The ‘Itinerant Intuitive’ is on the move!  I spent most of September in Arizona and last week had a great mastermind experience at the retreat in Scottsdale with Ali Brown and James Roche and the rest of the MPC Platinum group.  I hope you can see the orbs that appeared in this picture of Ali and James with me!  Another picture from the retreat also had orbs – pretty cool!  [If you aren’t familiar with orbs, there is a lot of research available and the stories are fascinating.]

I have left Santa Ana [thank you very much for hosting me, Grace Heer!] and am working my way up the West Coast of the US.  This week finds me in San Jose and San Francisco, California, then Portland, Oregon and Whidbey Island, Seattle and Issaquah, Washington before returning to California to do events in Sacramento with Katrina Sawa.  It is a very busy Fall but, if you are near these areas, please do join us at the events or in a private session to get your questions answered and get ready to move forward in your life.

What area of your life are you feeling that you have no choice about how to move forward?  What is holding you back?  What options do you have?  These are the kind of questions that we work with in private sessions.  What do you need to examine so that you can feel unstuck and find relaxation and happiness in your life?  You can explore with me all of this and find the answers that give you assurance about the choices you are making.  Contact me for a no-cost Strategy Session if you would like to discover how a private session can help you to gain the confidence you need to make the decisions that you face.  Email:

The New Moon occurred on Tuesday, September 27, 2011 and brought with it the energy that helps us to make new choices, remake decisions that no longer serve us, and bring in something new to help us in the next 2 weeks.  Take advantage of the Equinox bringing more balance to us and the New Moon inviting us to look for the new that we desire in our life.  The heavens are supporting you this week!

Make it a great week!

BOOK LIGHTS: “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill

“The ‘Master Mind’ may be defined as: ‘Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose. No individual may have great power without availing himself of the ‘Master Mind.’”

Napoleon Hill

Creating your Tribe, or finding it, supports you and your growth because like minds can ‘Master Mind’ and help each other find solutions to life’s problems.  You want someone at the same energetic level of development as yourself to be assisting you in seeking solutions.  This is the best reason to find a Tribe, a group to whom you can bring your issues without fear of criticism and where you can find support in exploring your personal power as you grow.  If you can’t find an existing group to join, start your own!  Napoleon Hill saw the value in this in 1937.

MUSE-INGS: Create Your Tribe!

In Western culture we don’t often use the word ‘tribe’ to describe a group of people.  We talk about ‘community’ or ‘social group’ or some other collection of individuals, but maybe we should start saying ‘tribe.’  For don’t we all need a sense of belonging to some group or groups?

When is the last time that you made a new friend?  Do you always hang out with the people that you’ve known since high school even though they sometimes embarrass you or don’t understand you or even mock or make fun of you?  Have you ever looked around your ‘group’ and wondered if there were any member with whom you could share your innermost thoughts, your desires, your wishes and hopes for the future?  Maybe it’s time for you to examine who your tribe really is.

I’ve been attending seminars and retreats lately with different teachers/mentors and I’m finding that I like the overlap of my tribe members at these gatherings.  We’re all seekers and we seem to be sharing the journey by studying with the same teachers.  It’s a nice feeling to be able to know that these folks understand my language, that they are asking themselves the same questions I am asking myself.  We have created a history together over time and we support each other in our successes and our trials.  We know healthy boundaries and we respect each other’s but we also know how to support and bolster and share suggestions that honor and respect the other.  The tribe knows how to work together while supporting individual choices and processes.

I was recently introduced to an amazing lady in California.  Margie is 91 years old and retired last year after working in the same place for 23 years.  That means she started there at age 67!  Her husband died a long time ago and she lives in a beautiful house on the ocean.  She told me about a neighbor who became ill with cancer and during her 2-year illness the whole neighborhood joined together to support the family.  The woman died at the end of the 2 years but the neighborhood has remained a close community of folks since that experience.  Margie honored the woman’s memory by continuing to be a part of the ‘tribe’ that she had created.

Where in your life is there the possibility of creating a tribe?  Is there a group of which you are already a member that you might start thinking about as a tribe?  And, conversely, is there a group that you have joined that no longer resonates with the person you are on your personal and spiritual journey?  Why are you staying in that group?  Are they really your tribe?

I think a tribe begins with just 2 people of like mind.  It is fostered by mutual support and caring.  Others gather because they resonate with the energy of the original 2 or 3 or 4.  And a tribe is created.

Pay some attention this week to the groups in which you participate.  Step outside yourself and observe if you feel supported in this group.  Are you the best you can be?  Are you relaxing and being yourself with these people or must you put up a façade to fit in?  Notice how you feel before, during and after being with this group.  Are you uplifted?  Do you feel you are growing through your connections?

