I’m off The Road, and home but just for the rest of this week!

***Home in Colorado – for just a bit longer***

October 31 to November 5: I am catching my breath before the next trip – yes, traveling again!

Catch up with me soon. If you are in Colorado Springs I’d love to see you or hear from you even if it is to say “goodbye” for now!

Email follows me!

***On to Maryland***

On November 5, as our house in Colorado Springs goes on the market I am heading to Maryland. Hubby will be following me with Tara and as much as our little Rav4 can hold! I am looking forward to long over due time with family and grandkids! We’ll be celebrating all of the 2011 birthdays we have missed!

Consider hosting a Conversation with The Other Side on the East Coast?!

***Catching up with my East Coast Tribe***

In November and December  I’ll be in Maryland as the first step of my East Coast relocation. I will be reconnecting with all my friends and colleagues over the coming weeks. If you are on the east coast I’d love to catch up with you in person!

Contact me to reconnect!

As I continue to travel and make the move East, please do stay in touch! And if I am near you I  hope to see you at one of my events.

Check my calendar for details!

PS: Happy Halloween/Samhain!


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