Hostage Situation – Inside Yourself? – Richard’s Commentary

I can certainly relate to Rosemary’s Exploration this week. And it’s not any one or big fear that holds me back from “living my richest life.” It’s usually little things. And when I move beyond the fear and look back I think: “what was I ever afraid of?”

Most of my little fears come from my childhood. I was an only child for a long time – my next brother came along when I was already eight. I was protected and even revered within my extend and large family of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. And because family was always there I didn’t have to venture out much into greater society.

So, when Rosemary asks: What part of you is holding another part hostage? I can usually point to my inner child – that protected and easy living six year-old.

Rosemary is exactly right when she says:

But most of the fears that I see with clients represent a conflict between a part that wants to step forward and a part that is afraid to do that.

It can be around any issue: a relationship, a job, money, family, taking a risk, making a decision. There is a feeling of wanting to move and yet, at the same time, a sense of paralysis.

My adult self always wants to step forward; I am usually energetic, decisive and know what I want. But sometimes that six year-old digs in his heals and sets up a block out of some weird sense of protectiveness.

Does this ever happen to you? Do you ever feel paralysis as you work toward an important goal? When this happens to me I usually have to go inside to work through the issue. Sometimes I even have a talk with the six year-old to calm any fears he may be experiencing. I remind him of several factors in the situation:

  1. I am in charge and I know what I am doing; I’m the adult, after all!
  2. We have done things like this before and it always comes out well!
  3. Look to the end result, the success. Doesn’t that make you happy?
  4. Let’s just move forward and see what happens; you’ll be OK.

This inner dialogue can take several forms: meditation, writing, even sometimes a shamanic journey (for me this is similar to an inner guided meditation) to visit my places of safety and my power animals. I can even take my six year-old into the future to see the positive outcome and allay any further fear.

Of course using a coach or counselor is always an option. Inner child work can be very powerful and productive. The tools and help are there for all of us to “live our richest lives!”


MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Trust Your Gut!

Dear Ones,

When Life seems to be a struggle, where do you turn?  For many, the answer is to religion.  For some, it is to a friend or family member.  Others look for counseling or coaching.  But the best answer is to start by looking inward.

Within each human being there is a connection to Wisdom that cannot be explained by the knowledge a person has collected.  This Inner Wisdom contains the wisdom of the ages and exists in a person’s very essence, the DNA of their existence.  Many people have lost or forgotten how to connect to this inner source of guidance and wisdom.  Many have given away their connection by placing their trust in others outside themselves, giving away their power to someone or something else.

Where do you look for answers?  Have you learned how to connect to your Inner Wisdom?  Do you listen to and trust your ‘gut feelings’?  Are you supported by your intuition or do you question it?

The answer to your question lies within you.  If you need help accessing it, then ask someone to help you learn how to connect with your inner guidance.  If you feel there is an answer but you question it, then you must start trusting and practice listening to the guidance that is available within yourself.  If you feel there is nothing, that you are not feeling or hearing or seeing an answer, could it be that the answer is to wait?  Perhaps your impatience is causing you to seek the answer you want and to ignore a valid answer that doesn’t meet your preconceived notions.  Or maybe you don’t really want the answer and so you ignore the signals that you are receiving.

Your Inner Wisdom is a connection to the Wisdom of the Universe.  All knowledge lies within the Collective Consciousness that has it’s own dimension in the Universe.  You have the ability to connect to this source of Wisdom and to use it in your daily life.  Are you ready?  Are you willing?  You ARE able!

So starting today make a decision that you will learn to connect to your inner wisdom.  Starting today, practice listening to what you are hearing within you.  And starting today, trust what you feel in your gut.  Remember that you have what you need inside you.  You know that the answers lie within.  It is probably the case that the only thing about which you still have doubts is that you can trust what you hear within you.

Trust does not come from thinking about it or from being told to trust.  Trust comes from trusting.  The more you trust, the more comfortable you will be with trusting and the easier it will be for you.  Practice this.

So now what is your question?  What will you do with that question?  Try feeling for the answer inside you.  And trust what you receive.

And so it is.


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