Become conscious of how your body is giving you signals about the people with whom you associate.  You’ll know if there is an uncomfortable energy incompatibility.  And you’ll know if you are resonating with the group and want to spend more time with them.

Explore or create your Tribes!


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MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Are You Tribal?

Dear Ones,

In ancient times people were not confused about who was in their tribe.  There were clear delineations between groups based usually on geography but often on attributes.  Tribal connections run deep in the human memory.  So who is your 21st Century Tribe?

Do you know who is your Tribe?  Do you immediately think of your nuclear family or the family of blood relatives?  These people might be a part of one of your tribes but you have many tribes of which you are a member.  Because people are so mobile at this time in history people are banding together to create tribes based on many myriad factors.

One tribe might gather around a certain kind of music.  Another around parenting children of a similar age or circumstance.  In many workplaces the coworkers have created a tribal feeling with each other.  Some neighborhoods have created tribes.  And international tribes are not uncommon with the ease of travel among many nations and even continents.

You might wonder why it is important to define a tribe.

At this time in your Planet’s history people need to band together with like-minded individuals so that they can support each other through the coming changes.  No longer will geography or blood determine the connections but it will be like thought and the energy of community support that will cause people to band together in a tribe.  Those who are on a path of personal growth will need to find others to connect with for support on the journey.  Those who have reached higher levels of consciousness will be seeking others at that level or above to join in the search for even greater awareness. People will not be able to stay connected with others who hold them back from or don’t support them in their spiritual growth.

It is time for every individual to examine what they believe and to determine the source of that belief.  If it is generational, as in handed down in their family from a generation of a past age, then it might be time to discard or dismiss the belief.  If it was generated in your childhood then you must reexamine that belief in the context of what you know now in your adult life.  If you are blindly following what someone else has told you is true then you must pause and examine that belief – is it really true for you at this time?

The Tribe that comes together around a commonality of ideas and beliefs will have similar vibratory frequency signatures.  This is the definition of ‘community compatibility.’  When someone of much lower or much higher vibration attempts to join this Tribe, the frequencies will be too far apart for everyone to feel comfortable and there can be discord.

Take it upon yourself to find your Tribe now.  Who is reaching as you are for expanded awareness?  Who around you is limiting themselves by thinking small-mindedly and refusing to grow?  With whom do you feel the most support and can you support them in their personal growth?

Who lights up your heart when you are with them?  Create a Tribe if you must, or join one that resonates with you.  It is important to belong to a community and this is the best criteria for determining that community.

And so it is.


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Here is an update on my travels as I progress on my West Coast Tour:

***Ali Brown’s MPC Retreat in Phoenix***
Finished a fabulous MPC retreat here with Ali Brown and James Roche! Gained great insight and reconnected with my MPC Tribe!

Oh, and note the orbs in the picture of Ali, James and me!

***The Start of my West Coast Tour – Tucson***
After the PMC Retreat I am in Tucson for Sunday night and Monday to catch up with my former boss [on the Hubble] from the Space Telescope Science Institute. It has been great fun to reminisce with this renowned Solar Astronomer!

***West Coast Tour with the Itinerant Intuitive: “Are You Ready for 2012?”***
September 27 to October 17  My West Coast Tour features Are You Ready for 2012? – a talk and series of channeled messages about the events and conditions we have to look forward to in this much-talked-about year ahead! I will also be offering my signature talk: From Astrophysics to Metaphysics: Trust Intuition and Live Your Richest Life! and Conversations with The Other Side at several locations and venues. Private sessions are available in each location. Here are the planning locations and dates for the tour:

The Bay Area – September 28 to October 2; includes two Conversations with The Other Side:
Friday, September 30, 7:00 – 9:00 pm in the San Jose Area
– Sunday, October 2, 2:00 – 4:00 pm in the Bay Area

Portland – October 3 to October 6

Seattle/Whidbey Island – October 7 to October 11

Sacramento – October 12 to 17 (Katrina Sawa’s Jump Start Your Biz Weekend Intensive.)

Check my calendar for details!


Today’s ezine is coming to you from warm Phoenix again.  I am attending the MPC Platinum Retreat with Ali Brown and James Roche and my Platinum Tribe.  What wonderful entrepreneurs I have met through this gathering of people!  My gracious host, Grace Heer, in Santa Ana, California is one of the folks in my tribe and we continue to be friends beyond the business connection in this Club.

Last week I was with my Baeth Davis Tribe at the Gifted Event in Phoenix and I got to share some time at David Neagle’s event in LA this week with some of those tribe members.  It’s good to have a Tribe and even better to have Tribes!  I do feel supported.

As I move up the West Coast of the US in coming weeks I will be visiting with members of my various Tribes.  I am looking forward to spending time catching up with some I haven’t seen in a while and to deepening some newer connections.  If you live in or near the cities I’m visiting I do hope we can connect for a coffee or one of my events while I’m in your area.  Please keep checking the calendar as new events are being added often.

