MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Clear the Fear!

Dear Ones,

We are concerned about the effect of the energy of Fear on the physical bodies of our children on Earth. All of you are subject to occasional fear but we are seeing that the amount of time many of you spend feeling fearful has been increasing over the past decade and your bodies are showing the effects of this period of fear.

We would wish for you to find a way to surrender to the Power of the Universe to create the energies required for the Master Plan to unfold. Those who would keep you in Fear are trying to change the Plan to one of their own making. They cannot succeed unless they obtain the compliance of a vast number of human beings. Do not be one of those compliant beings.

Look around you at your life and create lists of what you see, categorized by that which you love in your life, that which you like and would like to keep in your life, that which you absolutely need in your life, that which you cannot change in your life, and that which you would like to change and can change. Some items and people will fall in multiple categories in your lists.

Now look at these lists and ask yourself where fear has kept you from creating the life you desire. Can you see the influence that fear might have had over your life to date?

Notice that there are others who feel they can lead you where they want you to be if they make you fearful. How much of your life is because you have allowed yourself to be led into this kind of fear?

Step up above your list so that your mind can expand into possibilities that you have not yet considered for your Life. How might you change your lists if you can access the Field of All Possibilities for yourself? THIS is the place from which you can make the most informed decisions in your life.

But it may not be easy for you to reach beyond the life you see into the life that can be. Consider that you may have a distorted vision of what is possible in your life. You may have blocks that need to be cleared, limiting beliefs to be released, fears that no longer serve you and must be removed.

Just as you must periodically visit the eye doctor to have your vision checked and, perhaps, to get a new prescription for your glasses, you must also periodically check your inner vision for distortions and change the lens through which you view your life.

This is the process for releasing fears that hold you back – clear your vision so that you can understand that the distortion you perceive and fear as a saber-toothed tiger is a limiting belief that you have the power to change. New vision helps you to see clearly the possibilities that lie before you.

Remove yourself from the grip of fear by clearing the blocks that stand between you and your breakthrough!

And So It Is!


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MUSE-INGS: Shift or Get Off the Planet! by Rosemary Bredeson

Do you sometimes feel as if everything around you is in a whirlwind and you’re trying to stand still but it’s hard?  Or are you the whirlwind and everything around you is stagnant and not moving with you?  Either way you can feel out of kilter with what’s happening in your environment.

I sometimes wonder how some people can stand still when there’s so much exciting energy to step out with but a lot of people are holding firm to where they have been before because it’s comfortable, secure, safe.  I used to be that way, too.  But I learned that exploring the world of ideas, of Consciousness beyond the ordinary, was a far more exciting place to hang out than in a bar with those who just wanted to drink themselves into oblivion.  I’ve never understood choosing that kind [or, actually, any kind!] of oblivion so I’d be the one drinking club soda.  I eventually decided that I just don’t like the energy of that bar scene and avoid them like the plague.

It pains me sometimes to see people who choose to numb themselves to new concepts and ideas.  They don’t even use chemicals to do this; they merely shut down the curious part of their brains and follow a path laid out carefully before them without ever pausing to examine where they are and why they are there.  This type of person doesn’t question what they are told.  They are the followers who often live in fear.  Do you know some of them?

I remember when my daughter went through her ‘why, why, why’ stage of life.  Boy, it gets tiring to deal with those questions!  But I did love her curiosity.  She would get a cute look on her face as if she were deeply pondering that ‘why’ and she really wanted to know an answer that would satisfy her.  My answers didn’t always satisfy her but she kept plodding onward.  She still asks ‘why’ and continues to explore ideas.

Our sons were more inward in their explorations.  The older one studied lots of ideas in college and I remember his telling us about an experience he had during a play on which he was crewing and had a few moments before he was needed.  He sat and stared at his hand, pondering nothingness, when his hand disappeared and he realized that he could see the stage curtain THROUGH his hand.  Of course, this freaked him out but it left quite an impression on his young mind.

Do you foster exploration in the folks around you?  Are you ready to have a conversation about ideas that stretch your understanding?  UFOs? ETs? Nothingness?  Collective Consciousness?  Angels?  The Other Side?

Try bringing up one of these topics at your next dinner party.  It’s much more exciting than talking about the weather or sports!  Explore ideas with your friends and see which ones are willing to go there with you and which ones are afraid to step into those arenas.

