ROSEMARY’S THROWBACK THURSDAY VIDEO: Reach into the Future for Your Power

The theme of posts this week has been about creating your future because all time is present and available to us in any given moment. All we have to do is remember – remember the law of remembering!

Today’s reprise video suggests you can do this with your power as well as the quality of your life!










Remember your power, even from the future, as we head toward the holidays!



My “Two-Minute” video for the week: The Echo of Truth

Note: this clip was taken from our October gathering for Satsang.

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My “Two-Minute” video for the week: All Time is Now

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“Your Empowered Future Self” – Richard’s Commentary

You may have noticed the last few posts here have been about “time” – especially about the future! Last Friday I posted my recording from Rosemary’s Conversation with The Other Side this month during which three Floating Heads appeared to her with a message for me from the future. And in a second message an elegant Native American woman from the past came to me with advice on the nature of body and spirit. (If you missed this recording you can get it here.)

You can bet I’ve been thinking and writing a lot about the nature of time during these last days of 2012! And here, for your entertainment and consideration are some of those thoughts:

1)    This from the Floating Heads – yes, I am now listening to them and writing what they have to tell me as they directed in their message to me. Wrapping my head around all of this has been both fun and provoking. After listening again to the recording, I wrote: “I need to listen to the recording again because it is deep. The part about creating form for the future, which is formless, out of the present, bringing the vision for that future into the present is no simple exercise in understanding. I think it is a parallel to indigenous understanding of past/present/future, especially in cultures with no ‘to be’ verbs. So I know that the present is an echo of both the past and the future. The future comes into the present to shape both from nothingness. We, right now in this moment, are a reflection of some future that is coming “back” to us. We are the mirror image of that future. And I think this is part of what the Floating Heads are “here” to tell me. This certainly seems to align well with what Martín Prechtel is teaching.

“So, the future and present are in one sense, one thing, one time. They are two ends of a vibration. And so is the past. Or maybe past and future are the two ends and the wave crest is the present. If I draw it, it might look like a wave:
past-present-future curve
but that wave is also a particle of time, a pinpoint with all nodes joined in an extra-dimensional way. My Floating Heads are asking me to bring their messages out into the world so there is form that can materialize for them 500 years hence.

“One thing I am curious about is the dependency. If they are from a distant system how are we connected and what significance does our existence, survival, have for them?

“As I recall the message I am to bring their messages from the future into our present so their future can take form; their very existence in their present seems to depend on this!”

2)   Later I wrote: “I wish I could get the true sense that time is a particle and encapsulating past, present, future all right here in each moment. Perhaps then I would be less time-conscious and content to live in each moment letting the particle dance as it will across the field.

“Time is like an echo-chamber with the present right in the center and the past and future each equally reverberating back from the walls. And each present event ripples through the currents affecting both the past and future. There is a resonance set up where the interacting waves of time both interfere with and amplify other ripples. My actions, thoughts, energy ripple out from now to reach back and have a causal effect on what happened yesterday. And the ripple reaches forward to have a causal effect on what happens tomorrow.

“This is why lessons and forgiveness are so important. This is the impact of changing curses to blessings (as Martín would have us do). It is never too late to take action because we can affect the past. And it is never too early to take action now because we modify the future with each of those actions.”

Enough for now. It is essential to get this concept of time, to think like the indigenous peoples who live natural lives within a much greater context of what life, time, the present really mean.

Does any of this make sense? I did tell you things were going to take a different turn in this blog once I posted the recording!

Reach out to your future self who you visualize as an extraordinary and empowered human being; bring back that power and embed it firmly in your solar plexus. And then consider the nature of time and the nature of duality and union.

EXPLORATION: “Your Empowered Future Self”

Where do you think your empowerment energy comes from?  Have you ever thought about that question?

I’ve been doing a lot of mini-readings at networking events lately and it seems a lot of people are busy judging themselves harshly because they are not where they want to be in life.  They feel they don’t have the money, success, power, business/career, relationships that they desire.  And they believe that there must be something wrong with them if that is the case.

Some new age folks say that you create your own reality and so you created the mess you’re in now.  That’s not the whole picture, though, so you can stop blaming yourself for the problems you think are your reality.

The real truth is that you have been in your Life School for your whole life and your lessons have been coming at you in the classroom of life every day.  You’ve been given many opportunities to learn the same lesson in different ways.  Your circumstances have been altered to get your attention to be focused on learning the next lesson in the syllabus so you can move on.  That’s it.  That’s true for everyone.

