fear that holds me back from “living my richest life.” It’s usually little things. And when I move beyond the fear and look back I think: “what was I ever afraid of?”

Most of my little fears come from my childhood. I was an only child for a long time – my next brother came along when I was already eight. I was protected and even revered within my extend and large family of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. And because family was always there I didn’t have to venture out much into greater society.

So, when Rosemary asks: What part of you is holding another part hostage? I can usually point to my inner child – that protected and easy living six year-old.

Rosemary is exactly right when she says:

But most of the fears that I see with clients represent a conflict between a part that wants to step forward and a part that is afraid to do that.

It can be around any issue: a relationship, a job, money, family, taking a risk, making a decision. There is a feeling of wanting to move and yet, at the same time, a sense of paralysis.

My adult self always wants to step forward; I am usually energetic, decisive and know what I want. But sometimes that six year-old digs in his heals and sets up a block out of some weird sense of protectiveness.

Does this ever happen to you? Do you ever feel paralysis as you work toward an important goal? When this happens to me I usually have to go inside to work through the issue. Sometimes I even have a talk with the six year-old to calm any fears he may be experiencing. I remind him of several factors in the situation:

  1. I am in charge and I know what I am doing; I’m the adult, after all!
  2. We have done things like this before and it always comes out well!
  3. Look to the end result, the success. Doesn’t that make you happy?
  4. Let’s just move forward and see what happens; you’ll be OK.

This inner dialogue can take several forms: meditation, writing, even sometimes a shamanic journey (for me this is similar to an inner guided meditation) to visit my places of safety and my power animals. I can even take my six year-old into the future to see the positive outcome and allay any further fear.

Of course using a coach or counselor is always an option. Inner child work can be very powerful and productive. The tools and help are there for all of us to “live our richest lives!”


ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Hostage Situation – Inside Yourself?

What part of you is holding another part hostage?

If that question is hard to answer, then try this one: What is Fear keeping you from doing in your life?

We have so many fears, many of them unconscious, and they can cripple our progress through life. Sometimes it is a fear of public speaking (have you heard that this is often greater than the fear of death?) or it might be a fear of spiders. Some have a fear of flying that keeps them from enjoying vacations to distant lands.

But most of the fears that I see with clients represent a conflict between a part that wants to step forward and a part that is afraid to do that.

It can be around any issue: a relationship, a job, money, family, taking a risk, making a decision. There is a feeling of wanting to move and yet, at the same time, a sense of paralysis.

Have you ever felt this way? Perhaps you are feeling this today around something that is going on in your life.

What have you thought about doing that you are not doing YET? What has been hanging around waiting for the perfect time for you to commit to it? Where do you want to go in your life that you have been afraid to move toward?

There is always some fear lurking in the issue when we feel torn about a decision or making a move in a certain direction. Sometimes the fear is that we don’t know what to do next. It might be a fear that we’ll make the wrong decision or choice and there will be consequences.

The part inside of you that is holding you hostage to a fear may not be revealing the exact nature of that fear to you. Often a client will come to me with one issue and the REAL issue is something behind the one they can see.

I spent a VIP Day with a client once who wanted to plan out her business and marketing as we discussed in her preparatory session. She came with calendars and plans in hand. What happened during our hours together, though, showed why she had been unable to get those plans organized.

There were family issues to be resolved before her unconscious mind would allow her to leap forward in her business. We spent most of the time working through the blocks and fears that had been lurking behind her indecisiveness.

After the work of clearing those blocks and fears, we sailed through the business part of the planning!

That is the power of CLEARING THE FEAR! When a part of you is being held hostage by a fearful part, you must learn what the fear is and how to satisfy the part that holds the fear BEFORE you can take the next step in whatever area of your life where you feel stuck.

How are you holding yourself back in your life? Have you identified the fear?

Move the fear out of the way so that you can move freely toward the life you desire!

ROSEMARY’S INSPIRATION: Assess the Necessity

My “Two-Minute” video for the week: Assess the Necessity

Note: this clip was taken from our October gathering for Satsang.

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Again this week, The Divine Feminine wish to continue instructing us in 21st Century living.

“Dear Ones,

We do not say ‘Protect Yourself’ to make you fear what is happening, but to empower you to handle the tumultuous energies of the transformational time in which you are living.