Even better than talking to others, sit by yourself and ponder questions that your normal, busy life doesn’t give you time to consider.  Have you ever stared at the ocean and pondered the life beneath the surface?  Have you ever looked up at the night sky and thought about what is moving there that appears to be stationary?  When is the last time that you read a book that explored the current thinking about Consciousness?  Quantum Physics is now proving what Metaphysics has known for thousands of years – have you read anything about this?

Next time you’re in a bookstore pick up a magazine that you haven’t read before and explore some new ideas.  Then find someone to chat with about what you learned.  It’s time to step up to the responsibility to expand human awareness.  Tag – You’re It!!!

Now, Shift or Get Off the Planet! [Just kidding!  Just Shift!


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THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Choose Light and Love over Darkness!

Dear Ones,

When the world is filled with hatred there can be no peace. As long as there are those who choose to hate a whole class of other people, then there will be wars.

Common wisdom holds that wars are about money, power, land and greed, but we would tell you that these are the reasons that people want to start a war. It is hatred, fueled by propaganda, lies and staged events that allows the war to proceed.

Every war in history was conceived by parties who decided that a war would serve their purposes. They garnered support for their wars by creating enemies and generating the energy of hatred toward those enemies. The IDEA of the war preceded the trigger event that supposedly caused the war.

This is the Law of Attraction at work, but it is attracting darkness, not the Light.

We are sharing this with you today so that you can take conscious control of your thoughts of hatred. What can you do to spread the Light in the world? Do not be fooled by those who claim to be of the Light but who also talk about hatred. There is no God of Hate–the Divine Energy is an energy of Love. Hatred is generated by individuals who have become locked into the level of their personalities and who cannot see that all on Earth are spirits who are learning lessons. Hatred stems from a desire to avoid personal growth, to define a world according to a personal construction of what is ‘right’ with no allowance for other views. The people who hate are engaged in a contracted, regressive life on Earth. They have been so constrained that they have disconnected themselves from the compassion energy that wants to be expressed through them. The fact that there are so many people in these times who choose to hate rather than to love is very disturbing, for humankind throughout history has been seeking to expand in consciousness and Love is expansive energy. When so many people choose to contract in the energy of hatred then the people are inviting humanity to enter into another Dark Age.

The scales are getting ready to tip. Those who come from a place of Light, Love and Compassion can counteract the darkness that emanates from those who choose to hate. However, apathy is the antithesis of Light, for if people do not champion others, do not lift high the standard of the Light Bearers and work to counteract darkness, then the Dark Age can become a reality.

How do you sow Love and Light in your own little sphere of influence? Are you willing to work to counteract hatred or do you stay silent? Have you chosen to take action to increase the Light in the world or have you chosen to remain complacent? Remember that apathy on your part allows those who would sow hatred, separation and fear to increase their influence. Make sure that you are spreading Light in the world. Take control of your thoughts and increase the Light content of your thoughts, i.e., make them expansive thoughts of Love, Acceptance and Trust. Let Light shine from your heart through your eyes when you look at others. Even those who spread the darkness of hatred have some part within them, no matter how hidden, that is yearning for the Light, yearning for expansion, yearning to be Loved. You do not need to love the hatred but find love for the seed of Light that is within the person who hates. The spark of Divinity resides in every human being but many choose to starve that spark until it can no longer ignite. Moving from being a person with great capacity for Love to the choice of becoming one who hates is a sad choice but one which many make because they have been misled.

Have compassion for them as human beings but do not allow their darkness to spread until it overtakes the Light.

And so it is.


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BOOK LIGHTS: from “The Power of Focus”

“A friend in Arizona, George Addair, told us about a firefighter who attended one of his self-knowledge workshops.  He said, ‘Firefighters deal with fear every time they prepare to enter a burning building.  Just before they go into action they experience it – the uncertainty of not knowing if they’ll survive or not.  An incredible transformation takes place as soon as they go inside the building.  They literally step into the fear, and because they do, the fear disappears.  They are 100 percent in the present moment.  They are then able to concentrate on fighting the fire, evacuating people and doing all the things they were trained to do.  By confronting their fear, they can focus on the immediate situation and get the job done.'”

by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen

The answer is always ‘Be fully present in this moment NOW.’  That’s where all the resources are.  If you find yourself in fear, ask what is going on in this moment, what you can learn from it, and what the fear has to say to you.  When you are totally present to this moment, you will find the resources you need to move beyond the fear!



