Hope you had a wonderful American Thanksgiving with food and friends and family and food! [We do know how to eat in this country!]

We are enjoying our time with the extended family, celebrating holidays and playing with grandkids. Since when are kids learning to play Texas Hold ‘Em Poker at summer camp???!!! I’m feeling grandmotherly a lot these days.

That’s why I’m offering to help you with your holiday gift buying. Wouldn’t it be great to give someone on your list a Check-In with Your Muse session to prepare for 2012 and all the new energies we can expect to see? You can get a gift certificate for a 2012 Check-In for only $100. Click Here for the details.

And for that someone who already has everything, how about a Life Purpose Discovery Session? Gift them with a Scientific Hand Analysis Session where they can learn their Life Purpose, Life School and Life Lesson so that they can make 2012 their best year yet. Click Here for more information.

As you think about giving this week, think about giving yourself the gift of investing in YOU for 2012 as well. What support are you lining up to Live Your Richest Life™ in 2012? Apply for a free strategy session to explore new directions for the coming year. Click Here for the link to the application.

Be careful this week as Mercury is retrograde [looking as if it’s traveling backward when viewed from Earth] and we’re having to pay a lot of attention to details. [Ask Richard about trying to order something that had to be redone 3 times!] Drivers are often distracted during these periods, too, so you might have to pay attention to the details of the traffic for them and drive defensively.

Have a wonderful December week and enjoy your holiday preparations!