I’m off The Road, and home but just for the rest of this week!

***Home in Colorado – for just a bit longer***

October 31 to November 5: I am catching my breath before the next trip – yes, traveling again!

Catch up with me soon. If you are in Colorado Springs I’d love to see you or hear from you even if it is to say “goodbye” for now!

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***On to Maryland***

On November 5, as our house in Colorado Springs goes on the market I am heading to Maryland. Hubby will be following me with Tara and as much as our little Rav4 can hold! I am looking forward to long over due time with family and grandkids! We’ll be celebrating all of the 2011 birthdays we have missed!

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***Catching up with my East Coast Tribe***

In November and December  I’ll be in Maryland as the first step of my East Coast relocation. I will be reconnecting with all my friends and colleagues over the coming weeks. If you are on the east coast I’d love to catch up with you in person!

Contact me to reconnect!

As I continue to travel and make the move East, please do stay in touch! And if I am near you I  hope to see you at one of my events.

Check my calendar for details!

PS: Happy Halloween/Samhain!



As I write this the snow is falling in Colorado and the leaves are still in their process of turning from green to gold and orange and red. It reminds me that two seasons can exist in the same moment – the bleakness of winter and the brilliance of Autumn colors. This week’s message is about finding the Light when you feel you’re in the darkness.They can both exist but you can choose to attach your thoughts to the Light.

It’s nice to be ‘home’ in Colorado even for a brief visit. I’m excited about heading East soon to visit the grandchildren in Annapolis. Poor Joshie [9] broke his arm! That’s why Grandma Mimi needs to be there – to make chocolate chip cookies when something like this happens!

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We’re in the New Moon energy so keep welcoming in new thoughts and ideas that bring more Light into your Life! Happy Halloween! This is also the time of the Celtic New Year [Samhain] and the celebration of the spirits of those who have died. We bless all those who have gone before us to the dimensions beyond these three Earthly dimensions and we celebrate the new Life in the New Year. Lots of New-ness energy this week.

BOOK LIGHTS: from “The Camino: A Journey of the Spirit” by Shirley MacLaine

“Then I remembered what a great teacher had told me about fear: ‘Never ask yourself what it is you fear — instead, ask yourself what it is that concerns you. A fear thought, put out, will return, because all energy returns to the sender. Any energy always makes a loop until it regains the source. A concern thought will return also. At that moment discern why you’re concerned.’”

Shirley MacLaine

The message from most traditions is to go within to gain spiritual understanding of what is happening. Spiral up above the problems. Seek guidance from within. Learn to live your Life Purpose so that you create a context for the lessons of your life. [And I highly recommend reading Shirley MacLaine’s book about her trek across Spain and the spiritual journey that it represents.]

MUSE-INGS: Are you afraid of dying of embarrassment?

We all have fears, don’t we? No matter how much we try to ignore or deny them, they are there.

I like to tell myself that I don’t fear but have faith instead. But, as I learned in my first hand anaylsis session, my Life Lesson is ‘Emotional Authenticity.’ So I’m being authentic here – I have fears.

Do you?

What are you really afraid of? For many of us in these times, it is a fear of being without money. Why have we joined together in this collective fear that money is the root of all life? Or maybe we have a fear of dying? But is dying really the worst that could happen? Of course, we don’t want to die but lots of people have done it and their spirit lives on. If we live our life around the concept of ‘not dying’ we don’t live authentically. We would never cross the street, or eat sushi, or shake hands with someone who might be carryi ng germs, or have a child or any other number of things that ‘might’ lead to death. And yet we do all those things, some even choosing to do more extreme activities carrying a high degree of risk of death, and we live or we don’t live. So is fear of dying really at the root of our deep fears?

Do you know how often we choose to do or to not do something because we have a fear of looking silly or stupid or of being embarrassed? And haven’t we all lived through some embarrassing moment? I experienced this recently when I sat in line with hundreds of other cars waiting for the Whidbey Island ferry near Seattle. When it was my turn to board the ferry, my car wouldn’t start! Cars were having to move past me on both sides, someone came running to direct traffic, someone else came with a portable battery to jump start my car, and then it died again. This time they brought out the big cart to jump start my car and I had to drive it around [I,  of course, missed the next ferry] to charge up my battery and then demonstrate that I could turn the engine off and restart the car on my own. All this was happening on my way to the airport to meet my husband’s plane! I was on a schedule, I was experiencing car trouble in a very public way, inconveniencing others, and I was embarrassed.

