What is waiting for you to create NOW? Not next year. Not someday. But now.

It is easy to dream up great ideas and to plan to make them become reality, but until you take action to create them in the physical plane, they will remain ideas. What is on your drawing board that is waiting for some action?

I am not a fan of regrets or of looking backwards, but when I hear someone say that they wish they had done something differently in the past, I want to suggest that they take action in THIS PRESENT MOMENT instead of looking to what might have been.

You are always at choice in your life. You are always ready to create your next ‘baby.’ No matter what the circumstances of this moment might look like to you, you can always choose to move in the direction of that creative idea, that dream.

What is one step that you can take to give a signal to the Universe that you are ready to make that dream become a reality? It doesn’t have to be huge. You don’t have to have all your ducks in a row. You don’t have to have worked out all the steps required to finish it.

You only need to know what the one next step needs to be.

And then you need to take that step!

Creating something requires a choice to move and an action to follow up that choice. Are you focusing on what you don’t have available? Are you focusing on the overwhelming nature of the full project instead of the requirements of the one step in front of you?

The most important choice that you make is the choice of thoughts that you will think.

Really. This is most important. Your thoughts really do create your reality. Many people try to deny this but worrying about something you DON’T want energizes that which you don’t want. You want to program your unconscious mind to focus energy on that which you DO want and you make this happen by choosing your thoughts to support the direction of your creative dream.

When you have a creative idea, when you get an inspiration, that idea exists in another dimension and you have been given access to that idea as the ‘keeper of the creation.’ It then becomes your responsibility to pursue that creation.

Do you feel that you have an overwhelming list of creative ideas and that you can’t possibly accomplish them all? This is a great place to be! You are being invited to capture the ideas and then to use your intuition to prioritize the development of those ideas into projects.

It is important to ask yourself, ‘Is it mine to take action on this idea?’ Sometimes your role is to receive the idea and then to hand it off to someone else or bring it to a team. Sometimes your creative idea meshes with someone else’s for great synergy.

But if you don’t take action in the direction of those creative ideas, how will you find the partner? How will you make everything come together? How will your creative idea ever become reality?

Start your creative process TODAY. Figure out your ONE NEXT STEP.

Nine months (or earlier!) from now, when your creative ‘baby’ is born you’ll be glad you took the action you decided to take today!


5 Steps to the First Step – Richard’s Commentary

You know that old expression – “watch that first step; it’s a doozy”? Well, Rosemary assures us not to worry too much about it because that step can be divided up into five! And I know how well this works.

A few years ago, we were still in Colorado, when Rosemary offered a weekend seminar in her program, The Intuition Edge. Across two days of a workshop setting (more like a playshop!) we learned her system to determine that next, first step. It included these five lead-up steps Rosemary outlined in her post on Friday. As a quick reference here they are again:

  1. Breathe
  2. Connect to Your Vision
  3. Clear the Blocks
  4. Commit to Forward Motion
  5. Connect with Your Intuition, Your Inner Guidance and Ask for the First Step to be Unveiled to You

As you might guess I really like that first step. I do a lot of breathing; it’s part of my Qigong practice, my Yoga practice, my meditation practice. When awareness needs centering, breathing is the best approach.

It is the breath that helps us connect with anything, and everything. It is essential to connect within. And where does that vision of where we want to go next reside? Within!

How do you “see” your vision? I think we in the west call this direction we are headed a “vision” because we are such a visual culture. But can you sense your vision in other ways? Can you taste it, smell it, hear it, touch it? If you truly want to activate your vision apply all of your senses; begin to experience the vision in your whole body, as if it is real. It is real!

What blocks stand between you and your vision? Do you fear attaining that vision? Do you hesitate because you are unsure if it is the “right” vision? Are you confident you have the resources needed? There are many ways we sabotage ourselves. This may be the most important and the most difficult step of the five. Do the inner work here, whether it’s to dispel limiting beliefs, move through inner-child fears or gain trust in yourself and the Universe.

