Happy New Year! It’s time to examine 2011 [and do you see the word ‘mine’ in there? Let’s MINE 2011 for its treasures and gifts for us!] and prepare for 2012.

Here’s a great New Year’s exercise for you – make a list of your top 10 Values and then number them in order from highest priority to lowest. Then examine 2011 for how your values match the time you spent during the year and plan 2012 based on devoting time to your top values. You might be surprised at the results!

This is how we decided to move back to Maryland – we decided that our highest value is FAMILY and we were not living near any family. So we are back in Maryland, and here I am with the Grandkids!

I hope you are having a marvelous holiday season celebrating whatever you celebrate at this time of year. And I hope that you are celebrating YOU!!! What gift are you giving yourself to start 2012 with the most information, wisdom and guidance that you can access? You can still get a coupon for $200 off on a Life Purpose Hand Analysis Session if you act this week; use code XMAS2011 when you purchase. Click Here for Details. This might also be the year when you want to receive guidance with my Year-Long Program so apply for a FREE Strategy Session to look at what steps are valuable to you as you move into 2012 energy. Click Here to Apply.

We had a magical time in Maryland with the family and are eagerly planning activities for 2012. I’ll be scheduling a free teleclass offering the steps to gaining The Intuition Edge™ in your life so watch your inbox for that announcement. And I am still offering free shipping on copies of my collaborative book, Get Your Woman On! which has been inspiring readers with 39 stories of personal transformation [my story is about leaving my job on the Hubble Space Telescope to help people find their Life Purpose and live a conscious life]. Here’s how to get a copy for yourself and a gift: Click Here.

As we get more settled back in Maryland I would love to offer some online community activities that we have previously offered in person. If you’d like to schedule a Conversation with The Other Side, where each attendee receives a message from a guide, angel or loved one who has crossed over, then we can do this via video conference so that people from all over can join your party. I’m also going to be offering a class, Messages from your Dreams, that will be via video conference. Please help me plan by answering the survey that you will be receiving shortly so that we can schedule classes and programs that will help you to make 2012 your richest year yet!

We’re still in waxing Moon [growing] energy so keep bringing in what you desire in your life and focusing on the new. Celebrate New Year by committing to live consciously and LIVE YOUR RICHEST LIFE!!!


BOOK LIGHTS: from “The Law of Attraction is NOT a Secret” by Anita G. Wheeler

“How do you change an affirmation so it reflects the positive change you desire, without countering your belief system? You can accomplish both things and still create a true and positive affirmation by inserting the word ‘process’ into it. ‘I am in the process of creating a slim, trim body. I’m in the process of getting healthier and feeling great.’ That is a true statement which will encourage further progress, while putting the monkey mind to rest. Does it work? Yes.”

Anita G. Wheeler

Create affirmations for yourself around what you desire for your life and claim that, in this present moment, you are in the process of receiving that. This is true. It is real and it is in this moment. And then move into gratitude! [Thanks to my good friend, Anita Wheeler, for this great little book that de-mystifies the Law of Attraction.]

MUSE-INGS: Life Purpose and Manifesting in the NOW

Why is this such a difficult concept to implement in Life? It seems that everything around us conspires to pull us out of satisfaction with what is our current reality in this present moment.

If you watch commercials on TV they are always touting something we don’t have but need to be sexy, happy, healthy, wealthy. Politicians keep telling us that everything is in terrible shape and it’s the other guy’s fault but things will get better after we vote for them. Economic news is dire. The real estate market is in trouble. Nobody can sell a house. Nobody is getting mortgages to buy a house. Take your money out of banks and keep it under the mattress at home. There are no jobs. The list goes on and on.

And, yet, somebody somewhere has just bought/sold a house. Somebody just started a new job. Somebody just had a baby bringing new life into the world. This list, too, goes on and on. Why are we not focusing on this list?

The memes of our society get created by ‘them’ and we seem to buy them as if they are the Truth with a capital ‘T.’ We give away our power to a vision of dire circumstances without testing whether things are really that dire, for us, in this present moment. Maybe we can change that by becoming more cognizant of what is real for us in every present moment of our lives.

What is real for you right now? Are you sitting somewhere comfortable, at just the right temperature, reading these words on a computer or a smart phone? Are you enjoying the day, having eaten food that was tasty and well prepared? Are you clothed comfortably? Do you have a home to go to and family and friends to call on? The answer, in this moment now, is probably ‘yes.’ Tomorrow the answer might be ‘no’ but that doesn’t matter IN THIS PRESENT MOMENT.