Now we get to what is going on that is not up to the standards you wish for yourself and your life.  Somewhere along the way you worried about something that had not happened.  You reached out from the moment in which you had the thought, out into the future, and pulled back that possibility.  And then you energized it by worrying about it happening, maybe even over and over.

Have you ever said to yourself, ‘I hope X doesn’t happen!’?  Or ‘There’s nothing I can do’?  Or any number of other statements that are disempowering?  What do you think you just did?  You reached out into the field of possibilities and pulled in the one you didn’t want to materialize and you gave it energy.  Your unconscious mind had to make a picture of that eventuality in order to make sense of the thought and then it filed it away.  Then you thought some more about how you didn’t want it and you pulled that picture out of the file and re-energized it.  That’s how worry works.

We’ve all done it.  And we’ve all manifested that which we’ve worried about, so stop beating yourself up!  You taught yourself a valuable lesson!  The only problem is that you haven’t, until now, recognized what the lesson was.

When you reach into the future to bring in a possibility and energize it, make it the possibility that you WANT to have happen, not the one you are worried about that you don’t want.  Visualize the event, circumstance, happening as if it is right now, right here.

Reach into the future and pull into your own Solar Plexus the empowerment that you want to feel.  It’s available to you.  Sometimes we have given away so much of our power that we don’t know how or where to find it.  This is a good technique for accessing and energizing your own empowerment.

Allow yourself to see only the future reality in which you are strong, decisive, empowered.  Bring that view into your Solar Plexus, your own energy center, your power center, and anchor it there.  Then, any time you feel yourself starting to worry, put your hand over your power center [in your belly] and reactivate that vision of your Empowered Future Self.

You have the power to create your own reality and, up to now, everything has been perfect for you to learn the lessons you needed to learn.  NOW pull back any energy that you have sent into the future and feel your empowerment.

It’s a gift from your Empowered Future Self!

PS: Have a wonder-filled Holiday Season and many blessings in the New Year!

VIDEO MYSTIC MESSAGE: “Reach into the Future for Your Power”

PS: Have a wonder-filled Holiday Season and many blessings in the New Year!

MUSE-INGS: Personal Growth is the Ticket to the Future

I’ve been ‘muse-ing’ a lot lately about the Path of Personal Growth. We all seem to be facing a lot of lessons, opportunities to choose growth or stagnation. It’s sometimes easier to think about staying where we are instead of moving forward. It might even seem as if the path of least resistance is to stand still.

But I have learned that the currents of change are rocking us. Standing still takes more energy than going with the flow. Moving forward is the energy that carries us while trying to stand still or, horrors!, to go backward, takes more energy.

What does this mean for the 21st Century human? It means that every moment is a moment of choice. At any given point we are making a choice about our direction.

Do you feel you are fighting the tide of change while just trying to hang onto what you have? Is it getting harder to stand still in your life? Does some part of y ou long for a change, even if you don’t know what that is? When fear of change has you in its grip, it’s easy to think that standing still is the choice that takes the least energy. But that is a fallacy.

Face the fear of the unknown. When the energies of Earth existence are carrying humanity forward, it is time to learn to trust that the Universe has a plan that is working out as it should. There is a greater intelligence at work. And we are all in this together. You are not alone in this moment of change.

Personal growth is the ticket to the future. The message of 2012 is to commit to this growth. How exciting to be on the Planet at this amazing time of Transformation! Your Soul asked to be allowed to be here. We live in amazing times. And we agreed to share the journey with each other.

In this Universe’s Plan, each of us has an important role to play. We grow into this role just as an actor grows into their part while the  director leads them. Are you willing to shape yourself into the person of that important role? Are you willing to do the work required?

We are promised that the resources will be there when we need them. Our side of the equation is to commit Time and Treasure, to ‘prime the pump,’ as it were. When we send a signal out to the Universe that we are truly committed to our growth, then everything else is free to flow to us. Everything that we need will arrive as it is needed.

How have you been trying to push against the current of change? How have you been trying to ignore the internal push to move forward? What circumstances, situations or relationships have you been unwilling to examine in case the guidance is to let them go?

THIS is the work of 2012. Be the seed that Mother Earth has been nurturing. Blossom. Push through that soil into the Light. Be the flower you were meant to become.

It is time to GROW!!!

And remember, the seed doesn’t do mind games on itself to try to avoid growth. It just allows the nutrients to come when needed and it blossoms forth to be what it was meant to be – no questions asked!!!

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