The Power of Connection – Richard’s Commentary

“Connection” is Rosemary’s word for 2014. It is not surprising that early in the year she would choose this to write about. This word, in all of its meanings, can be taken in many directions. Rosemary goes through a long list, connection to Higher Self, connection to guides and angels, connection to others (both positive and negative connections to the people in our lives), connection to our purpose. All of these are important connections to be aware of, to remember; as Rosemary writes:

Connection is an energetic that, at its highest level, we all seek. We want to feel connected to others, to our guidance, to Source. In seeking we sometimes forget that it is not to be found outside ourselves, but to be remembered as an inner truth.

For me her point here is if we are disconnected from ourselves, from that “inner truth”, then can we be connected to anything or anyone on the outside? And how easy it is to disconnect, to fall into isolation, to withdraw. I wonder sometimes if this isn’t at the root of the issues we face as a society, as a country, as a culture looking for something on the outside, some connection we are longing for but have no means to identify or find.

I don’t really want to get into politics here but somehow this word “connection” brings up social concerns. Humans are a connected species. We wouldn’t have survived and evolved over the millennia if we had been an isolated, individualistic being; in the wild we are not strong enough, don’t have all the necessary skills within ourselves to go-it-alone.

How many of the political battles we see raging in this country, whether it is over healthcare or foreign aid, political favoritism or retribution are about social issues, connections. It almost seems that people divide along the lines of: “we are all in this together” or “I’ve got mine; you need to be strong enough, work hard enough to get yours” – a survival of the fittest mentality!

Interestingly, since Darwin comes to mind here, much of the current research on the evolutionary process reveals that it is cooperation that is a primary mechanism for evolution, not competition! And we have to connect to cooperate, connect to survive and evolve!

Connection, beyond the necessary interdependence for survival, does begin within. When we are connected to ourselves, to Source, to Angels and Spirit Guides, we gain a certain level of confidence that can lead us outward to find healthy connections with others. When we are connected to our purpose our connections become productive and benefit society, the greater whole beyond ourselves. These vital inner connections are the ground for our being human, for lifting our spirits to join with others, in connection, in community to move and evolve consciously.

Are you connected?


MUSE-INGS: Will you live your Mission?

We see so much discussion today about individual vs. collective, my rights vs. everybody else’s. Has humanity really devolved to the point where we believe that we live in isolation from all others and from Mother Earth?

I think it’s time for us to do a bit of a reality check. No one was born alone, as in dropped on the planet from a star. Well, okay, maybe some Earthlings really did start out on a distant star but that’s a discussion for another time. You were born of a mother, no matter what kind of mother she was. You had an umbilical cord that was cut after you became a human inhabitant of Mother Earth and took your first breath of Mother Earth’s air. Someone cut that cord. Someone raised you and fed you.

Even if you feel as if you were on your own because of your childhood situation the truth is that there were other people around you. As you go through your day today notice how many other people you interact with. Even if you are at home alone and don’t see anyone else, you have electricity brought to you by people. You eat food prepared, grown, delivered, etc. by people who work so that you can live. You probably received some mail delivered by a person. You received this email prepared by us and delivered through services into your email inbox.

The list goes on and on. Did you drive your car? How many people supported your having that vehicle to get yourself around in? Did you talk on the phone? What was involved in having that conversation?

Do you see where I am going with this? No one is really in isolation. But sometimes we can feel so alone. We can feel that it is difficult to get excited. We feel like victims.

YOU are NOT a victim!!! There might be things in the past or even in the present that you do not like having on your timeline but at this moment you are alive and you have access to the great power within you. YOU are a being of Light no matter how dark your day appears to be. YOU are connected to the Source of Light and Love in the Universe and you can extend that Light and Love into your life no matter what the circumstances are.

Do you know your Soul Purpose, the reason you are living this lifetime on Planet Earth? Discover it. Do you know what your Mission on Earth is? Discover it. Find your ‘why’ and let it propel you forward.

Raising your consciousness isn’t about sitting and thinking. It is about lifting your awareness into a higher level than the space where problems and circumstances live. Reach beyond your circumstances so that you can see where your greatness lies. Reach into your inner spaces and find your inner Light so that you can shine that into the world.

YOU have a role to play in the unfolding Plan. The Universe asked you to be here at this pivotal moment in the life of Mother Earth. The Divine Feminine stands ready to appear through you. Show the world that you accept your Mission. Live your Soul Purpose within the circumstances around you and decide to change them if you want them to be different. Nurture yourself so that you can nurture others.