That is the thinking that we need to become aligned with. This present moment is where we must focus our attention. This doesn’t mean that we don’t plan for the future and appreciate the past, but our energy must be focused on what is ours to do and to be IN THIS PRESENT MOMENT, for our thoughts in this moment will shape our future, no matter what we want it to be, especially if we create conflicting thoughts which can stop the flow of our desires. Learning to ask, ‘Who am I to be in this moment?’ and ‘What am I to do in this moment?’ will lead us into the space where we are preparing for what is to come in the future but our energy is not taken away from this moment now.

The difference is where the energy lives. If we are thinking about something that we want in the future but don’t have, then our present energy is that of lack and that is the energy that takes us forward. But if we focus on our desires in a way that brings the fulfillment of those desires into present time, especially if we feel gratitude for that fulfillment, then we create the experience of having those desires in the NOW and the energy is one of attraction rather than lack.

When you align yourself with your Life Purpose you live every moment in the present fulfillment of that Purpose. Your energy is one of attracting that which you desire because you are in touch with the part of you that knows fulfillment. You also know when you are moving in a different direction because you feel the loss of connection to your Purpose and you must pull yourself back into the present moment. Knowing and living your Life Purpose can help you to manifest in the present moment that which will bring fulfillment into your Life. Learning how to focus your energy in this present moment will also bring contentment with it because your thoughts can align with what is and the field of all possibilities stays real and obtainable in this moment now.

These ideas are practical ways for you to learn to experience the fullness of the energy of NOW, but you must first open your heart and mind to the possibility that these things are true. Try this week to remember to be fully present to each moment so that you can experience fulfillment. This is your NOW!!!


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MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Manifest in the NOW!

Dear Ones,

Where are your thoughts at this time? Are you focusing on what is wrong with your life or on what is right with it? Are you wishing for what is not or are you appreciating what is? This is a time when many are seeking support for a new direction in their life, or are planning to make changes in the coming months, or are looking ahead to what they hope will be better times.

But we would tell you that Life is only what is present in this moment now. Life is only this moment, nothing else. You can think about your past or your future but it is just that, a thought. Your Life is being lived in this present moment only. Your thoughts are not your Life but they do create or recreate it.

When you focus your thoughts on what is missing in your Life or on what you are wishing for but not having then you are holding the energy of lacking what you desire and bringing that energy into this present moment. When you are focused on something in the past or in the future then you are giving away the energy of this present moment to a thought that is energy not available to your Life in this moment.

Think of this as if you are at a dinner party with a buffet table laden with good food. You are hungry and looking forward to eating the food that is there before you. You might even be starting to salivate as you think about and look at what is coming onto your plate in a few minutes. Then there is a fire alarm bell and you are forced to go outside and stand in the weather for hours while all that food spoils on the buffet. You eventually go home hungrier than when you arrived and never having eaten that which you were expecting to eat.

Life is like that. It doesn’t mean that you cannot anticipate with joy what is coming your way but until you are actually eating at the buffet of Life you are merely salivating over a thought. While you stood in line thinking about the food there might have been a very interesting person standing behind you that you didn’t notice but with whom you might have had a great conversation. You might have missed an hors d’oeuvres table where you could have been snacking on amazing appetizers but you were focused on those foods that you would be eating later. There is much that can be missed in the present moment if all your energy is going toward something in the future.

In this present moment, what is around you that might have escaped your notice? What joy is present for you to tap into? If you are experiencing some pain in this moment, physical, emotional, or mental, what can you learn from this experience to take the meaning from it? If it is a physical pain, you might need to change your position or take an analgesic or lie down to rest. For an emotional pain you might need to do some journaling or talk with someone to process your emotions as you are feeling them. Mental pain usually means that there is an error in your thinking that needs to be examined and addressed by monitoring your thoughts and asking, ‘Is this true?’

This, Dear One, is living a Conscious Life, where you are fully present to the experience of the moment, neither giving away your power to your thoughts of the future nor dwelling on your experiences in the past so that you cannot live in the present. Practice being fully present to every moment of NOW in your Life.

Remember that the Law of Attraction calls you to be in gratitude for what is, not for what might be. You must pull your attention into the present moment, tap into gratitude for what is, focus your attention on your desires as if they are in this present moment and give gratitude for that, and allow your physical, emotional and mental energies to align in this present NOW.

This will bring you Joy and Peace! Then do it again in the next NOW!

And so it is.


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Santa was very generous this year. The kids all had a great Christmas!

***I’m in Maryland celebrating the holidays – with the Grandkids!***

Happy Holidays! It is my wish that wherever you are and whatever you are doing you are finding Peace in the present moment and enjoying the waning days of 2011!

Please stay in touch!


