MYSTIC MESSAGE: from The Divine Feminine: Fears? Who, me?

Dear Ones,

It is time for us to address the fears that you are dealing with at this time. Do you realize that all of your fears can be traced to your fear of being alone? Of being separated from the collective ‘All’? Yes, even your fears around money are ultimately connected to this universal fear.

No one who feels a constant connection to Source Energy or the Universe or Spirit or the Divine or God/Goddess can live in fear, even if there is no money in the bank or no relationship currently or any other of a myriad of problems in their life. No one who truly feels connected to all others on Earth can feel alone. No one who understands the concept of being One with the All, of being a part of the collective of humans in the collective consciousness, can be alone.

However, it is easy for individuals to forget, or fail to remember, that they are always connected to the community of human s on Planet Earth in a given time. You are not alone on Earth, no matter what you feel at this moment. Any fears that you might have stem from forgetting this one fact.

You are a spirit in your core. You are connected to all other spirits. It doesn’t matter what your outer circumstances might be, you are not alone in your experience, even if you feel that these words do not apply to you today. These words ALWAYS apply!

Human beings feel the first separation in their life as they separate from their mother at birth. The cutting of the umbilical cord is a metaphor for feeling like a human being who has been cut off from the spiritual being the human is actually a part of. You were symbolically cut from your mother so that you could lead a life separate from her and have your own experience of the path to reunion with the All or Spirit. At the moment that you took your first breath of precious air from Mother Earth’s atmosphere, you began to live the journey back to wholeness with the Source. Your physical mother had completed her initial work in carrying you from spirit into the physical world. The work then became your own, to rejoin what you felt was your separate spirit to the Universal Spirit that is the Source of All.

No matter what is going on in your life today, you are still connected to that Universal Spirit. No one has cut your umbilical cord to Mother Earth, who represents Source to those who dwell on her surface. Your spirit is a hologram of the Source Spirit in the Universe. You cannot be separate from the whole even if you think you are.

The fears that you have are really about circumstances in your life that lead you to make choices because, at your core, you are afraid of being alone, cut off from Source. You can be alone in your life, as in having no partner, but you are not alone in Life. You can feel anxious because you don’t have a job or money or a home or health care or any number of other things, but you are still connected to Source.

Your re-Sources come from Source Energy in the Universe. Think about whatever you feel is lacking in your life from this point of view. Connect in your mind and heart to Source Energy and then bring what you feel is a separation into that space. Re-Source yourself with your connection to Source Energy.

You don’t need to conquer your fears – you need to understand them. Use fear as a teacher about how you are feeling disconnected from Source. And gather your re-Sources from remembering the connection that is always there!

And so it is.


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