But, I had choices about how to respond. I could have collapsed in shame and sat in my car and cried. I could have become angry and stomped around as if it were someone else’s fault. I could have thrown up my hands and walked away from the car [not that they would have let me do that!].  I could have driven away and decided not to take the ferry that day [and left my poor husband at the airport!]. All fear of being embarrassed, however, left when I decided to smile at the people who helped me, laugh at the situation, and do the best I could. I drove around and recharged my battery, demonstrated that it would start on its own, and made the next ferry with plenty of time to meet my husband’s plane.

For some reason, I surmised, I wasn’t supposed to be on that particular ferry or on the freeway a half-hour earlier or whatever. I may never know the reason I wasn’t supposed to make that ferry but my car, which had never given me a problem before and hasn’t since, needed to be the carrier of wisdom for me. And after that very publicly embarrassing moment, I know I don’t need to worry about public embarrassment causing me to die!

So if all fear is really a fear of a lack of connection to Source, then maybe the way to address any fear is to start by connecting back to Source Energy, the Universe, God/Goddess, Spirit. I learned from my little ferry experience that people were helpful, generous, smiling and sympathetic. Would I have had an opportunity to learn this without my experience? Maybe not.

The basic truth, that we  are all connected, to each other and to Source, means that everything that happens to us is within the context of our lessons on Earth. Every fear is a teacher. Let’s all help each other learn the lessons. Let’s remember that we are all connected. And let’s help others remember this!


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MYSTIC MESSAGE: from The Divine Feminine: Fears? Who, me?

Dear Ones,

It is time for us to address the fears that you are dealing with at this time. Do you realize that all of your fears can be traced to your fear of being alone? Of being separated from the collective ‘All’? Yes, even your fears around money are ultimately connected to this universal fear.

No one who feels a constant connection to Source Energy or the Universe or Spirit or the Divine or God/Goddess can live in fear, even if there is no money in the bank or no relationship currently or any other of a myriad of problems in their life. No one who truly feels connected to all others on Earth can feel alone. No one who understands the concept of being One with the All, of being a part of the collective of humans in the collective consciousness, can be alone.

However, it is easy for individuals to forget, or fail to remember, that they are always connected to the community of human s on Planet Earth in a given time. You are not alone on Earth, no matter what you feel at this moment. Any fears that you might have stem from forgetting this one fact.

You are a spirit in your core. You are connected to all other spirits. It doesn’t matter what your outer circumstances might be, you are not alone in your experience, even if you feel that these words do not apply to you today. These words ALWAYS apply!

Human beings feel the first separation in their life as they separate from their mother at birth. The cutting of the umbilical cord is a metaphor for feeling like a human being who has been cut off from the spiritual being the human is actually a part of. You were symbolically cut from your mother so that you could lead a life separate from her and have your own experience of the path to reunion with the All or Spirit. At the moment that you took your first breath of precious air from Mother Earth’s atmosphere, you began to live the journey back to wholeness with the Source. Your physical mother had completed her initial work in carrying you from spirit into the physical world. The work then became your own, to rejoin what you felt was your separate spirit to the Universal Spirit that is the Source of All.

No matter what is going on in your life today, you are still connected to that Universal Spirit. No one has cut your umbilical cord to Mother Earth, who represents Source to those who dwell on her surface. Your spirit is a hologram of the Source Spirit in the Universe. You cannot be separate from the whole even if you think you are.

The fears that you have are really about circumstances in your life that lead you to make choices because, at your core, you are afraid of being alone, cut off from Source. You can be alone in your life, as in having no partner, but you are not alone in Life. You can feel anxious because you don’t have a job or money or a home or health care or any number of other things, but you are still connected to Source.

Your re-Sources come from Source Energy in the Universe. Think about whatever you feel is lacking in your life from this point of view. Connect in your mind and heart to Source Energy and then bring what you feel is a separation into that space. Re-Source yourself with your connection to Source Energy.

You don’t need to conquer your fears – you need to understand them. Use fear as a teacher about how you are feeling disconnected from Source. And gather your re-Sources from remembering the connection that is always there!