BE who you came here to BE. And we’re all here to help you!

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MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: The Spirit, the Soul and the Ego

Dear Ones,

Life and Death. How often do you consider that these are inseparable choices on the continuum of existence? If your spirit chooses to embody in human form on Planet Earth for a Life-time, then your spirit is also choosing to experience the human event called Death.

Remember that you contain 3 different levels of energy in your being on Earth. The eternal part of you is your ‘spirit’ and this perfect energy of Light lives forever. Your spirit is your Life Essence and holds for you the connection to Source, to The All, to The Universe, to God or to Spirit, whatever you call the essence of existence.

Your spirit connects with your Soul who is on a lifetimes-long journey of evolution, learning and growing and having experiences that bring lessons in clear focus so that they can be learned and completed. Your Soul chooses the lessons for this lifetime and plans the route to get those lessons learned. Your Soul also has student helpers who are a part of your Soul Group, those souls who have agreed to participate together in the education system called Planet Earth.

The third level of energy in your being is your Ego, the part of you that is living out the physical life on Earth, paying attention to physical reality, making choices about whether or not to do, say, be something in a given moment. The Ego chooses the physical form of the lessons that the Soul is trying to learn.

Now, Dear One, if you are resisting the notion that your Soul experiences more than one lifetime on Planet Earth we would tell you that it is not material to this message. Whether the Soul lives one or many times on Planet Earth might not be something remembered by the Ego and so it really does not matter. What matters, though, is that you remember that your Soul is on the Planet Earth to learn lessons, in every moment, working to gain greater understanding of the cosmos, the planet, the humans and other kingdoms inhabiting Mother Earth, and what it means to be a part of something eternal. The goal of your lifetime is to expand your consciousness, your awareness of what is greater than your Ego in the Universe.

Given that you are a part of something much greater, and yet your Ego thinks it is the only energy that matters, you will sometimes experience a conflict between what your Ego wants and what your Soul needs to learn a lesson. The Ego lives with the decision-making power in the Earth plane and this is what has been named ‘free will.’ You can, through the Ego, choose not to learn a particular lesson when your Soul presents it to you. But be aware that your Soul will continue to present that lesson to you because, if you remember, that is its job, to get the lessons learned. So, if you choose to ignore the lesson to be learned, if you decide to put off really embracing the learning, then the next time your Soul will work harder to get your attention focused on completing the lesson plan.

Dear One, we wish you to learn and expand your awareness and grow in consciousness with as much beauty and grace as you can. However, if you choose to stay in darkness, if you choose to ignore what you could be learning, you may find that things get more difficult and messier so that you must face the lesson square on and learn what is there for you to learn.

We recommend that you move through your Life seeking out the lessons for yourself so that your growth can be accelerated. And don’t worry that you will finish up too soon and have no reason to keep living. Your Soul knows what it is doing and will always have some graduate courses available for you to work on when you complete a portion of this lifetime’s syllabus!

Death is the graduation ceremony for those who have completed a lifetime. Life, the eternal part, continues. The Soul reflects and examines the Life. And the cycle begins again.

And so it is.

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MYSTIC MESSAGE: from The Divine Feminine: Are You Ready to Live Your Life Purpose?

Dear Ones,

When there is terror in the heart then there is no room for love. When fear rules a life then one cannot see the Light. When self-doubt and confusion color a person’s days then those days cannot be fulfilling.

But the Light is always there. There is always Love. Fulfillment awaits those who live in Love and Light.

Too many people are allowing their Light to be diminished by ‘should’ and ‘ought’ thinking. And many more are being told lies about what is real and they believe the lies instead of looking for information about what is true. We wish to enlighten you and, thus, your life.

First, let us say that Light abounds in the Universe. There are millions of Suns shining their Light brightly through millions of years. Stars exist that have never been seen yet by humans. There is an amazing amount of Light already in existence in the Universe and there are other kinds of Light, as in Light Energy, that humans cannot see yet. The vibration of Light Energy is higher than most vibrations that humans perceive on Earth and so there is an abundance of Light to be experienced.

