MUSE-INGS: Share the Vision

What is your typical response when you feel fearful? Do you hide? Do you lash out? Do you run? Do you analyze? There are many ways to respond to fear but most of us stay in the fear and then choose an action.

What if you feel the fear but dialogue with it? Use the fear as a signal instead of trying to ignore it or trying to run from it or attacking it. Our emotions are powerful pockets of energy in us. Because we’re human we have the capacity for great depths of emotion and, we hope, the wisdom to express those emotions appropriately.

Now what if we channeled all the energy of our emotions into the creating of our reality?

The truth is that we are doing this all the time, whether consciously or unconsciously. What we attach our thoughts to following the feeling of our emotions is energized by the energy of those emotions. It’s like hooking up a huge battery to something and letting the energy of the battery activate whatever is hooked up to it. Wouldn’t you like to energize something you actually want to attract into your life rather than attaching that fully charged battery of energy to something that you don’t want?

Fear causes us to focus on what we are afraid of, what we are afraid will happened but don’t really want to have in our life. And the energy of fear can be a powerful battery to charge up the vision of what we don’t want to have. [Did you know that you cannot have fear of something without creating a mind picture of just what you don’t want? Your unconscious mind can’t make sense of a thought about what you fear unless it creates this mind picture of what you are fearing. That alone energizes what you don’t want in your life!]

Now imagine hooking up a positive vision for your personal future to a huge battery fueled by the emotion of joy. Can’t feel the joy yet? Then ramp it up by thinking of something that, in the past, made you feel great joy. Amp it up within yourself. Add all the senses to this exercise. What did you smell? What could you taste? Hear? See? How did it feel? Keep cycling through the senses as you increase the joy. You are charging a battery with some good ‘juice’!

Then switch what you are picturing to a picture of that positive vision that you created. Pour all that Joy Energy into the picture of that vision. Use all your senses to feel, see, hear, taste, smell that vision. How will it be when that has already come into being? Stay with it. Imbue that vision with joy. This really energizes and magnetizes that vision for you.

When you take that vision to others and share it, they, too, can share in the joy and can add their battery to yours to give even more energy to that possibility. This is how a positive vision for the future can imbue humanity with hope. Lots of people getting together to energize a shared vision of a positive future can make things happen.

Start using this technique in your daily life and see if your outlook doesn’t improve. Create your positive vision and share it. Help others energize their positive visions. Spread the joy!

And help humanity have hope because one person shared a positive vision of the future.


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