Happy New Year! It’s time to examine 2011 [and do you see the word ‘mine’ in there? Let’s MINE 2011 for its treasures and gifts for us!] and prepare for 2012.

Here’s a great New Year’s exercise for you – make a list of your top 10 Values and then number them in order from highest priority to lowest. Then examine 2011 for how your values match the time you spent during the year and plan 2012 based on devoting time to your top values. You might be surprised at the results!

This is how we decided to move back to Maryland – we decided that our highest value is FAMILY and we were not living near any family. So we are back in Maryland, and here I am with the Grandkids!

I hope you are having a marvelous holiday season celebrating whatever you celebrate at this time of year. And I hope that you are celebrating YOU!!! What gift are you giving yourself to start 2012 with the most information, wisdom and guidance that you can access? You can still get a coupon for $200 off on a Life Purpose Hand Analysis Session if you act this week; use code XMAS2011 when you purchase. Click Here for Details. This might also be the year when you want to receive guidance with my Year-Long Program so apply for a FREE Strategy Session to look at what steps are valuable to you as you move into 2012 energy. Click Here to Apply.

We had a magical time in Maryland with the family and are eagerly planning activities for 2012. I’ll be scheduling a free teleclass offering the steps to gaining The Intuition Edge™ in your life so watch your inbox for that announcement. And I am still offering free shipping on copies of my collaborative book, Get Your Woman On! which has been inspiring readers with 39 stories of personal transformation [my story is about leaving my job on the Hubble Space Telescope to help people find their Life Purpose and live a conscious life]. Here’s how to get a copy for yourself and a gift: Click Here.

As we get more settled back in Maryland I would love to offer some online community activities that we have previously offered in person. If you’d like to schedule a Conversation with The Other Side, where each attendee receives a message from a guide, angel or loved one who has crossed over, then we can do this via video conference so that people from all over can join your party. I’m also going to be offering a class, Messages from your Dreams, that will be via video conference. Please help me plan by answering the survey that you will be receiving shortly so that we can schedule classes and programs that will help you to make 2012 your richest year yet!

We’re still in waxing Moon [growing] energy so keep bringing in what you desire in your life and focusing on the new. Celebrate New Year by committing to live consciously and LIVE YOUR RICHEST LIFE!!!


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