Next, consider Love Energy. Love Energy is the attracting force in the Universe that holds the cosmos in position and creates structure on Earth and beyond. Love is the primary force, the primary motivator, and lack of Love creates an opposing motivator because the human psyche craves connection to pure Love Energy. Every individual who exists on Planet Earth was loved into existence. We are not talking here just about the human act of procreation, which is not always performed in the energy of Love, but the human being who is produced was loved into life by the forces of the Source in the Universe joining with Mother Earth to produce exactly the human who was needed at that moment on the Planet.

And so, Dear One, you were uniquely positioned at the moment of your birth to bring to Planet Earth that which was needed by all other Earth inhabitants. You were loved into this existence for a purpose defined by the Love Energy that brought you to Earth. All other beings exist to fulfill their own purpose and to support you in fulfilling yours. Think about that. The entire Universe and all of Planet Earth’s inhabitants are conspiring to support you in learning your Life Lessons and in fulfilling your Life Purpose.

And all because of Love.

When you can connect to the level of Love Energy that creates this world then you learn that your individual problems of the day are merely stepping stones to the fulfillment of your Life Purpose. Every individual who seems to be motivated by a lack of Love is in your life so that you can learn a lesson and grow. Every situation in which you find yourself is put on your path to help you to fulfill your destiny.

You are Love. You are Light. You are Life.

So now you can open yourself and especially your heart to welcome in that which exists in your life at this time. Everything in your life is there to help you grow more Light for the world. Everything in your life is helping you to learn to Love, yourself and others. Your Life is a part of the greater whole because the connections are vast and started before you were born.

Fulfill your Life Purpose through sharing your Love and Light with the rest of the world. After all, they asked you to be here!

And so it is.


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MUSE-INGS: Are you afraid of dying of embarrassment?

We all have fears, don’t we? No matter how much we try to ignore or deny them, they are there.

I like to tell myself that I don’t fear but have faith instead. But, as I learned in my first hand anaylsis session, my Life Lesson is ‘Emotional Authenticity.’ So I’m being authentic here – I have fears.

Do you?

What are you really afraid of? For many of us in these times, it is a fear of being without money. Why have we joined together in this collective fear that money is the root of all life? Or maybe we have a fear of dying? But is dying really the worst that could happen? Of course, we don’t want to die but lots of people have done it and their spirit lives on. If we live our life around the concept of ‘not dying’ we don’t live authentically. We would never cross the street, or eat sushi, or shake hands with someone who might be carryi ng germs, or have a child or any other number of things that ‘might’ lead to death. And yet we do all those things, some even choosing to do more extreme activities carrying a high degree of risk of death, and we live or we don’t live. So is fear of dying really at the root of our deep fears?

Do you know how often we choose to do or to not do something because we have a fear of looking silly or stupid or of being embarrassed? And haven’t we all lived through some embarrassing moment? I experienced this recently when I sat in line with hundreds of other cars waiting for the Whidbey Island ferry near Seattle. When it was my turn to board the ferry, my car wouldn’t start! Cars were having to move past me on both sides, someone came running to direct traffic, someone else came with a portable battery to jump start my car, and then it died again. This time they brought out the big cart to jump start my car and I had to drive it around [I,  of course, missed the next ferry] to charge up my battery and then demonstrate that I could turn the engine off and restart the car on my own. All this was happening on my way to the airport to meet my husband’s plane! I was on a schedule, I was experiencing car trouble in a very public way, inconveniencing others, and I was embarrassed.

But, I had choices about how to respond. I could have collapsed in shame and sat in my car and cried. I could have become angry and stomped around as if it were someone else’s fault. I could have thrown up my hands and walked away from the car [not that they would have let me do that!].  I could have driven away and decided not to take the ferry that day [and left my poor husband at the airport!]. All fear of being embarrassed, however, left when I decided to smile at the people who helped me, laugh at the situation, and do the best I could. I drove around and recharged my battery, demonstrated that it would start on its own, and made the next ferry with plenty of time to meet my husband’s plane.

For some reason, I surmised, I wasn’t supposed to be on that particular ferry or on the freeway a half-hour earlier or whatever. I may never know the reason I wasn’t supposed to make that ferry but my car, which had never given me a problem before and hasn’t since, needed to be the carrier of wisdom for me. And after that very publicly embarrassing moment, I know I don’t need to worry about public embarrassment causing me to die!