Commitment is a requirement. If you are not truly committed to your vision then no “first step” will appear. If the commitment is weak, go back to step 2 and connect or re-connect to that vision. This is a process. It is likely not a linear one but circular; view it as a spiral as you get closer and clearer about your vision.

When you are committed go for the guidance. Once again this is inner guidance and once again we get there, seek it through the breath. See why I like this process so much? We get to breathe!

And then there are many tools to use to stimulate and listen to the inner guidance, that intuitive side of our consciousness, our intuition edge. Use as many as you need and are comfortable with. Use divination tools like a pendulum, oracle cards, Tarot cards, astrology, numerology. Test your vision using these tools and ask for the next step toward that vision. Remember, you only need the NEXT step.

Then TAKE it…”step out in innocence and trust.”



My “Two-Minute” Video for this Week: Take a Step!

ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: 5 Steps to the First Step

Have you ever felt ready to step out, to move toward a vision, a dream, a goal and been paralyzed or unable to move forward?

We all have, at some point.  We can see where we want to go.  We can feel what it will feel like to be there.  We can almost taste that space.  And, for some reason, we are stuck.  We can’t seem to put one foot in front of the other and move.

What does it take to get to that destination?

It takes the First Step.

Once you have taken that First Step, the second, third and fourth are much easier to take.  And they seem to be evident, with a lot less confusion or trepidation, than the first one.

But what will keep you from taking that First Step?  A lot of things.  Fear.  Doubt.  A sense of unworthiness.  Confusion about what the First Step is. A Concern that you don’t have the entire route mapped out and you don’t want to take the First Step until you know for certain what every subsequent step looks like.  A lack of confidence in yourself.  A lack of commitment to actually moving toward that dream.

So what can you do when you are stuck in the Paralysis of Step Zero?

Here are the 5 Steps to the First Step:

  1. Breathe. Now this might seem a simplistic approach but this really is the first action to take in any process. Take a deep breath.    Repeat.  This sets the stage for the rest of the process.
  2. Connect to Your Vision. Get the dream/vision/goal into clear focus in your mind’s eye. Feel it.  Sense it.  See it.  Taste it.  Make it real to your unconscious mind
  3. Clear the Blocks. Identify what is or has been holding you back.  What beliefs are in the way?  What negative self-talk are you putting in your mind that convinces you to stay stuck?  This is a very important step!  Get help with this because you can be blind to your blocks.
  4. Commit to Forward Motion. All the dreams in your head will remain there unless you make an honest and whole-hearted commitment to moving forward.  Do you really want that dream or vision?  HOW MUCH do you want it?  Enough to commit yourself and your energy and your time to it?  If you can’t commit, then go back to Step 1 and Breathe before revisiting Step 2 to decide if you need to tweak that Vision.
  5. Connect with Your Intuition, Your Inner Guidance and Ask for the First Step to be Unveiled to You. Ask only for the First Step!  If you try to control the whole journey your Controller takes over.  You really want the curious Explorer within you to take the First Step!

Then, step out in innocence and trust.

The First Step will reveal the Second which will reveal the Third.  If you can’t see where to step next, then pause and Breathe.  Repeat Steps 1 through 5 for the Next Step.

You can do this!


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***Moving In*** 
August 2013

OK, all of our stuff is consolidated under one roof! Even my baby grand piano squeezed nicely through the front door of our new home. Now we are settling in, moving in, and trying to find a place for all that stuff we moved here! Meanwhile I already have plans for classes and gatherings in our new space, the Center for A New Alliance! All I have to do is clear it!


It seems that everyone these days is feeling the weight of a struggle in some area of their life – financial, family, health, career, spiritual. It can be a simple problem that must be solved or a complex issue that is beyond one’s control. The common thread seems to be that there is a sense of urgency about the issue and the question is, ‘What is my next step?’

Where do you seek the answer to that question? Are you willing to take responsibility for finding the solutions yourself or do you hide your head in the sand ostrich-style and hope it will go away? Are you waiting for someone to come along and solve it for you?

