MUSE-INGS: Life Purpose and Manifesting in the NOW

Why is this such a difficult concept to implement in Life? It seems that everything around us conspires to pull us out of satisfaction with what is our current reality in this present moment.

If you watch commercials on TV they are always touting something we don’t have but need to be sexy, happy, healthy, wealthy. Politicians keep telling us that everything is in terrible shape and it’s the other guy’s fault but things will get better after we vote for them. Economic news is dire. The real estate market is in trouble. Nobody can sell a house. Nobody is getting mortgages to buy a house. Take your money out of banks and keep it under the mattress at home. There are no jobs. The list goes on and on.

And, yet, somebody somewhere has just bought/sold a house. Somebody just started a new job. Somebody just had a baby bringing new life into the world. This list, too, goes on and on. Why are we not focusing on this list?

The memes of our society get created by ‘them’ and we seem to buy them as if they are the Truth with a capital ‘T.’ We give away our power to a vision of dire circumstances without testing whether things are really that dire, for us, in this present moment. Maybe we can change that by becoming more cognizant of what is real for us in every present moment of our lives.

What is real for you right now? Are you sitting somewhere comfortable, at just the right temperature, reading these words on a computer or a smart phone? Are you enjoying the day, having eaten food that was tasty and well prepared? Are you clothed comfortably? Do you have a home to go to and family and friends to call on? The answer, in this moment now, is probably ‘yes.’ Tomorrow the answer might be ‘no’ but that doesn’t matter IN THIS PRESENT MOMENT.

That is the thinking that we need to become aligned with. This present moment is where we must focus our attention. This doesn’t mean that we don’t plan for the future and appreciate the past, but our energy must be focused on what is ours to do and to be IN THIS PRESENT MOMENT, for our thoughts in this moment will shape our future, no matter what we want it to be, especially if we create conflicting thoughts which can stop the flow of our desires. Learning to ask, ‘Who am I to be in this moment?’ and ‘What am I to do in this moment?’ will lead us into the space where we are preparing for what is to come in the future but our energy is not taken away from this moment now.

The difference is where the energy lives. If we are thinking about something that we want in the future but don’t have, then our present energy is that of lack and that is the energy that takes us forward. But if we focus on our desires in a way that brings the fulfillment of those desires into present time, especially if we feel gratitude for that fulfillment, then we create the experience of having those desires in the NOW and the energy is one of attraction rather than lack.

When you align yourself with your Life Purpose you live every moment in the present fulfillment of that Purpose. Your energy is one of attracting that which you desire because you are in touch with the part of you that knows fulfillment. You also know when you are moving in a different direction because you feel the loss of connection to your Purpose and you must pull yourself back into the present moment. Knowing and living your Life Purpose can help you to manifest in the present moment that which will bring fulfillment into your Life. Learning how to focus your energy in this present moment will also bring contentment with it because your thoughts can align with what is and the field of all possibilities stays real and obtainable in this moment now.

These ideas are practical ways for you to learn to experience the fullness of the energy of NOW, but you must first open your heart and mind to the possibility that these things are true. Try this week to remember to be fully present to each moment so that you can experience fulfillment. This is your NOW!!!


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