So if all fear is really a fear of a lack of connection to Source, then maybe the way to address any fear is to start by connecting back to Source Energy, the Universe, God/Goddess, Spirit. I learned from my little ferry experience that people were helpful, generous, smiling and sympathetic. Would I have had an opportunity to learn this without my experience? Maybe not.

The basic truth, that we  are all connected, to each other and to Source, means that everything that happens to us is within the context of our lessons on Earth. Every fear is a teacher. Let’s all help each other learn the lessons. Let’s remember that we are all connected. And let’s help others remember this!


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MYSTIC MESSAGE: from The Divine Feminine: Fears? Who, me?

Dear Ones,

It is time for us to address the fears that you are dealing with at this time. Do you realize that all of your fears can be traced to your fear of being alone? Of being separated from the collective ‘All’? Yes, even your fears around money are ultimately connected to this universal fear.

No one who feels a constant connection to Source Energy or the Universe or Spirit or the Divine or God/Goddess can live in fear, even if there is no money in the bank or no relationship currently or any other of a myriad of problems in their life. No one who truly feels connected to all others on Earth can feel alone. No one who understands the concept of being One with the All, of being a part of the collective of humans in the collective consciousness, can be alone.

However, it is easy for individuals to forget, or fail to remember, that they are always connected to the community of human s on Planet Earth in a given time. You are not alone on Earth, no matter what you feel at this moment. Any fears that you might have stem from forgetting this one fact.

You are a spirit in your core. You are connected to all other spirits. It doesn’t matter what your outer circumstances might be, you are not alone in your experience, even if you feel that these words do not apply to you today. These words ALWAYS apply!

Human beings feel the first separation in their life as they separate from their mother at birth. The cutting of the umbilical cord is a metaphor for feeling like a human being who has been cut off from the spiritual being the human is actually a part of. You were symbolically cut from your mother so that you could lead a life separate from her and have your own experience of the path to reunion with the All or Spirit. At the moment that you took your first breath of precious air from Mother Earth’s atmosphere, you began to live the journey back to wholeness with the Source. Your physical mother had completed her initial work in carrying you from spirit into the physical world. The work then became your own, to rejoin what you felt was your separate spirit to the Universal Spirit that is the Source of All.

No matter what is going on in your life today, you are still connected to that Universal Spirit. No one has cut your umbilical cord to Mother Earth, who represents Source to those who dwell on her surface. Your spirit is a hologram of the Source Spirit in the Universe. You cannot be separate from the whole even if you think you are.

The fears that you have are really about circumstances in your life that lead you to make choices because, at your core, you are afraid of being alone, cut off from Source. You can be alone in your life, as in having no partner, but you are not alone in Life. You can feel anxious because you don’t have a job or money or a home or health care or any number of other things, but you are still connected to Source.

Your re-Sources come from Source Energy in the Universe. Think about whatever you feel is lacking in your life from this point of view. Connect in your mind and heart to Source Energy and then bring what you feel is a separation into that space. Re-Source yourself with your connection to Source Energy.

You don’t need to conquer your fears – you need to understand them. Use fear as a teacher about how you are feeling disconnected from Source. And gather your re-Sources from remembering the connection that is always there!

And so it is.


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THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: “What if You had a Muse?”

Dear Ones,

The Muse.  Who is your Muse?  Where do you go when you seek information, guidance, creative ideas?

Do you even believe that you have a Muse available to you?  Why do you think this concept has been so prevalent in history if the inspiration of a Muse were not always available?

Great geniuses throughout human history have listened to the music that their Muse has played in their mind.  Even those who went deaf or blind have been able to produce amazing works of composition because their Muse connected them with the Source of Creativity in the Universe.

You, too, have available to you a connection to the Source of Creativity in the Universe.  You do not need to be a great genius in the field of music, art, theater, literature to connect to this Creativity.  The Muse is available to you to solve far more problems than the composition of your next great piece of art!

Think about the problems that you must solve in your everyday life.  We know that many of you struggle with financial issues, with relationship problems, with career questions.  Problems big and small can have creative solutions to them if you reach beyond where you sit in the middle of the problem and connect with the Source of Creativity to find those solutions.  Great genius in the field of Science, for example, has not come from those who insist on doing things the way they have always been done.  Someone who is doing the same thing over and over in a certain way will never have a new result.

But the person who tries a new approach, who wonders, “What if?” will be the one who comes up with a novel solution.

And it is The Muse who answers “What if?” questions.