Happy Holidays! We’re deep into them now, with only a couple of days left before Christmas. Happy Hanukkah! Happy Yule! Happy Winter Solstice [December 22, 2011 at 12:30 am Eastern Time]! Happy Summer Solstice to our friends below the equator! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Boxing Day! And soon it will be Happy New Year for 2012! [If I left out what you are celebrating, please forgive me.]

This is a time of celebrating and of sharing ourselves and our treasures with others. Give the gift of yourself this year, maybe calling someone you haven’t seen in awhile or offering to help someone who might need it. And remember to receive generously as you give others the opportunity to give to you.

I still have some Gift Certificates available that I can email to you if you’re looking for that last minute gift or would like to help someone [yourself?] start out the new year with guidance from The Divine Feminine as well as information about Your Life Purpose from a Hand Analysis Session. Special pricing available until December 31, 2011. Click Here to take advantage of these offers.

And my guidance has been to offer some special time with me to start off this important year of 2012a Virtual VIP Day with Your Muse at a very special investment of $2012 [instead of the usual $4997 for a VIP Day]! This is a 5-hour day with me via videoconference where we will clear limiting beliefs and negative thoughts, connect to your guides for wisdom to help you plan your year, teach you how to do your visioning so that you can manifest, with the help of your unconscious mind, the Life of your dreams by bringing that energy into your NOW. You’ll receive a recording of the day and the special meditations/guided visualizations so that you can continue to enjoy the experience after our day together. Here’s where to find out more and to file an application for one of these limited slots: VIP Day Link. This is the ‘FedEx model’ – the ‘get-er done way’ – of taking a quantum leap forward in your Life and I want to help you make 2012 your best year yet!

Merry Christmas! On Christmas Eve we’ll celebrate a New Moon [1:07 pm Eastern Time] which allows us to invite in that which we desire so that it can grow as the New Moon grows to Full. Remember to stay in gratitude for what is and to think of your desires as already here in the NOW! And after the Winter Solstice we can welcome in more light as the days start to grow longer – woo hoo!!! [Sorry friends Down Under as you will be experiencing the days growing shorter.]

May this season bring you joy and peace and contentment and fulfillment. I am sending love and hugs to each of you as I write this! Make this last full week of 2011 the best week of the year.

BOOK LIGHTS: from “Touching Peace: practicing the art of mindful living” by Thich Nhat Hanh

We all have the tendency to struggle in our bodies and our minds. We believe that happiness is possible only in the future. That is why the practice ‘I have arrived’ is very important. The realization that we have already arrived, that we don’t have to travel any further, that we are already here, can give us peace and joy. The conditions for our happiness are already sufficient. We only need to allow ourselves to be in the present moment, and we will be able to touch them.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Be in the present moment. Visualize yourself experiencing Peace and you will know that you have already arrived. Beautiful!

MUSE-INGS: Give the Gift of Peace

The word ‘chaos’ seems to resonate these days more than ‘peace’ when I am working with clients! How do we find Peace with a capital ‘P’ when the news is disturbing, finances are in an upheaval, everyone is too busy to sit still for a minute, and there seems to be no peace in sight?

I like the admonition to BREATHE. Sometimes that is all we need. When I work with a client and do a visualization, about their success or accessing some resources or finding solutions, I start by having them close their eyes and then take a deep breath. The shift is visible in seconds. And when I lead them through a relaxation exercise I can see them moving further and further into that place where they can let go of tension and stress and just BE. Sometimes that’s all that is needed [which is why I give away a 7-minute de-stress meditation audio when you sign up to receive my free weekly ezine!]. Of course, as a hypnotherapist, I can then offer much more to the client when they are relaxed and we can do the important change work in that state.

But reaching for Peace can be a struggle when you are on your own. That’s why the exercise in the Mystic Message is such an important one. It’s easy to close your eyes and breathe. And if you have once created your Peace-full place you can always return to the same place or conjure up a new one whenever you want. The important thing to remember is that you have a place of Peace and stillness residing within you whether you realize it or not. All you need to do is to remember and return to that place.

When your life seems to be chaotic, whether from uncomfortable stress situations or a good-feeling but overwhelmingly busy place, don’t let yourself fall into the trap of promising time for yourself and for mediation, visualization, relaxation ‘after the dust settles.’ How often have you promised yourself that massage ‘when things settle down’? Or maybe you’ve planned to start journaling or meditating or taking a yoga class when [the kids are in school, Mom is healthier, we move into a bigger/smaller house, I retire, etc.] and you keep living in the chaos until some nebulous time that’s always out in the future. Chaos can reign or it can exist without reigning. The dust may never settle. So what do you do?