The recent Conversations with The Other Side have had some amazing messages coming through.  Since people are asking to host a Conversation but their guests are not all in the same area, we will be offering this event as a video conference where guests and attendees can see me and the others through the magic of the internet.  Please let me know if you’d like to host an online Conversation with The Other Side so that you and your friends can receive guidance from your angel or guide or loved one who has crossed over.  A powerful event!  The first online Conversation will be hosted in Australia!

Happy Autumnal Equinox!  On this day of equal light/dark we are reminded to seek balance in our lives.  What can you do today that will help you to bring more balance into your life?  And how can you get ready for the coming season? [To our friends Down Under congratulations on breaking free of the bonds of Winter so that you can enjoy the Spring of new birth!]  Here in the Northern Hemisphere we must all be like the squirrels, gathering nuts and storing them away for the coming cold days.  I am looking forward to releasing our house in Colorado to its new owners and to moving our lives over to Maryland where most of the family lives.  What big shifts are you preparing for?

BOOK LIGHTS: “The Astonishing Power of Emotions: Let Your Feelings Be Your Guide” by Esther and Jerry Hicks [The Teachings of Abraham™]

“The key to creating everything that you desire is to find a way to turn to the better-feeling, downstream thoughts, even when the current situation does not evoke it from you, and to use your willpower to focus your thoughts in the direction of your desire and who-you-really-are, rather than using your willpower to try to produce action against the Current.”
[italics are the authors’]

Esther and Jerry Hicks [The Teachings of Abraham™]

Use your feelings as a guide to what you truly desire from the deep place of ‘who-you-really-are.’  Downstream thoughts allow your desires to manifest and upstream thoughts fight against what is your true desire.  ‘Healing’ is upstream, focusing on the need to cure the disease.  ‘Allowing wellness’ is downstream, flowing toward the wellness with ease.  ‘I need to get money’ is upstream.  ‘I receive the abundance that I desire’ is downstream, moving toward the abundance with ease.  Deep inside you lie your heart’s desires.  Access them and allow them to manifest.  

MUSE-INGS: Live a Heart-Centered Life!

Living a Heart-Centered Life is not for the so-called ‘faint of heart’!  It takes a great deal of strength to listen to your heart and to act upon what you hear.  It takes an empowered individual to acknowledge the vision within and to live from that place rather than the place of expediency or what pleases outer values.

Empowered people know that power from within is much stronger than the power that is gained over another.  That is just bullying.  And an empowered individual does not operate just on power, but on a combination of inner power and heart power.  In the 21st Century world each human being is asked to evolve into the new human.  This new way of being present to life on Earth includes opening one’s mind to embrace the feelings that exist in one’s innermost heart.

This is different from what resides in one’s Heart-Mind Center, the new energy center that lies between the Heart and the Throat Centers.  The Heart Center itself contains the feelings that stem from one’s inner spirit wanting to express in the outer world.  This is where the feelings become the messengers of the spirit and each of us must pay attention to the stirrings we feel within us.

When you see injustice in the world, do you feel a stirring within you that calls you to some action against that injustice, even if it is simply to send helping energy to the victim of that injustice?  That feeling comes from a connection to your inner spirit and a sense of what energies are appropriate in the world around you.  When you feel a deep connection with another individual, what some would call a ‘soul connection,’ do you understand that this connection is a part of what being an evolved human being means in the present day?

It is time for all humans to wake up to the deeper meaning of the feelings within them and to eschew the shallow feelings, especially pettiness and small-mindedness, that lead people into decisions that do not advance the growth of human consciousness.  We are not automatons or robots.  We experience deep feelings and we have spirits within us that are here to express through our human lives.  We are all called to greatness that finds its expression through the choices that we make in every moment of our lives.

We can no longer turn a blind eye to what we see around us.  We cannot live as if we do not have these deep feelings in our hearts.  It is time to embrace what it means to be fully human, to have feelings that are spurring us on to express them.  Deep love, deep compassion, deep connection.  Our spirits are longing to express these.  Each of us is calling out to all others to understand that we are all One.  We wither when we do not feel connected to others.  We shrivel up when we feel that we are not loved.  We cannot survive alone if no one around us shows us compassion.

It is time to end all sorts of abuse in this world. It is time to end the senseless killing of animals and humans.  It is time to take care of Nature rather than to destroy it.  It is time to care for all of the children of the world for the future of the planet depends upon them.  It is time for religions and political groups and countries to find a way to live together on this one planet as heart-centered Earthlings instead of separate groups trying to exert power over others.

It is time for individuals to become empowered through embracing the deep feelings of their hearts.