As life on Planet Earth moves forward in its evolution, each individual must maintain their forward momentum and continue to evolve. There are, however, many situations and energies that would distract one from this path. There are also those who believe that, through the instilling of fear in individuals, they can exert power over them. As consciousness students, you have the power to overcome the efforts of those who wish you to stay in the energy of fear.

Protect yourself from fear. This does not mean that there will not arise occasions when your immediate reaction will be a feeling of fear. You do not, however, have to stay in fear if you have developed the tools to deal with this.

The first tool you must learn to protect yourself is to develop your connection with your spirit guides and the angels who would protect you with their power. You have guides who would instruct you in actions to take if you would ask them and listen to their guidance. You have angels who would protect you if you would invite them to help in your life. These assistants from other realms are available to you if you learn to connect with them.

Protect yourself from apathy. You have been given a human life on Planet Earth at this time in its history because your Soul chose to assist humanity in its transformation and evolution. Care about your role in this process. Determine the Purpose which your Soul agreed to manifest and take action to pursue that Purpose in your life. Do not allow difficulties to distract you from your Purpose. If you find yourself drifting into apathy or not caring about your daily life, then get help to move you back onto your path of personal growth.

Protect yourself from the energies of other people. YOU are the only one with your Soul Purpose on this planet. YOU are the only one who can play your role in the unfolding of the Universe’s Plan for humanity. If you encounter others who would interfere with your evolution then you must learn to separate your energy from theirs.

Develop rituals of protection so that you can keep your environment and your energy field clear of the energies of others. Learn to use meditation, candles, incense, sage, crystals, feng shui, and whatever other tools will help you to clear your space and keep your energy field filled with only your energy.

Protect yourself from negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. These insidious energies can be at work in your life at the unconscious level and, yet, they can be very powerful. Do the work, which might require outside assistance, to clear these from your unconscious mind so that you are able to move forward along your path of growth. Develop the tools to recognize when these are holding you back. Become conscious at all times of how your mind can play tricks on you.

Protect yourself from misguided choices. Learn to trust and follow your intuition. No matter what choices you make, there will be lessons to learn. At this time, however, your intuition will lead you on the path of greatest growth and fastest evolutionary progress. Learn how to access the great guidance available through your own intuition.

Develop these tools and you will have a toolbox to protect yourself!

And so it is.”

PS: In this message The Divine Feminine talk about tools for self-protection, empowerment and clearing negative energies. You too have these powers of self-protection and can use them at any time. Not sure how? Let’s talk! Apply for a FREE “Discovery Session” with me and learn tools of protection! Apply Here

Doorways of Opportunity—Richard’s Commentary

I always enjoy these messages from The Divine Feminine. I’ve heard and read many over the years I’ve spent at Rosemary’s side. They are always rich with wisdom yet well grounded and practical. And because I’ve heard so many I also know they are genuine. So I pay attention when they speak through Rosemary!

The key to this message is in the very first lines: The flames are licking at the Doors of Change.  Those who fear change are trying to engulf the opportunities in flames so that you and others will not walk through them.  Do not let these fear-mongers paralyze you.

Fear is one of the chief emotions that impacts our willingness, even our very ability to change. We fear change because we don’t know what is on the other side of that door. We know what is on this side and too often we are either too comfortable or too complacent with the status quo to consider what may be on the other side, even if it could be wonderful!

The trouble with comfort and complacency is the inevitability of change. The Divine Feminine say: The evolutionary forces of the Universe are not static.  They are always and forever moving forward, taking with them those who are connected to growth and leaving behind those who wish to go backward, which is the same as attempting to stand still.  There is no standing still.  There is only moving forward or being swamped by the Tides of Change.

Galaxy M106-no labelThe status quo cannot stand against these formidable tides. Consider some of the Hubble pictures Rosemary posts in her Ezine! I’ve included one here (Galaxy M106) to illustrate this point. Imagine the immensity and the enormous energy represented in this galactic “whirlpool.” This is the energy of change alive in the Universe! Yes, “resistance is futile”! We live in a dynamic Universe and The Divine Feminine are suggesting, warning, that if we try to stand still we will be inundated.