How often do you allow yourself to ponder the “What if?” questions of your life?  True creativity comes from this exploration, not from staying with the familiar or never trying something new.  Great inventions do not come from thinking “But we’ve always done it this way!”  Do you connect with The Muse when you are in a problem-solving mode or do you look for ways to repeat old patterns and hope for new results?

Think about this in the context of relationships.  If you are constantly acting a certain way and getting the same response each time in a relationship, have you considered that perhaps it is you who must try executing a “What if?” step in the dance of that relationship?

And if you are struggling with problems with finances or your work, think about asking The Muse to help you connect to creative solutions to those problems.  Ponder the “What ifs?” of the situation.

The life of the human on Planet Earth is not as restricted to the dimensions of the 3-dimensional world plus the 4th dimension of Time.  There are many dimensions beyond those four that hold more information if you simply reach up into them.

This guidance comes from beyond the typical source in the 3-dimensional world.  We and others offer this guidance so that you can live a Conscious Life to the fullest extent possible.

Reach for the guidance of The Muse.  Find a way to connect.  Or find a person to connect through so that you can have the services of Your Muse.  Live your Conscious Life creatively!

And so it is.


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THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Are Your Thoughts Filled with Light?

Dear Ones,

Please remember that you are all connected to one another. No decision that you make can be made in isolation.  No word that you speak can stay in your own orb, your own space.  And, likewise, no thought that you have or express can stay with you – it reverberates immediately throughout the Universe.

Every thought that comes to you has a source, a space in which it was formed.  That thought in your mind can come from one of myriad sources but the most prevalent source for most thoughts is in your own mind, the place that is formed from your experiences and from what you have been taught is true.  Are you aware of this fact?  Every experience that you have ever had is contained in your mind and shapes the thoughts that you hold onto.  If you were raised in a household where people were prejudiced against another group or other groups you might not even recognize that prejudice within yourself even when someone else points it out to you.  If you were raised to believe that a certain religion is the only true religion and the God that you were told to believe in is the one true God then you might not listen with an open heart when someone expresses information that contradicts that belief.  If you were raised to believe that science holds true in all cases and that, if it can’t be proven according to the current methods of science, then it must not be true, then it is probably difficult for you to conceive of the ideas of meta-physics which is ‘beyond physics.’

What are some other sources of the thoughts that you have?  They could be stimulated by a passing glance at something that triggers a thought. For example, you might see a sign with a picture of someone drinking milk and remember that you need to buy milk on your way home.  Or someone could say something to you that triggers a response.  These responses come from a place inside you where your previous experiences and your current reality intersect.

When you encounter a new idea that is presented by someone else, in a book or conversation, for example, you might weigh that idea and have reactions to it or decide to embrace that idea as a belief for yourself.  You must first be open to the concept that you do not already know everything for this to happen, however!

Creative thought comes through your connection to the All, to the Cloud of Knowable Things, to the Source within the Universe.  New ideas, or ideas that might be new to you, are available at all times through this connection to Source.  How often do you connect in this way?

To make this connection you must first purify the channel of your mind by examining how invested you are in the ideas/thoughts that you have held dear for most of your life.  Do you believe that some of your own ideas about how the world works might have been formed in error or with less than full knowledge about the workings of the Universe?  Do you understand that your parents and schoolmates and the culture and society and religion [or no religion] in which you grew up have formed not only your thoughts but also the way you approach new thoughts?  Until you have examined the source of your own thoughts you will struggle to be really creative and to connect to expanded thinking.

Learn about yourself by being in a curious state.  Wonder about the root of your current beliefs.  Are they truly your own or did they come from another source?  Are you, as an adult, still believing ideas that you embraced as a little child and are those ideas still valid for you?

When you have done the self-examination described here then you will be able to consider thoughts that come from Creative Source.  It is very difficult to explore new ideas when you are wedded to that which is formed in concrete within your own mind.  Break up that concrete and become a curious explorer, looking in wonder at your own ideas and the thoughts that originate elsewhere.  Breathe into a quiet mind and find that connection that allows you to receive new thoughts for consideration.  Explore with wonder and you will find there is much to learn.  Enjoy the journey!

And so it is.

BOOK LIGHTS: From “The Journey” by Brandon Bays

Here’s a long quote that describes well something hard to put into words:

“I felt as if my own awareness filled not only the room but extended boundlessly beyond, encompassing everything and in everything.  My mind became utterly still, completely thought-free, and it seemed as if we were all bathing, soaking in this presence of love.  We were steeping in Source.