The answer is within you, no matter what the problem or issue might be that you are facing. Others might share wisdom or their experience. Some might be experts, some might not know what they are talking about. You might get conflicting advice from others and feel confused.

Do your research AND check in with your own inner guidance. Even if everyone around you gives you the same advice but your ‘gut feeling’ contradicts that, follow the direction of your gut. Your intuition is tuned in to the lessons that are there for you to learn. Your angels and guides are ready to help you grow. Your inner support system will help you.

Of course, it is wise to have a human support system, too, but only if those people are willing to support you in whatever YOU choose as your path. Are you surrounded by folks who want you to do things their way? Do you feel that you are criticized if you choose a path they don’t support? Then find a new support system!

The power is in you to move forward in your life. You are equipped to handle whatever lessons come your way. No matter how large or small the issue is that is on your plate today, you can take care of it.

What is the problem that wakes you up at night? What is sitting in that pile on the corner of your desk that you are hoping will go away? Who are you avoiding calling because you dread the conversation?

The power is in you if you claim it! You are not helpless even if some days it feels that way.

Ask for help. Find a friend or counselor or advisor to listen to you and to help you put one foot in front of the other. Because this is what it takes to move forward.

Many sensitive people are feeling the energy of change on the planet at this time. It is affecting different people in different ways but some of us are having similar reactions. There are big changes coming. We are all in the cauldron of transformation whether we really want to be there or not. The question is not ‘Will you change?’ but ‘How will you change?’

Ask yourself if you can see a new way to handle whatever problems you are facing no matter what they are. If everything in your life is going smoothly then look for ways that you can advance your personal growth.

It is time to transform. We’re still feeling the effects of the 2012 energy that gave a huge boost to the transformation energy. It’s not over yet!

The good news is that the power is in you!!!

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MUSE-INGS: When Life Isn’t a Straight Line

Some times life isn’t a straight line but a spiral.

And there’s a big difference between going around in circles and moving through life in a spiral. The spiral is ever rising to the next level, a higher level. And there is movement forward at the same time.

Is there a part of you that is resisting these words? Are you feeling that you must move forward in a straight line in order to judge your movement as ‘forward’?

Stop and think about this for a minute. When you are seeking your purpose in life, your meaning, and you want to know your next step, do you really want to leave behind you all that you have done and learned? Of course not. But how do you move forward if you are constantly circling back into what you’ve known before?

This is why the spiral is the perfect image. You shift up to a higher level of understanding and expanded awareness and you look back over the experiences you have had and you gather the lessons from those experiences to add to your overall understanding of who you are and what you are about in this lifetime. Then you have more experiences, more lessons but they are happening within the context of a greater awareness and expanded consciousness. This keeps the spiral ever moving upward. This is living a Conscious Life.

In working with clients I often tap into what they have been experiencing over and over again but from my vantage point above the situation we can explore meaning in a different context. The goal is to learn to step up and examine what is happening, what one is feeling, what an interaction is carrying with it, so that you can see from a new perspective the lesson that is to be learned.

With a recent client it was to see the perspective of her mother in the situation. With another, it was their child’s view that was clouded in the relationship. I also worked with a client to discover her Life School, Life Lesson and Life Purpose from a Scientific Hand Analysis and the answers helped her to understand what was going on in her life at the moment, gave the experiences a greater context.

We all want to have meaning in our life. We all want what we are doing and experiencing to somehow count in the overall scheme of things. But we can so easily get bogged down in the feelings of the moment, especially in relationships, that we play the same old tapes over and over again without making progress. This is when it is time to step up to a higher perspective, often with help, and see the situation from the place where the solutions live, rather than where the problem is the only thing you can see.

What will you do this week to step up above the problems of the week? Where will you go to find what you are seeking? How will you approach the experiences of the week so that you can see the solutions and not just the problems, enabling yourself to learn the lessons as they are presented to you?

Decide to make this a week of Conscious Living. See yourself on the spiral every day and look for the way ahead to take you to a higher level of understanding.


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