And so it is.


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I’m off The Road, and home! It’s so good to be in one place, sleep in my own bed, and have my Tara with me again!

***Home in Colorado – for now***
October 24 to early November – Home at last after two and a half months on my West Coast Tour. And what a tour it was! Thanks to ALL of my Hosts for such delightful and productive times.

And now on to the next adventure! As soon as our house in Colorado Springs is on the market, no later than early November, it’s off to the East Coast for us!
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***Departing Colorado for Maryland***
Early November – As our house in Colorado Springs goes on the market we will be heading to the east coast for some long over due time with family and grandkids! We’ll be celebrating all of the 2011 birthdays we have missed!
Do you want to host a Conversation with The Other Side on the East Coast?

As I continue to travel and make the move East, please do stay in touch! And if I am near you I  hope to see you at one of my events.

Check my calendar for details!


There’s no place like home! There’s no place like home! Hello from Colorado Springs, Colorado!

After 2 ½ months on the road, I am happy to be at home, reunited with my hubby and our dog, Tara, the Lhasa Apso I have really missed. [OK, I missed hubby, too, but we did connect during the tour!] Have you ever left home for a long time? While I thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people, and deepening my relationships with the friends I visited, it was good to get back to my own bed and familiar surroundings.

So this is a big ‘thank you’ to all the people I connected with during the West Coast Tour 2011! It was amazing! From Farmers’ Markets to Conversations with The Other Side to meals shared to moments of emotion, it was quite a journey. I’ve learned that there are wonderful people everywhere. That knowing 1 wonderful person in a city means that they know some wonderful people who also know wonderful people. I have hope. In Portland the Occupy Wall Street experience has spurred groups to join the movement. In Sacramento we visited the folks in the park at the State Capitol and saw democracy in action [“I move that we…”] and people sharing music and meals and a ‘Free Store’ where people left clothes or picked them up, as needed. People who have fears about making enough money or having healthy relationships shared their feelings and were guided and supported by the work we did together in the towns along the way.

Now it is time to move to the East Coast and to help people to prepare for 2012. As I schedule more sessions with clients to learn your Life Purpose I am also sharing wisdom for the coming changes and how to plan your 2012 life – at home and at work. I can still fit in some Scientific Hand Analysis sessions this Fall to help you get ready for the coming year so please let me know if you’d like to get on the calendar. I am looking forward to sharing the information in your hands with all those who have already given me their handprints and would love to do this for you. Here’s the link to request a session: Scientific Hand Analysis.

Did you enjoy last week’s Full Moon? We were driving through Oregon and Northern California and there were moon shadows from light almost as bright as daylight – what an awesome sight! Keep releasing, letting go, clearing out! Then on Wednesday, the 26th at 1:56 PM Mountain Time, the New Moon invites you to welcome something new into your life.

If you’re in Colorado Springs, let’s see if we can get together during my brief visit before we head to Annapolis, Maryland! It’s good to be home!

Have a Fear-less week!!!

BOOK LIGHTS: from “The Camino: A Journey of the Spirit” by Shirley MacLaine

“The Hopis said that from the last decade of the twentieth century and after the turn of the millennium, it would be necessary for man to ‘tie himself to a tree.’ In other words, ‘big wind.’ They said the weather would become unpredictable and would ‘cleanse away many things with wind and rain.’ They said we must each be self-sustained and go back to growing our food from Mother Earth. Above all, they said, man needed to go within himself in order to gain spiritual understanding of what would be happening.”

Shirley MacLaine 

The message from most traditions is to go within to gain spiritual understanding of what is happening. Spiral up above the problems. Seek guidance from within. Learn to live your Life Purpose so that you create a context for the lessons of your life. [And I highly recommend reading Shirley MacLaine’s book about her trek across Spain and the spiritual journey that it represents.]

MUSE-INGS: When Life Isn’t a Straight Line

Some times life isn’t a straight line but a spiral.

And there’s a big difference between going around in circles and moving through life in a spiral. The spiral is ever rising to the next level, a higher level. And there is movement forward at the same time.

Is there a part of you that is resisting these words? Are you feeling that you must move forward in a straight line in order to judge your movement as ‘forward’?