There is another force that works to keep us in fear of change; that force is greed. For many the status quo means continued profits; change may impact those profits. Again, the opportunity on the other side of the doorway is veiled; there may be risk involved. There is less risk in the status quo, right? Yes, if the only concern is for the short term; this quarter’s over last quarter’s and last year’s quarter returns. But can the forces of greed resist the coming changes any better than the forces of fear?

Just as change and opportunity are two sides of the same coin, we can look at fear and greed in the same way. Greed is a fear of not having enough; it is born from a sense of lack. Much is never enough. Too much is better but still not enough! There is a strong resemblance here among change, fear and greed.

We have to step through this doorway, even as the flames of fear and greed lick the frame and turn us away. Opportunity is the only way to approach change. Yes, there are unknowns beyond the doorway; yes, there are risks that must be faced. But the changes are coming, are here, whether we resist them or not. It is far better to ride the tide of this transformative time and rise with the opportunities that flow our way. Seize them, not as life lines, not out of greed or the need for gain, but for advancement, for the evolution of humanity, of the Universe. The force of evolution is here and will press on with us or without us.

Are you ready for the evolutionary ride of your life? Grab hold!


MUSE-INGS: Share the Vision

What is your typical response when you feel fearful? Do you hide? Do you lash out? Do you run? Do you analyze? There are many ways to respond to fear but most of us stay in the fear and then choose an action.

What if you feel the fear but dialogue with it? Use the fear as a signal instead of trying to ignore it or trying to run from it or attacking it. Our emotions are powerful pockets of energy in us. Because we’re human we have the capacity for great depths of emotion and, we hope, the wisdom to express those emotions appropriately.

Now what if we channeled all the energy of our emotions into the creating of our reality?

The truth is that we are doing this all the time, whether consciously or unconsciously. What we attach our thoughts to following the feeling of our emotions is energized by the energy of those emotions. It’s like hooking up a huge battery to something and letting the energy of the battery activate whatever is hooked up to it. Wouldn’t you like to energize something you actually want to attract into your life rather than attaching that fully charged battery of energy to something that you don’t want?

Fear causes us to focus on what we are afraid of, what we are afraid will happened but don’t really want to have in our life. And the energy of fear can be a powerful battery to charge up the vision of what we don’t want to have. [Did you know that you cannot have fear of something without creating a mind picture of just what you don’t want? Your unconscious mind can’t make sense of a thought about what you fear unless it creates this mind picture of what you are fearing. That alone energizes what you don’t want in your life!]

Now imagine hooking up a positive vision for your personal future to a huge battery fueled by the emotion of joy. Can’t feel the joy yet? Then ramp it up by thinking of something that, in the past, made you feel great joy. Amp it up within yourself. Add all the senses to this exercise. What did you smell? What could you taste? Hear? See? How did it feel? Keep cycling through the senses as you increase the joy. You are charging a battery with some good ‘juice’!

Then switch what you are picturing to a picture of that positive vision that you created. Pour all that Joy Energy into the picture of that vision. Use all your senses to feel, see, hear, taste, smell that vision. How will it be when that has already come into being? Stay with it. Imbue that vision with joy. This really energizes and magnetizes that vision for you.

When you take that vision to others and share it, they, too, can share in the joy and can add their battery to yours to give even more energy to that possibility. This is how a positive vision for the future can imbue humanity with hope. Lots of people getting together to energize a shared vision of a positive future can make things happen.

Start using this technique in your daily life and see if your outlook doesn’t improve. Create your positive vision and share it. Help others energize their positive visions. Spread the joy!

And help humanity have hope because one person shared a positive vision of the future.


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MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: You Can Create the Future for All Humanity!

Dear Ones,

What are your thoughts as you approach the days to come? Are you in fear of something you don’t understand or that you can’t see clearly? How do you let fear act in your life?

Many people worry about things that have not happened yet and they share their worries with others until those ideas take hold and create an energy of their own. Fear follows this dynamic. But all along the ideas were not reality, just someone’s picture of a possible future reality and they grabbed the attention of others to drag them into fear of this possibility along with the originator of the idea and soon there are crowds of people believing that this will be real in the future and that they should fear it. This all started with one person’s idea of what was possible in the future.

