MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: You Can Create the Future for All Humanity!

Dear Ones,

What are your thoughts as you approach the days to come? Are you in fear of something you don’t understand or that you can’t see clearly? How do you let fear act in your life?

Many people worry about things that have not happened yet and they share their worries with others until those ideas take hold and create an energy of their own. Fear follows this dynamic. But all along the ideas were not reality, just someone’s picture of a possible future reality and they grabbed the attention of others to drag them into fear of this possibility along with the originator of the idea and soon there are crowds of people believing that this will be real in the future and that they should fear it. This all started with one person’s idea of what was possible in the future.

What if that one person deliberately set out to gather crowds of people around them so that they could control the future? What if that one person knew exactly what would happen if they could generate fear of a potential happening, enough fear to energize that very possibility? And what if that one person had something to gain by having those crowds actualize that possibility?

If this all sounds rather sinister, that’s because it is. Generating fear in large numbers of people is an ancient way of controlling a population. Creating someone or something to fear focuses attention away from the actual realities of the moment and distracts the crowds from the truth of the moment.

Now what if someone who was wiser and more caring decided that fear is not healthy for a population and that the people would benefit more from seeing a positive possibility than from fearing something negative? Imagine the energy that could be created around that positive possibility?

That, Dear Ones, is what a Conscious Human is called to do. Create a positive possibility and energize it. Share it with others so that they can feel uplifted and expanded. Generate hope that things are not as dark as they seem. Move people into feelings of empowerment because they can envision themselves becoming more empowered and can, thus, energize that vision for themselves. What could humanity create if huge numbers of people engaged in this activity?

This is your task today. Generate positive visions for yourself, your personal life, and for all of humanity. When you feel yourself drifting into fear ask yourself how you have given away your power to someone else’s vision. When you feel strong use that energy to increase the energy vibration of your positive vision. Use your own feelings as a gauge for what you are being asked to do in the moment.

Allow yourself to be a tool for the creation of a positive future for humanity. Do not give energy to the negative. Understand what is going on around you but do not become attached to it. Disconnect from situations and people that you feel bring you down from your higher visions. Do not allow yourself to attach to fear but use your feelings to point you toward your direction of growth.

All this is available to you today. Create the vision, share it and energize it. And you can do this from the comfort of your armchair!

And so it is.


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One Response to “MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: You Can Create the Future for All Humanity!”

  1. wellspring0fgodslove Says:

    This seems to apply to so many areas of my life right now. I am pulling away from peope who make me uncomfortable. This makes me feel guilty though.
    The way you have stated it makes me feel better about my actions. I really am searching for higher ground and not feeling guilty is profound.

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