MUSE-INGS: What’s the lesson in the fear?

Fear.  That word seems to be popping up in all sorts of ways these days.  Be very afraid of illegal aliens, they say.  Be very afraid of the other political party [‘They’ are very scary!].  Be afraid of extraterrestrials.  Be afraid of the economy.  I could go on and on with the list, pulling stories just from today’s news.  [OK, I haven’t actually heard any extraterrestrial stories today!]

But it seems to me that there are so many ways to be fearful that it’s a chore to avoid fear.  I work very hard at it.  That’s not to say that I don’t sometimes experience fear, but I’m pretty certain there’s never been a saber-toothed tiger chasing me.  So why do we keep ourselves poised in ‘fight or flight’ mode, filled with adrenaline and cortisol, if there aren’t any tigers on our tail?

The stress of living in these days creates its own sense of a saber-toothed tiger chasing us through our lives.  We have constant sources of information being bombarded at us – radio, TV, conversations overheard in line at Starbucks, newspaper headlines on the street corners, internet headlines when we sign in to email.  Even if we choose not to listen to the news or to read the newspapers we can’t avoid hearing what’s happening and it’s always sensationalized, isn’t it?  So our primitive brains think this is the modern day tiger nipping at our heels. Stock market report? Tiger. Housing prices down?  Tiger. Job market tough? Tiger.

So what is a person to do who is trying to live a Conscious Life when they are constantly subjected to negativity?  The first thing to do is to figure out a way to de-stress your life and your body, starting with your thoughts.  How do you react to negativity?  If you take it in to yourself and embrace the negativity as the only possibility, then you have accepted that the field of all possibilities is very small.  What if you were, instead, to look at the negativity as the other side of a coin that has something positive for you to find?  What if the negativity could be observed without being taken in?  Pretend for a moment that you are surrounded by an air-permeable Plexiglas bubble through which you can see what is happening around you but where those happenings cannot penetrate your own private space.  This allows you to observe with detachment.  This also allows you to create the energy vibration of positivity within your own personal space so the negativity doesn’t lower your energy level.  When you’ve done this, you are free to look for the lesson to be learned in the experience.

Have you ever spent time with someone who is constantly focused on bad news or dire predictions or what’s wrong with their life?  Contrast that with how you feel when you are around someone who always sees the silver lining in the cloud above, or who likes people without criticizing them.  There is a huge difference in the energy of these conversations and you can feel that in your own body-mind.  We do tend to want to be with people who are uplifting, don’t we?

There’s a reason for this.  We are all striving in life to bring Light into our selves and our environment.  If you are reading these words, then you are someone who wants to be living a Conscious Life, not drifting through life without learning and growing.  In every moment there is something to learn, whether we are enjoying that moment or not.  There is always a lesson.  When we are feeling happy and joyful, we can look for the lesson to maintain that joy.  When we are feeling low or fearful, we can also look for the lesson so that we can find our way back to happiness and joy.  And as human beings we live in community so we are always hearing or seeing or being with others and their opinions and energy.

Think about the situations you experience in the coming days and notice how you feel.  What makes you feel good?  What makes you feel sad or low or angry?  What causes you fear?  When you can step out of your feelings enough to observe them then you can also see where solutions to problems lie.  When you are feeling happy and joyful look at the lessons that show you what you can replicate so that you can prolong that experience.  And look around you for ways to bring joy to others.  Sometimes thinking of others is all it takes to move one from fear to peace.

The most important thing is to be fully present to the moment that is NOW.   Are you being chased by a saber-toothed tiger or is there some other lesson to be learned?

And please let me know if there actually IS a saber-toothed tiger chasing you —  after you’re safe, of course!


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THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Feeling fear? It’s only a signal to help you live a Conscious Life!

Dear Ones,

There is so much fear in the world in the 21st Century!  We are concerned that some of you know ONLY the feeling of fear, not joy or happiness or peace or contentment.  We wish that you could learn to dispel the fear that arises within you.

Here is why this is so important for you.  Fear is a very limiting emotion.  It causes you to create for yourself scenarios of disaster that have not yet occurred and your body and mind react to these fabrications of doom.  Your physical body must generate chemicals in response to the images that you conjure up in your imagination because that is its job, even though those images are imagined and not real.  Fear is a response to a stimulus, often coming from outside you but sometimes from thoughts of distress that you create yourself.  And there are many who believe that if they can keep you in fear of something [anything!] then they can control you.