What if that one person deliberately set out to gather crowds of people around them so that they could control the future? What if that one person knew exactly what would happen if they could generate fear of a potential happening, enough fear to energize that very possibility? And what if that one person had something to gain by having those crowds actualize that possibility?

If this all sounds rather sinister, that’s because it is. Generating fear in large numbers of people is an ancient way of controlling a population. Creating someone or something to fear focuses attention away from the actual realities of the moment and distracts the crowds from the truth of the moment.

Now what if someone who was wiser and more caring decided that fear is not healthy for a population and that the people would benefit more from seeing a positive possibility than from fearing something negative? Imagine the energy that could be created around that positive possibility?

That, Dear Ones, is what a Conscious Human is called to do. Create a positive possibility and energize it. Share it with others so that they can feel uplifted and expanded. Generate hope that things are not as dark as they seem. Move people into feelings of empowerment because they can envision themselves becoming more empowered and can, thus, energize that vision for themselves. What could humanity create if huge numbers of people engaged in this activity?

This is your task today. Generate positive visions for yourself, your personal life, and for all of humanity. When you feel yourself drifting into fear ask yourself how you have given away your power to someone else’s vision. When you feel strong use that energy to increase the energy vibration of your positive vision. Use your own feelings as a gauge for what you are being asked to do in the moment.

Allow yourself to be a tool for the creation of a positive future for humanity. Do not give energy to the negative. Understand what is going on around you but do not become attached to it. Disconnect from situations and people that you feel bring you down from your higher visions. Do not allow yourself to attach to fear but use your feelings to point you toward your direction of growth.

All this is available to you today. Create the vision, share it and energize it. And you can do this from the comfort of your armchair!

And so it is.


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MYSTIC MESSAGE: from The Divine Feminine: Fears? Who, me?

Dear Ones,

It is time for us to address the fears that you are dealing with at this time. Do you realize that all of your fears can be traced to your fear of being alone? Of being separated from the collective ‘All’? Yes, even your fears around money are ultimately connected to this universal fear.

No one who feels a constant connection to Source Energy or the Universe or Spirit or the Divine or God/Goddess can live in fear, even if there is no money in the bank or no relationship currently or any other of a myriad of problems in their life. No one who truly feels connected to all others on Earth can feel alone. No one who understands the concept of being One with the All, of being a part of the collective of humans in the collective consciousness, can be alone.

However, it is easy for individuals to forget, or fail to remember, that they are always connected to the community of human s on Planet Earth in a given time. You are not alone on Earth, no matter what you feel at this moment. Any fears that you might have stem from forgetting this one fact.

You are a spirit in your core. You are connected to all other spirits. It doesn’t matter what your outer circumstances might be, you are not alone in your experience, even if you feel that these words do not apply to you today. These words ALWAYS apply!

Human beings feel the first separation in their life as they separate from their mother at birth. The cutting of the umbilical cord is a metaphor for feeling like a human being who has been cut off from the spiritual being the human is actually a part of. You were symbolically cut from your mother so that you could lead a life separate from her and have your own experience of the path to reunion with the All or Spirit. At the moment that you took your first breath of precious air from Mother Earth’s atmosphere, you began to live the journey back to wholeness with the Source. Your physical mother had completed her initial work in carrying you from spirit into the physical world. The work then became your own, to rejoin what you felt was your separate spirit to the Universal Spirit that is the Source of All.

No matter what is going on in your life today, you are still connected to that Universal Spirit. No one has cut your umbilical cord to Mother Earth, who represents Source to those who dwell on her surface. Your spirit is a hologram of the Source Spirit in the Universe. You cannot be separate from the whole even if you think you are.

The fears that you have are really about circumstances in your life that lead you to make choices because, at your core, you are afraid of being alone, cut off from Source. You can be alone in your life, as in having no partner, but you are not alone in Life. You can feel anxious because you don’t have a job or money or a home or health care or any number of other things, but you are still connected to Source.

Your re-Sources come from Source Energy in the Universe. Think about whatever you feel is lacking in your life from this point of view. Connect in your mind and heart to Source Energy and then bring what you feel is a separation into that space. Re-Source yourself with your connection to Source Energy.

You don’t need to conquer your fears – you need to understand them. Use fear as a teacher about how you are feeling disconnected from Source. And gather your re-Sources from remembering the connection that is always there!

And so it is.


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