Stop and think about this for a minute. When you are seeking your purpose in life, your meaning, and you want to know your next step, do you really want to leave behind you all that you have done and learned? Of course not. But how do you move forward if you are constantly circling back into what you’ve known before?

This is why the spiral is the perfect image. You shift up to a higher level of understanding and expanded awareness and you look back over the experiences you have had and you gather the lessons from those experiences to add to your overall understanding of who you are and what you are about in this lifetime. Then you have more experiences, more lessons but they are happening within the context of a greater awareness and expanded consciousness. This keeps the spiral ever moving upward. This is living a Conscious Life.

In working with clients I often tap into what they have been experiencing over and over again but from my vantage point above the situation we can explore meaning in a different context. The goal is to learn to step up and examine what is happening, what one is feeling, what an interaction is carrying with it, so that you can see from a new perspective the lesson that is to be learned.

With a recent client it was to see the perspective of her mother in the situation. With another, it was their child’s view that was clouded in the relationship. I also worked with a client to discover her Life School, Life Lesson and Life Purpose from a Scientific Hand Analysis and the answers helped her to understand what was going on in her life at the moment, gave the experiences a greater context.

We all want to have meaning in our life. We all want what we are doing and experiencing to somehow count in the overall scheme of things. But we can so easily get bogged down in the feelings of the moment, especially in relationships, that we play the same old tapes over and over again without making progress. This is when it is time to step up to a higher perspective, often with help, and see the situation from the place where the solutions live, rather than where the problem is the only thing you can see.

What will you do this week to step up above the problems of the week? Where will you go to find what you are seeking? How will you approach the experiences of the week so that you can see the solutions and not just the problems, enabling yourself to learn the lessons as they are presented to you?

Decide to make this a week of Conscious Living. See yourself on the spiral every day and look for the way ahead to take you to a higher level of understanding.


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MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Going in Circles?

Dear Ones,

Where are you heading? Do you know the direction in which you are moving? Are you going around in circles?

Many people spend their whole life moving in circles from one activity to another without any real direction to their life. Often, they are seeking something, especially some meaning, and they use busy-ness and activities to attempt to find what they are seeking. They are looking for a needle in the haystack of a busy life.

You cannot find what you seek by staying too busy to sit and listen to your inner guidance. What you seek is already within you. Are you looking for meaning? Purpose? A Sense of direction? It is all available inside you but you must know how to look for it.

When you keep asking others for their opinion, you indicate to the Universe that you are valuing their opinion above your own. When you keep going to classes, seminars, workshops or getting degree after degree after certification, you indicate that you don’t feel whole within yourself. But these patterns keep you from valuing your own opinion, from finding the wholeness that you seek.

You probably do not need to take one more class, get one more degree or certification, or attend one more seminar to find what you are looking for.

Pause. Breathe. Go inside for guidance and listen to the wisdom that you find there.

Are you feeling that there is nothing there or that you don’t know how to do this? Then ask for guidance from someone who can help you. But be sure that you are asking for help in the process of finding or confirming what you already know within yourself. Be wary of someone from the outside who tries to tell you what to do without checking that it resonates with you on the inside. Pay attention to your own intuition, to your gut feelings.

You are always connected to Source Energy that can guide you if you listen to the wisdom that is in your heart. Remind yourself of this connection and you will feel what you need to know. There is wisdom within you that might have been untapped for your whole life, but it is time now to access that wisdom. You might have had gut feelings before but not been able or willing to trust them. Now is the time to learn to trust.

The world is opening to new ways of operating and, if you are experiencing these words, then you are on the path to learn these new ways. Move ahead. Hold your head high when others question what you are doing. Others do not need to understand your choices. Others may criticize or complain or judge you, but they are not living your life – YOU are. Decide that you will move forward today, even if it feels like a baby step for you. Get out of the comparison game and avoid looking at how others are choosing to live their life, for this has no relevance to you. You came into this lifetime on Planet Earth so that you could have a series of experiences that would promote your Soul’s growth. Bless those experiences and move forward.

What lies ahead for you is glory, joy, peace and happiness. And more lessons because you are alive on Earth at this time. What lies behind you is the sum of experiences that have brought you to this moment in your life. All is as it should be. You CAN move forward. You CAN find your purpose, your meaning, your next step. Seek within and ask for guidance to do this.

And so it is.


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