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MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Feel Your Way to Empowerment

Dear Ones,

Where is your heart today?  Are you following your heart where it wants to lead you?  Or are you following a quest for money, pride, acclaim, power?  We would tell you that your heart is the best navigator for your path in life.

Many will tell you that you must follow your mind/head, not your heart, but your heart is your connection to the greater source of energy in the Universe, not your mind/head.  Now we are not talking here about whims or infatuations or shallow emotions.  But if you really reach deeply into your heart you will start to understand that your innermost feelings are expressions of your innermost spirit in the world.  You will be led to express yourself if you are heart-centered.

Look around you at your life today.  How much of your heart is evident in the life you are living?  Are your goals coming from a place of understanding your role in the greater scheme of life on Earth or are you focusing on little goals of how much money you can make or the next promotion you can gain at work?  Are you surrounded by people who uplift your spirit when you are with them?  Are you living from a place where your heart can guide your daily choices?

The easiest way to access your deep heart feelings is to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and bring all your attention to the area of your heart in the center of your body.  Breathe into this area and allow images to appear in your inner vision.   Don’t judge what you are experiencing, for many of you expect this to be a certain kind of picture or sound or feeling but you must learn to allow the experience to unfold as it wishes to unfold.  Ask this feeling or image to share with you a message that will help to guide you today.  And then listen or look or feel until you understand the message.  It might be as simple as to ‘Feel today whatever you need to feel’ or ‘Look around you for ways that you can help others to feel better about themselves and their lives.’  Just allow the message to appear without judging what comes up.  And if you find there is no apparent message then rest assured that your unconscious mind has accepted what it needs to accept.  When you open your eyes embrace your message and move into the rest of your day.

There are people who have opened their heart to the world, not in a way that makes them vulnerable but in a way that makes them very powerful.  Open hearts allow love energy to flow outward and to magnetize the attraction of love energy to flow inward as well.  One who has mastered a connection to deep heart feelings interacts with other people in a way that is empowering to everyone involved.  Human beings are not meant to live soulless, heartless lives but often the media and popular wisdom indicates that this is not the case.  People in power often seem to have no ability to show compassion because they put some other value above an expression of heart values.  War does not arise from deep heart feelings but from a pursuit of something other than that which stems from the heart.  Abuse happens in society because someone has been cut off from their feelings and they allow themselves to act in inhumane ways.

There is much that we could say about what happens when one does not connect with their deep heart feelings but we would rather you see that all around you – your work or business, your relationships, your life in general – benefits from your deepest connection to your heart.  Reach out to others from a place deep within yourself and your deep connections will support all that you desire in your life.  Reach into yourself, identify your feelings and live them in your outer life and you will experience a richness in your life that will have you wondering why you weren’t doing this all along!

And so it is.


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Here is an update on my travels as I progress on my West Coast Tour:

***In LA for a few more days***
September 19-21:  I’m putting the finishing touches on my West Coast Tour of 2011.
Stay tuned to my calendar for specific events!

***Ali Brown’s MPC Retreat in Phoenix***
September 22 to 24:  I hope to see all my MPC buddies at the beautiful Montelucia Resort! For you, I will be offering a few gift certificates toward private session appointments at the event.
Contact me to receive your gift!

***Phoenix Conversation with The Other Side***
September 24, 2011 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm Arizona Time:  I am hosting a Conversation with The Other Side Saturday evening in Scottsdale, AZ after the MPC retreat.

  • Are you curious about what happens when we die?
  • Are you wondering if there is some guidance available for your life that you haven’t yet tapped into?
  • Would you like to hear what a loved who has crossed over to The Other Side wants to say to you?

We experienced a powerful Conversation in Chandler, AZ a couple of weeks ago. I can’t wait to hear what The Other Side have to offer this time!  If you are in the Phoenix area this is your opportunity to learn more about and get in touch with The Other Side!

Book early to reserve one of the remaining seats!

***West Coast Tour with the Itinerant Intuitive: “Are You Ready for 2012?”***
September 25 to October 17:  My West Coast Tour features Are You Ready for 2012? – a talk and series of channeled messages about the events and conditions we have to look forward to in this much-talked-about year ahead! I will also be offering my signature talk: From Astrophysics to Metaphysics: Trust Intuition and Live Your Richest Life! and Conversations with The Other Side at several locations and venues. Private sessions are available in each locaton. Here are the planning locations and dates for the tour:

LA – September to 21

Phoenix – September 22 to 24

Tucson – September 25 to 26

The Bay Area – September 28 to October 2

Portland – October 3 to October 6

Seattle/Whidbey Island – October 7 to October 11

Sacramento – October 12 to 17 (Katrina Sawa’s Jump Start Your Biz Weekend Intensive.)

Contact me for details about an event near you!

I hope to see you at one of my events very soon!