Our wish for you, Dear One, is that you be empowered to resist efforts to control you with fear and that you find a way to live in peace, harmony and contentment so that you can, instead, experience joy in your life.  This requires, though, that you learn to use the feeling of fear as a signal that you feel out of control about some situation about which you have expectations.  Think about that statement, for if you have expectations then you are creating possible scenarios in your mind and you are reacting to those imagined scenarios.  What if something else were to happen in the future, something other than the scary scenario that you pictured?  What good would have come from the fear that you generated for yourself?  Think about fear, whether you create it yourself or someone outside of you causes you to feel fear, as merely an indicator that you are to pause and become conscious about your current situation.  Remember, fear is an emotion created in response to thoughts, sometimes to thoughts of a future that has not materialized yet.  Your body only knows that fear means there is danger and its response to danger is to create the ‘fight or flight’ mechanism readiness in your physical body.  In the 21st Century, however, there are probably not as many life or death situations as there were millennia ago in human history.

Practice using the feeling of fear as a signal that you are to examine your current situation and the thoughts that you are having in that moment of feeling fear.  Are you fully in the present moment?  Or are you considering something that has not happened yet or that might or might not occur in the future?  Are you responding to an indicator that there is an action you must take now or are you anticipating a scenario that is not real in the present moment?

If you decide that you are truly in danger, then take the most appropriate action for that situation to remove yourself from the danger.  That is the purpose of feeling fear – an indication that there is something threatening you and you must take an action in that moment.  But considering your options and examining the perceived danger vs. the real danger is an important step in living a Conscious Life.  Are you reacting to a news report because there is an immediate danger to you in your current situation or are you reacting to an attempt to manipulate you into fear so that you will take the action that someone else wishes you to take, while they are hoping that you will not pause and consider the reality of the situation?  Move to safety if there is a tornado heading toward your home but don’t jump to a conclusion about a political situation because someone has told you a piece of information that might not be valid.

We hope that you can see the differences we have pointed out.  USE the feeling of fear to open yourself to wider vistas of possibilities and solutions, not to narrow down your thoughts to the single option proposed by someone else.  And do not be afraid to feel fear – it is a natural human emotion.  DO, however, choose to observe and examine the fear for its message so that you can keep from being controlled by that emotion.

Feel the fear and get the message being offered to you.  THEN take the appropriate action!

And so it is.


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THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Redirect the Conversation.

Dear Ones,

Instead of having conversations with people around the current situations on Planet Earth, especially in the United States, we would have you redirect the conversations to specific steps that people can take.

First, people need to go inside their hearts and find the space of peace, of centeredness that is their Being.  They must breathe into this space for a moment.

The next step to take is to step up above the situation being discussed and to see it from a Higher Perspective.  Why would the Universe allow this situation to exist? What good can come from this situation?

Having a perspective on the positive possibilities that exist in the situation, each individual must then ask, ‘What is mine to do about this situation?’  Each must be patient for the answer to this question might not become obvious immediately. If the answer is not clear then one is to take no action at that time.  This includes continuing the discussion at hand.

Sometimes the next step is to educate others.  This can take the form of more discussion, the suggestion of reading material, or a sharing of knowledge and resources. People are very emotional and are especially clinging to their fear of coming changes because they have been told to fear the very possibility of change.  Yes, it is the mere mention to some that things might change that drives them into panic.

Consider the source of this panic.  It is not the possibility of catastrophe that has them so panicky – it is the possibility that things might change.  Even if they are uncomfortable with the way things are currently they have been trained to approach all things with fear, especially a change from the ‘status quo.’

This tactic has been used to control human beings since the first hierarchical structure was put into place.  If one person can put another person (or group of people) into the energy of fear, then that person gains control by offering to protect people from that which they fear. The original source of the fear may be fabricated, but it does not matter to the unconscious mind of one who is fearful.  They long to have someone to protect them from that which they fear.

Now go back to a conversation about what is happening around you and notice that fear can lead to anger looking for someone on whom to place the blame for this fearful state.  People settle on blaming whatever they are told to blame.  (Remember that in their fearful state they are easy to control and to lead where the controller wishes.)  When you find yourself in one of these conversations be careful to avoid becoming a controller of others.  Share what you know and invite the others to go inside themselves to find their own empowerment.

It is only from this place that true change, in the direction of the evolution of human consciousness, can take place.

And so it is.


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