BOOK LIGHTS: from “The Law of Attraction is NOT a Secret” by Anita G. Wheeler

“How do you change an affirmation so it reflects the positive change you desire, without countering your belief system? You can accomplish both things and still create a true and positive affirmation by inserting the word ‘process’ into it. ‘I am in the process of creating a slim, trim body. I’m in the process of getting healthier and feeling great.’ That is a true statement which will encourage further progress, while putting the monkey mind to rest. Does it work? Yes.”

Anita G. Wheeler

Create affirmations for yourself around what you desire for your life and claim that, in this present moment, you are in the process of receiving that. This is true. It is real and it is in this moment. And then move into gratitude! [Thanks to my good friend, Anita Wheeler, for this great little book that de-mystifies the Law of Attraction.]

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