“After a few minutes we opened our eyes, and as I got ready to speak, it occurred to me that this stillness is contagious.  If there is just one person hanging out in thought-free awareness, everyone ‘catches’ it.  I have since read a beautiful quotation by W.B. Yeats which expresses this perfectly:

“We can make our mind so like still water that beings gather about us to see their own images, and so for a moment live a clearer, perhaps even fiercer, life because of our quiet.

Brandon Bays

Live and Love with One Heart

Dear Ones,

Living and loving with one heart gives you a unity of purpose in your life.  Do you know what we are meaning here?  Think about your heart and how many different ways that you have for loving – your life partner, your parents, your children, your friends, your work, your pets, your home, your car, your favorite sweater.  You use the term ‘love’ to describe a feeling about all of these people and objects.

We are talking about ‘love’ in the sense of the verb that is sourced in your heart of heart, the place within your body where the energy of your higher energy centers and your lower energy centers come together.  Your Heart Center is the place where the energy from Mother Earth comes up through your body and meets the higher vibration energy that comes through the top of your head from Source energy, the Universal Source of Love & Light.  These energies meet in your Heart Center and you can make a decision to send this energy out to others in a specific way that is not about how you feel about them.

Think of the people that you thought you loved in your life but for whom your feelings dimmed when they failed to live up to your expectations of them.  How many objects have you said you ‘loved’ yet discarded when they were no longer useful?  This is not the kind of love that we are addressing here.

We want you to think of Love as an energy that connects you to another because you choose to make that connection.  Think of your partner or child or grandchild or dear friend and think of holding them in a Love energy that does not have expectations, has no rules for them to follow, does not require reciprocation for you to hold them in that Love energy.  This Love comes from Consciousness, not from feelings.  This Love has no requirements on the other party.  And this Love has a great benefit to you because it allows you to maintain your own energy at a higher level than that of feelings.

We understand that all humans experience feelings and we are not telling you that there is anything wrong with having feelings.  But as a person who is committing to live a Conscious Life on Planet Earth then you are one who must learn about the higher vibrations of energies that take you above your feelings while allowing you to honor how you feel.  For some of you this might seem confusing but there are ways that you can achieve this.

First you must learn to honor the feelings that do arise within you. But by honoring those feelings we do not mean that you must determine your choices in life only on how you feel.  When you experience strong feelings you are being led to examine a situation or a relationship so that you can learn something in that moment.  The emotion is a clue that there is something for you to examine and from which you can learn.  The emotion is not the point of growth for you – it is the flag that tells you that you are in a situation that holds the potential for you to experience growth.  Learning to allow your emotions to be teachers for you is a big step in living a Conscious Life.

For example, when you are in a close relationship with another person, you are, by definition, going to experience reactions and emotions in that relationship.  Whether that person is a relative or loved one or colleague or boss, because you are both human, you will have feelings.  But the awake and aware individual knows that the relationship does not hinge only on the feelings of a moment.  The relationship is being forged in a whole collection of moments and requires that each participant be allowed the space and energy for personal growth within that relationship.  When one person refuses to grow the whole relationship suffers from that decision.  But when one person decides to operate in the relationship from their Heart Center, always holding the other person in the energy of Universal Love, then both parties benefit.

Do you see that the decision to hold another person, or a relationship, in the energy of Universal Love allows you to expand in your growth into Consciousness and allows the other person the opportunity to learn lessons and to also grow in Consciousness?  The difficult part of this is that you have no control over what the other person chooses to do in this situation.  They might choose to cut themselves off from the flow of Universal Love.  They might choose to ignore the opportunity for personal growth that has been afforded them.  They might even choose to turn around and attack you in the situation because you are not engaging with them at a lower vibration of energy.  But this does not mean that you can or should change your connection to the Source of Universal Love nor does it mean that you are right or they are wrong.  It simply means that you are operating in that moment from different vibrations of energy.  And this has nothing to do with how either of you is feeling in that moment.

Making a choice to find the space within you that holds the energy of Universal Love and then to participate in all relationships from that place will change the world around you.  You will find that the person who benefits the most from this is not the person on the other side of a relationship but is, indeed, yourself.  And holding yourself in the energy of Universal Love is Self Love, the place from which any love for others must flow.

And so it is.