Find a way to reach inside for that Peace NOW. Are you dealing with a lot of stress? Use that 7-minute meditation audio and relax to de-stress. Are you too busy? Is there too much drama in your life? Check out the productivity you can enjoy when you increase your resources by coming from a place of Peace within you. Now think about what’s happening around you. Have you ever noticed that when you lower your voice your kids lower theirs and pay closer attention to hear what you are saying? This same principle works when you lower your stress level and act from a place of Peace. That energetic then moves beyond you into your environment and helps everyone to feel more Peace-full.

Shine the Light of Peace all around you. Find it first within you and then share it. Stop the drama. Even if you are telling yourself that you can’t do that because the drama is all being caused by external events, realize that you don’t have to attach yourself to the drama – allow it to stay external to you and deal with it objectively [or make a decision not to engage with it]. Bring Peace to every situation or relationship.

Trust me. YOU will be the beneficiary when you practice this but you will also bring a level of Peace to all with whom you come into contact when you offer the energy of Peace. And remember that you cannot control other people – they might choose to continue in the drama and to reject the notion of Peace. That’s up to them. But you don’t have to join them in that choice.

Stay Peace-full this week and notice how good you feel and how relaxed other people are around you!


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MYSTIC MESSAGE: from The Divine Feminine: Chaos to Peace? You can do it!

Dear Ones,

Peace. At times it might seem elusive to you. Are you seeking Peace in your life at this time? Do you know the feeling of real Peace?

Peace is not about what is going on around you on the outside. Peace is a quality of life that happens on the inside. You must find Peace inside yourself before it can manifest in your outer life. Are you living in chaos? Then where is the Peace inside you? Do you feel as if you have lost control of your life? Can you visit the place of Peace inside?

Some people seek Peace while continuing to create drama in their lives. Seeking Peace in external circumstances does not lead to true Peace. And creating drama in your life does not lead you to that place of inner Peace that you seek. No one outside of you will create that feeling of Peace for you, although you can find a teacher who will help you to go inside to find the Peace that dwells there.

Are you surprised to find that Peace does dwell inside you, even when you are surrounded by drama and chaos? We want you to believe this – there is a space within you where Peace lives, where you can visit Peace and feel Peace. Consider that you were not always involved in the circumstances in which you now find yourself. Whether or not your life is going the way you wish and/or planned there is a connection to the Peace that is a constant in the Universe, a point of stillness within every being. You have the power to touch that stillness and know Peace when you learn how to go inside and find it.

The first step in accessing Peace is to believe that it exists. This Peace of which we speak is not the ‘absence of war’ kind of Peace that the world might think of. Rather, it is the place where all the energies are in alignment with the Universal Source and Plan and there are no disharmonies jarring these energies. There are no discordant thoughts or beliefs or feelings when one is in this place of Peace and stillness. Everything takes on a glow of pure Light when viewed from this place of Peace. It is timeless and dimensionless and does not require an entrance fee to reach. You carry this space within you so that it is always accessible. It is yours to visit whenever you wish.

To start the access you must first breathe a deep breath of life into your body. Inhale now and take that breath of life, the intake of Mother Earth’s air that makes you human, and feel that air connecting within you to your deepest energetic level. Blow out the air and with it any negativity and stress that has been residing in your body. Now take in another cleansing breath and repeat until you start to feel relaxed. Remember that breathing is your fastest avenue to a connection with your inner spirit.

After you have relaxed into your breath, you can start to visualize a Peace-full place that speaks to your heart of stillness and calm, a place that you would like to stay and enjoy because it offers you Peace without any other demands on you. If you find visualization difficult, then just imagine this space and how it would feel, what sounds it would include, how you would describe it to someone else, what fragrances you would be aware of if you were actually there.

In this gentle exercise you can create a place that you can visit any time you wish. When you are there you can imagine that you are sitting or strolling or lying down and being comfortably relaxed while surrounded by whatever brings you Peace. You decide on the parameters for your Peace-full place. You create the environment that brings you Peace. You are in control of this space.

Now, whenever you feel the need to connect to Peace you know how to reach there. You can visit for as long as you want whenever you choose. It can be a few moments connection or a long stay, whatever serves you in the moment.

Give yourself the gift of a connection to inner Peace and you will find that Peace reigns in your outer world as well.

And so it is.


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I’m in the final throws of Christmas preparations. Reviewing my list and checking it twice! Youngest child, son James arrives from NC today; we’ll be 8 people and 4 pets in our daughter’s house for Christmas – my kind of holiday celebration.

Are you ready for Christmas? There’s still time to

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